Chapter 1107: Young Master of the Witch race

The Witch race was one of the Primordial Nine Races.

In the primordial era, they dominated Tianhuang Mainland and enslaved the ten thousand races!

As the young master of the Witch race, Wu Li naturally had a n.o.ble status and was respected by all races.

Unfortunately, he could not experience the honor as the young master of the Witch race back in the Ghost Curse Tomb. As such, he felt extremely frustrated.

The Ghost Curse Tomb was one of the nine forbidden grounds of Tianhuang Mainland!

Apart from the people of the nine races, any other race that entered would be mercilessly killed by the witches!

It might seem like something extraordinary, but to Wu Li, it was extremely boring to be stuck in the Ghost Curse Tomb all day!

It was like a well.

The Tianhuang Mainland outside was the vast sky!

Everyone around him was from the Witch race.

He could not sense the thrill of looking down on Tianhuang Mainland that was described in the ancient books when the Witch race enslaved the ten thousand races.

He could not experience the reverence and respect from the ten thousand races received by someone standing at the top!

The witches were immersed in the glory of the past and Wu Li was rather disdainful.

It was a fact that they were defeated in the ancient war.

The reason why the Witch race resided in the Ghost Curse Tomb was because they were defeated in the past.

That was nothing!

At most, he would take back everything that they had lost in this era!

This was not the only time Wu Li had this thought.

He had the qualifications and potential.

He was the young master of the Witch race, the number one of the younger generation!

He wanted to head out several times but was stopped by the seniors of the Witch race.

Finally, he had a chance.

About 10 years ago, a person appeared in the Ghost Curse Tomb. He was a remnant of the Witch race and was almost killed by them.

It was Dao Being Lone Soul who was beside him.

It was that person who made him realize that the decline of the human race in Tianhuang Mainland was imminent!

Finally, under his persistence, he left the Witch race with Dao Being Lone Soul. Uncle Lan, who had taken care of him for many years, was worried and followed them.

To Wu Li, Uncle Lan was way too cautious.

Although he was at the Void Reversion realm, with his combat strength, he could easily kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords across major cultivation realms!

Even against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, he could escape with his many trump cards.

There was no danger at all after leaving the Ghost Curse Tomb.

Furthermore, according to Dao Being Lone Soul, there were no Conjoint Body Mighty Figures among the four dynasties of the North Region!

After preparing for 10 years, the three of them left the Ghost Curse Tomb.

It was similar to what Dao Being Lone Soul said – the humans of the four dynasties were way too weak!

A single tiny Gu worm could kill many humans!

Wu Li finally felt the thrill of looking down on the and controlling life and death!

Under his orders, Dao Being Lone Soul released Gu worms continuously to wreak havoc in the North Region. He was extremely excited when he saw countless humans struggling and screaming!

Thereafter, the three of them visited Dragon Tiger Sect personally.

Just as Dao Being Lone Soul had expected, although the Dragon Tiger Sect was a human cultivation sect, they did not dare to disobey after knowing their ident.i.ties.

They were provided with many cultivators of the sect to control!

Of course, there were also cultivators who objected during this period of time and were killed by him with ease!

Recalling the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord that died in his hands, Wu Li could not help but reveal a cruel smile.

It was way too awesome!

It was a path of killing and bloodshed!

Wu Li was truly puzzled – how did weak, cowardly cultivators from such a lesser race win the ancient war?

He looked at Ethereal Peak not far away and smirked coldly.

This battle had already lasted for half a day.

He did not attack the entire time and merely watched coldly from the sidelines.

He was relis.h.i.+ng this sensation.

The cultivators on the main peak of Ethereal Peak were like ants, trembling in fear and struggling to survive under his gaze.

The more fearful the group of cultivators were, the more excited he was!

It was like a cat catching a mouse.

If the mouse was bitten to death instantly, there would be no more fun.

Of course, the battlefield was not entirely filled with ants.


Sticking out his tongue, Wu Li licked his lips and looked at the golden-haired girl on the battlefield with a l.u.s.tful glint in his eyes. “To think that I would meet a girl with the bloodline of the G.o.d race here!”

“This girl’s G.o.d race bloodline is impure and she’s only a remnant of the G.o.d race.”

The blind old man behind Wu Li whispered.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Wu Li smacked his lips. “Look at that figure, that small waist and that appearance. It’s truly perfect! No wonder everyone says that the G.o.d race is filled with handsome men and beautiful women. The ancients did not lie at all!”

“This young lady from the G.o.d race has an impure bloodline and yet, she’s so beautiful. Even I’m tempted.”

How could Dao Being Lone Soul not understand Wu Li’s intentions when he heard that? He said hurriedly, “That girl is merely a remnant of the G.o.d race and is the maidservant of Ethereal Peak’s disciple, Su Zimo. You can definitely take her away, young master!”


Wu Li nodded.

Looking at the golden-haired girl who was still fighting on the battlefield, Wu Li pursed his lips and a hint of impatience appeared in his eyes as he sighed gently. “It’s about time.”

Dao Being Lone Soul’s eyes lit up.

This meant that Wu Li was about to strike personally!

“That’s enough,”

Wu Li rose as though there was no gravity and floated slowly to the outskirts of the battlefield. He said indifferently, “It’s not an easy task that you guys were able to fight and last till now.”

Before he finished his sentence, he extended his finger and tapped gently in the direction of the crane.

Initially, the old immortal crane used her innate divine powers and agile movement techniques to weave through the air. Even two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not restrain her.

All of a sudden!

Right after Wu Li extended his finger, a dark green rope appeared strangely on her body!


The old immortal crane lamented.

The dark green rope had a strong corrosive power that ate away her wings instantly and dug into her fles.h.!.+

The old immortal crane could sense that her body was about to be torn apart by the rope!

She had never seen such a method before and it was extremely strange.

Even her innate divine power could not dodge it!

The eyes of the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords lit up as they released Dharmic arts and struck the old immortal crane!


Countless feathers fell.

The old immortal crane’s body collided heavily against the light barrier formed by Ethereal Peak’s sect protection formation.


The barrier shattered!

Sect Master Ling Yun and the other Void Reversions shuddered and spat out a mouthful of blood, looking dispirited instantly.

The old immortal crane tried her best to maintain her consciousness and transformed into her human form, falling into the crowd so that she did not injure the sect disciples.

However, she was first struck by witchcraft and then struck by two Dharmic arts head-on. She was severely injured and could no longer fight.

If not for the fact that demons had strong physiques, she would have died.


Nian Qi exclaimed when she saw that.

The moment she was distracted, her situation turned extremely dangerous and she was almost struck by the few Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

“Give up, lest you suffer,”

Wu Li walked towards Nian Qi slowly and extended his palm, enveloping her with a sinister smile. “There’s no need to struggle. It’s all futile!”

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