Chapter 1108: Spirit Vanquis.h.i.+ng Whip


When she saw the young master of the Witch race charging over, Nian Qi’s expression was cold as she hollered and pushed her bloodline to its limits!


With a loud bang, Nian Qi’s figure suddenly vanished.

A tall and majestic pyramid appeared where she initially stood. It was ancient and mysterious, emitting golden rays of light with an unrestrained might!

There were countless living beings that prostrated at the bottom of the pyramid; there were at least hundreds of millions of them and there was no end in sight.

Every single living being knelt on the ground with their palms pressed together and looked up at the pyramid that hung above their heads, chanting prayers with pious expressions.

Golden threads condensed above the heads of those living beings endlessly and converged at the top of the pyramid.

Standing there, Nian Qi’s golden hair danced and her eyes were deep as her aura rose continuously!

A ball of dark green light revolved around Wu Li’s palm and he retracted it the moment he touched the pyramid!


In pain, Wu Li frowned slightly and flung his palm.

G.o.d’s jurisdiction!

As the young master of the Witch race, he naturally knew that this was a phenomenon of the G.o.d race’s bloodline.

The bloodline of the G.o.d race was terrifying and almost every G.o.d race being could cultivate a bloodline phenomenon at a certain age.

However, the girl in front of him had an impure bloodline and was merely a remnant of the G.o.d race – how could she cultivate G.o.d’s jurisdiction?

Furthermore, the aura of this G.o.d’s jurisdiction was not inferior to a true G.o.d race being!

Although the Witch race was one of the Primordial Nine Races, their bloodline power was far inferior to the G.o.d race.

The Witch race was not good at melee combat.

Wu Li sneered and retreated.

The many witchcraft and curse techniques of the Witch race were superior in that they were treacherous and impossible to defend against!

“You’re just an arrow at the end of its flight. Let’s see how long you can last!”

Wu Li conjured hand seals with both hands and chanted a series of strange words before shouting softly, “Skeleton Mantra!”


The moment the curse descended, eight dark green skulls appeared beside Nian Qi and turned into beams of dark light that charged towards the G.o.d’s jurisdiction!

Back then, the green-robed young man who died in Su Zimo’s hands could only form a single skull.

As for Young Master Wu Li, he could release eight of them instantly!

That was the difference between them!

When cultivated to its limit, this curse technique could release nine skulls.

If not for the protection of the G.o.d’s jurisdiction, the nine skulls would have been able to devour a cultivator’s flesh with a few breaths!

The G.o.d’s jurisdiction shook continuously.

Under the gnawing of the skulls, cracks appeared on the pyramid and it was about to collapse!

Nian Qi’s face had already turned paler.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak had grim expressions when they saw that.

The destruction of the formation on the main peak was akin to adding fuel to the fire. All the disciples of Ethereal Peak were exposed to the killing power of more than a hundred Void Reversions from Dragon Tiger Sect!

Right then, a howl sounded. It was as loud as the clouds and contained an endless might that boomed like thunder!

The old immortal crane shuddered.

That howl seemed familiar.

A bright glint shone in Nian Qi’s eyes!

Before the howl ended, another howl followed. It was sharp and ear-piercing, like metal colliding!

When the howl sounded, it was far away.

By the time the cultivators glanced over instinctively, they could already see two figures rus.h.i.+ng over; they came at lightning speed and were practically side by side!

The person on the left wore green robes and his black hair danced in the wind. He had a cold expression and his eyes seemed to be burning with two b.a.l.l.s of flames as his entire body shone with dazzling electric arcs!


The old immortal crane shuddered and her eyes shone with joy as she said softly, “Zimo is back!”

“Who is Zimo?”

Apart from some elders of Ethereal Peak, most of the cultivators had never seen Su Zimo before.

Sect Master Ling Yun was delighted as well. “That’s Su Zimo who’s currently known as Dao Being Desolate Martial!”

“Ah! Desolate Martial established his Dao! That’s him?!”

A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

For the group of cultivators, they were more familiar with the Dao t.i.tle Desolate Martial.

“Who’s that black-robed man beside him?”

A cultivator asked.

Beside Su Zimo, there was a black-robed man traveling shoulder to shoulder with him. Their speeds were on par!

The first howl came from Su Zimo.

The second howl should have come from the black-robed man.

The black-robed man had a sharp face and a cold expression. His eyes were as deep as the sea and there was nothing special about him at first glance.

However, anyone with sharp eyes would be able to tell that every single move of the black-robed man seemed to have been accurately measured!

“He is…”

The old immortal crane looked lost as well.

For some reason, the black-robed man gave her a familiar feeling. However, she knew that she had never seen him before.

Among all the cultivators present, Nian Qi was the only one who had seen Night Spirit take on human form in Myriad Phenomenon City. It was natural that no one else could recognize him.

One of the Void Reversions of Ethereal Peak sighed gently. “Desolate Martial is truly righteous to be able to stand out at such a critical juncture. Unfortunately, he’s only at the Void Reversion realm…”

The Void Reversion did not continue but everyone could tell what he meant.

Given the current situation, even a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord would be useless, let alone a Void Reversion!

Sect Master Ling Yun said in a deep voice, “You guys don’t understand. Zimo is the number one monster incarnate in history and is invincible among his peers!”

“However, I heard that ten years ago, Dao Being Desolate Martial’s body was crippled by a Half-Martial Ancestor and all his trump cards were gone.”

“He’s probably not even comparable to an ordinary Void Reversion right now.”


A sigh sounded from the crowd.

Sect Master Ling Yun’s expression darkened as well as he forced a smile. “No matter what, one more person means that we’ll have more strength.”

The old immortal crane nodded as well and made a decision. “When Zimo arrives, we’ll break out of the encirclement with all our might. We’ll try our best to escape!”

“It’s you!”

Dao Being Lone Soul recognized Su Zimo and his expression turned excited instantly. He directed the Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect and shouted, “The ten of you, stop those two!”

“Kill that black-robed man on the spot!”

After pausing for a moment, Dao Being Lone Soul laughed sinisterly. “I want this green-robed man alive!”

From afar, Su Zimo was already burning with rage and killing intent when he caught sight of the blood-stained Ethereal Peak!

When he was close, he did not have any intention of testing the waters or holding back. He channeled a mental technique and touched his glabella with his finger, opening up his spirit consciousness!

Right after, in front of everyone, Su Zimo pulled out a whip that was dozens of feet long from his consciousness!

It was a whip made entirely of countless lightning bolts!

Dazzling electric arcs coiled around it and let out a series of crackling sounds. Around the whip, electric snakes danced and the entire void trembled!

Spirit Vanquis.h.i.+ng Whip!

The Essence Spirit secret skill of the Great Void Spirit Refinement section.

The reason why Zephyr Thunder Palace spared no effort and was willing to use a t.i.tular disciple to kill Su Zimo and retrieve the Purple Thunder Manual was because they would be able to obtain the Essence Spirit secret skill after fusing two cultivation techniques!

This was also the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Thunder Emperor that dominated the world back then. One could imagine how powerful it was!

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