Chapter 1106: Return

Manipulation of weather!

In the eyes of mortals, this was an immortal technique.

Furthermore, the rainwater could even revive the dead.

In the hearts of mortals, this was a miracle!

Looking at the many mortals kneeling beneath him with pious expressions, Su Zimo felt emotional.

Unknowingly, more than a hundred years had pa.s.sed and the young man who was no different from mortals in Ping Yang Town had already reached this stage!

Of course, given Su Zimo’s cultivation realm, it was already his limit to be able to summon rain that could cover the entire capital of Great Zhou.

The heavy rain lasted for 15 minutes before stopping.

He returned to Xiaoning’s side. “I have to head to Ethereal Peak right now. I’ll have to rely on you to deal with the Gu worms in other parts of the North Region.”


Xiaoning nodded heavily. “Brother, don’t worry! I’m in the capital right now. Even if I don’t sleep or rest, I want to refine enough Seven Treasure Blood Transformation Pills!”

The Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill was a Grade 5 elixir.

Although there were many Elixir Refinement Masters in the four dynasties, none of them could refine Level 5 elixirs!

The Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill could only be refined by Xiaoning and no one could help her.

This was a difficult and ma.s.sive project.

Ji Yaoxue made the arrangements quickly and said in a deep voice, “The moment Xiaoning refines any Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pills, I’ll send my cultivators to various places to send rain showers. I’ll do my best to save as many as I can!”

“Alright, I’ll leave this place to you guys.”

Su Zimo did not linger and turned to leave.

The situation at Ethereal Peak was bad and he had to hurry over!

“First, I’ll go with you.”

Night Spirit followed him. Although the former did not say much, Su Zimo felt a sense of pride.

If it was just the Dragon Tiger Sect, he would be fearless as well.

However, the Witch race of the Primordial Nine Races was behind the Gu worm disaster this time round. Su Zimo was not entirely certain if he could save Ethereal Peak after returning.

However, with Night Spirit’s help, they would have nothing to fear even if the Primordial Nine Races appeared in full force, let alone the Witch race!

“First, it’s been many years since we last met. How’s your speed now?”

Night Spirit revealed a rare smile and was eager to try.

He knew that Su Zimo was in a hurry and that was the reason why he proposed to rush to Ethereal Peak!

“Do you want to compete?”

Su Zimo burst into laughter. His heart warmed but he did not point out Night Spirit’s intentions. Countless lightning snakes coiled around his body and a pair of gigantic wings of Dharmic powers grew from his back!

“Come on!”

The moment he said that, two figures disappeared from the spot with a bang, turning into two streaks of light that disappeared into the void in the blink of an eye!

It was too fast!

The crowd was speechless.

Their movement techniques were probably even faster than Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

Ethereal Peak.

The originally lush forest was now dyed red.

Corpses of cultivators could be seen everywhere.

Up till now, Ethereal Peak had already given it their all for this battle!

The remaining Ethereal Peak cultivators had already retreated to the main peak of Ethereal Peak and were using the sect’s final defensive formation to defend.

The defensive formation was led by Sect Master Ling Yun and the other Void Reversions and formed a s.h.i.+mmering barrier around the main peak!

At that moment, the light on the barrier had already dimmed significantly.

If one focused their attention, they would see that there were already faint cracks on the barrier!

Around the light barrier, more than a hundred Void Reversions of the Dragon Tiger Sect were unleas.h.i.+ng waves of attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many Dharmic arts and spirit weapons collided against the light barrier, causing ripples. Qi waves surged and Dharmic powers splattered everywhere. Shouts and curses could be heard one after another.

In the main peak, many Qi Refinement Warriors, Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Golden Cores and Nascent Souls of Ethereal Peak could only watch helplessly.

There were worries, fears and sorrows.

Some cultivators with lower cultivation realms could not withstand the pressure and sobbed softly.

The sound of every single collision caused their bodies to tremble.

Most Golden Cores and Nascent Souls had never even seen such a grand formation in their lives, let alone Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators who were at the bottom of the sect!

Everyone knew that as long as the formation was destroyed, all of them would be meat on the chopping block!

Sect Master Ling Yun and the other Void Reversions who were in charge of the formation had ugly expressions.

A streak of blood appeared at the corner of Ling Yun’s mouth!

They were at their limits!

His gaze landed on the battlefield outside the formation.

On another battlefield, Dragon Tiger Sect’s five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were attacking a crane and a golden-haired girl.

The five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were either at late-stage or perfected Dharma Characteristic realm.

However, the crane was only at early-stage Dharma Characteristic realm.

The golden-haired girl beside her had an even lower cultivation realm – she was only at the early-stage Void Reversion realm.

Furthermore, the girl seemed to have just entered the Void Reversion realm and her aura was still unstable!

Against the combined attacks of the five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect, the crane and the golden-haired girl managed to defend against wave after wave of attacks and entered a stalemate!

The crane had a ma.s.sive body and relied on the innate divine powers of the demon race to move nimbly and engage two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect.

The golden-haired girl was even more powerful.

Although she had just entered the Void Reversion realm, her blood qi surged and golden light filled the air as she singlehandedly took on three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the Dragon Tiger Sect!

The girl was extremely beautiful and had exquisite features. Although she looked pet.i.te and weak, every single move she made was filled with immense power!

If not for the fact that the crane and the golden-haired girl were able to defend against the five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect, Ethereal Peak’s formation would have shattered if even a single Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord attacked!

That gigantic crane was Ethereal Peak’s divine beast guardian.

As for the golden-haired girl, she was Nian Qi, Su Zimo’s former maidservant.

Even though it was difficult to determine who was stronger on the battlefield, Ling Yun’s eyes were filled with endless worry.

Instinctively, his gaze landed on a dark green cloud outside the battlefield.

There were three people standing on that cloud.

One of them was the former Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace who was now reincarnated as a Gu Master, Dao Being Lone Soul!

His return was also the reason for the calamity Ethereal Peak was facing this time round.

If it was only Dao Being Lone Soul, there was nothing to fear.

What truly made Ling Yun’s heart skip a beat were the other two people beside Dao Being Lone Soul – a young man and an old man!

The young man wore a dark green robe and his black hair draped over his shoulders. His eyes were dark green and were far deeper than Dao Being Lone Soul!

The young man was only at the Void Reversion realm.

However, Dao Being Lone Soul was respectful towards the young man.

He stood beside the young man and lowered his hands with a humble expression, occasionally pointing at Ethereal Peak and saying something.

The young man looked excited as though he was watching a show.

An old man stood behind the young man. His face was filled with wrinkles and his eyes were blind – it was a pair of holes and one could not tell his cultivation realm.

Ling Yun had a feeling that those two were the truly troublesome ones!

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