Chapter 1113: Illusionary Curse

Lightning crackled around Su Zimo’s body as his wings of Dharmic powers flapped. In a flash, he lunged towards the blind old man at an extremely fast speed.

The Witch race was one of the Primordial Nine Races and possessed a n.o.ble bloodline.

However, their bodies were relatively weak and were far inferior compared to the bodies of the G.o.d and Dragon race.

What the Witch race specialized in was penetrative, unpredictable and terrifying sorcery!

Although Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body did not have a strong bloodline, his physique was tough and even Dao Lord Dharmic weapons could not shake it.

Therefore, he intended to fight the blind old man in melee combat!

In reality, this battle would have been much simpler if it was his Dragon True Body.

As long as he could close the distance, be it using his body, bloodline power or Barren, he would be able to deal immense damage to the blind old man!

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

While Su Zimo was fast, the blind old man’s reaction was even faster.

Although he was blind, his ears became sharper as a result.

Coupled with his ma.s.sive spirit consciousness, he had already sensed Su Zimo’s movements long ago!

The blind old man slapped his storage bag and a white bone staff appeared in his palm.

Above the rod was a menacing skull.

The blind old man’s staff paused gently on the ground as he chanted a series of strange incantations.


Suddenly, nine skulls appeared in midair and charged towards Su Zimo.

Skeleton Curse!

The Skeleton Curse released by the blind old man was even stronger than the young master of the Witch race!

Su Zimo did not dare to be careless as Sanskrit rumbled in his consciousness.





Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and spat out four Sanskrit words that were deafening.

At the same time, he conjured hand seals.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Dharmic seals descended from the skies one after another and shone with a golden light, suppressing the incoming skulls.

Finally, Su Zimo condensed a Dharmic Seal and stood firm, as though he was rooted to the ground!

The Daming Mantra combined with the four Daming Dharmic Seals burst forth instantly!

Eventually, Su Zimo ended it with the Immovable Foundation Seal!

The Daming Mantra was a sound domain secret skill and had always been successful.

However, even after the Sanskrit sounds descended, the blind old man seemed to be completely unaffected.

The skulls that was flying in midair merely paused for a moment before continuing to speed forward!

The three Buddhist Dharmic seals, the Fiend Suppression Seal, Immortal Trap Seal and Demon Subduing Seal, descended and were locked in a stalemate with three skulls for a moment.

As for the remaining six skulls, they had already pounced on Su Zimo and were chomping down on him!

The Dharmic power barrier formed by the Immovable Foundation Seal was depleting at a visible speed!


Su Zimo grunted and his face turned pale.

His strength seemed weak in the face of a Dharma Characteristic expert of the Witch race!

At that moment, he missed the Creation Green Lotus dearly.

If he had the Creation Green Lotus in his hands, the skulls would not be able to get close to him no matter what ghostly methods they used!


Su Zimo reared his head and howled, releasing the sound domain secret skill, Thunderclap Kill!

Now that he had obtained the Great Void Spirit Refinement section, the might of the sound domain secret skill had increased as well!

The skulls that were initially gnawing on Su Zimo shuddered.

All of a sudden!

A gigantic demon beast appeared beneath Su Zimo.

Four-legged, it stood upright like an immovable stone pillar. On its back was a gigantic sh.e.l.l with mysterious patterns etched on it.

The demon beast had a pair of turtle and snake heads and its eyes shone with a resplendent divine light as it reared its head and let out a long cry!

The divine beast, the Black Tortoise, had descended!

Stepping on the turtle and snake, an extremely strong Dharmic power burst forth from Su Zimo’s body and repelled the six skulls on his body. He exerted strength once more and charged towards the blind old man!

He could not win!

He was no match in a head-on battle!

Su Zimo had already used all his trump cards even before he managed to break free of the Skeleton Curse!

However, there was still no fear in his eyes!

All he had to do was try his best to attract the blind old man’s attention…

The true killing move was not with him!

At that moment, the fight between the two attracted everyone’s attention.

Even bystanders were in such a state, let alone the blind old man on the battlefield.

n.o.body noticed that the tragic cries of the Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect in the distance had suddenly stopped.

Even if someone noticed it, they would not think too much about it.

What did that mean?

Looking at the charging Su Zimo, the blind old man smirked coldly.

To him, Su Zimo was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

It was a fool’s dream if this lad wanted to get close to him!

He had countless methods to stop this lad and prevent the distance between them from ever closing!

Suddenly, for no reason, the blind old man’s heart skipped a beat!

The palpitation was extremely mild.

If it was anyone else, they would not care at all.

However, the loss of the blind old man’s sight caused his senses and perception of the outside world to become extremely sharp!

He suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Not good!”

The blind old man’s expression changed starkly as a layer of dark green light enveloped his body, turning him blurry.

Unknowingly, a black figure appeared behind him.

It was like a ghost or a phantom.

It was like a G.o.d of Ma.s.sacre that walked through the night!

Night Spirit had returned!

This was a tacit understanding that only Su Zimo and Night Spirit understood.

The two of them did not even send voice transmissions or exchange glances.

That was because Night Spirit knew that Su Zimo could not defeat the Dharma Characteristic expert of the Witch race alone.

If Su Zimo had not attracted the blind old man’s attention, Night Spirit would not have been able to get close to him so easily!

The two of them could only kill this Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of the Witch race if they joined forces!

The reason why he had Night Spirit chase after the Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect was to distract the blind old man!

In reality, their plan had succeeded.

However, the blind old man’s reaction was fast enough!

The moment Night Spirit appeared, he released the lifesaving witchcraft of the Witch race, Illusory Curse!

His figure was almost illusory and unpredictable, blurry without any edges at all.

Night Spirit reached out and grabbed forward.

Although he managed to scratch the blind old man, there was no blood at all.

The blind old man was right in front of him but Night Spirit’s attack missed!

Up till this point of the battle, every single time Night Spirit attacked, there would definitely be cultivators dying.

However, he failed this time round!

This was a rare opportunity.

If they missed it, Su Zimo and Night Spirit might not be able to kill the blind old man!

There were many strange secret skills of the Witch race.

If the blind old man wanted to escape, Su Zimo and Night Spirit might not be able to catch up to him given their capabilities.

At that thought, a cold glint flashed through Night Spirit’s eyes.

Suddenly, a long, purple tail covered in scales appeared behind him.

The tip of the long tail was extremely sharp and shone with a cold glint as it stabbed viciously in the direction of the blind old man!


Flashes of blood appeared!

Night Spirit’s tail could break through illusions and pierce the blind old man’s true body!

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