Chapter 1114: Spirit Slaying Curse

Even so, the blind old man managed to dodge the fatal blow. His right chest was pierced by Night Spirit’s tail and dripped with blood!


He cried out in pain.

Although the blind old man had cultivated to the Dharma Characteristic realm and would not die even if his lungs were injured, his combat strength would definitely be affected by the loss of blood qi at his age!

Furthermore, Night Spirit had already closed in on him.

He was severely injured and was on the brink of death!

“Get lost!”

The blind old man’s reaction was extremely fast. The moment Night Spirit’s tail pierced him, he flipped his palm and conjured a dark green palm print that slammed towards Night Spirit.

Night Spirit’s tail was on the blind old man and he could not dodge in time, merely able to prop up his arms.


With a shudder, Night Spirit was sent flying by the blind old man’s palm strike.

However, he had a strong body and shocking physique. Even after receiving the full-powered attack of the blind old man, he merely bled from the corner of his mouth and his body was fine.

Night Spirit somersaulted in midair and disappeared once more.

The six skulls that were initially entangled around Su Zimo dissipated instantly as well.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he prepared to charge forward and join forces with Night Spirit to kill the blind old man completely!

Right then, Wu Li struck in time.

“Curse Spear!”

He chanted and waved the white bone staff in his hands. Dharmic powers surged and a dark green spear appeared in midair!

The body of the spear exuded an extremely evil power.

Even the Ethereal Peak cultivators who were watching from afar felt their heads spin with a single glance and were filled with evil thoughts, let alone Su Zimo who was on the battlefield.

It was truly hard to imagine the terrifying lethality of such an evil spear when it struck a human!

Su Zimo paused and his expression turned cold.

Initially, he had intended to deal with this young master of the Witch race later on.

Now that this person was so eager to die, he would fulfill the latter’s wis.h.!.+

Su Zimo closed his fingers and conjured a sword art.

Instantly, gigantic stars appeared in the skies.

An extremely sharp killing intent burst forth from Su Zimo’s body and surged into the skies. Even the stars in the skies were starting to turn chaotic!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are s.h.i.+fted out of alignment!

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art!”

Su Zimo’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the incoming Curse Spear. He waved his fingers like a sword and slashed three times!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Three white sword qi tore through the air.

The entire void was like a gigantic piece of cloth that had three holes torn through it!

At the Nascent Soul realm, given the cultivation of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, he could only release a single sword qi.

Now that he was at the Void Reversion realm, he could release three sword qi in one go!

Of course, over the past 10 years, as he comprehended the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, the might of the sword qi rose continuously as well!

The three sword qi were stacked together and the killing power was unleashed to its limits!

Not to mention the Curse Spear…

Su Zimo believed that even the blind old man who was at the Dharma Characteristic realm might not be able to escape unscathed from that attack!

This was the most lethal out of the three ancient sword arts!

Although the blind old man could not see, his expression changed the moment he sensed the three sword qi shooting out!

Suddenly, he roared, “Young Master, run!”

Before his words were finished…

The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi collided with the Curse Spear.

Almost without a pause, the evil spear was sliced into pieces by the three sword qi and shattered instantly!

Wu Li’s pupils constricted violently.

Even without the blind old man’s reminder, he could sense how terrifying the three sword qi were!


With a pale face, Wu Li turned and fled.

However, no matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

Instantly, three sword qi descended on Wu Li!


A flash of blood appeared.

A figure charged out and staggered, turning into a dark green streak of light that sped into the distance at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed!


Su Zimo frowned. “He’s not dead?”

The might of the three Heavenly Slaying Sword Qi was reduced after colliding with the Curse Spear.

However, Su Zimo could clearly see that the three sword qi had indeed struck Wu Li’s body!

Not to mention that this person only had the bloodline of the Witch race…

Even the bloodline of the G.o.d and Dragon race would die on the spot if they were struck by the three sword qi!

The killing power within could crush their Essence Spirits in the blink of an eye without giving them a chance to leave their body!

How could the young master of the Witch race escape?

A doubt flashed through Su Zimo’s mind. He did not think too much about it and moved to chase after the person.

It was clear that Wu Li’s steps were already staggered before he fled.

From this, it could be seen that even if he could escape death, he was severely injured!

Given Su Zimo’s speed, Wu Li would definitely not be able to escape his pursuit if he gave it his all!

This young master of the Witch race had to die!

After the experience with the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace, Su Zimo would not allow another tiger to return to its mountain.

Even if he had to die, he had to kill Wu Li!

However, just as he was about to move, a warning flashed through his mind!

A strong sense of danger descended!

“Spirit Slaying Curse!”

Suddenly, the blind old man’s voice sounded from behind Su Zimo.

An Essence Spirit secret skill?

Su Zimo did not turn back.

However, a trace of spirit consciousness fluctuation suddenly appeared in the void, undetectable.

It was like ripples on a calm lake.

Without hesitation, Su Zimo activated the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads right away!


On his left wrist, the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads shone brightly and formed a barrier that shone with a golden light. Mysterious Sanskrit words appeared on it that contained immense divine power.

The barrier was already formed but it did not receive any impact!


Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

How could that be?

Was it not an Essence Spirit secret skill?

While he was confused, an evil and strange power suddenly appeared in his consciousness.

The power gathered rapidly and created a dark green storm in Su Zimo’s consciousness that swept towards his Essence Spirit!


Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

The blind old man’s Essence Spirit secret skill could ignore the defense of the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads and descend into his consciousness out of thin air!

Such a strange attack was truly unsettling!

Essence Spirit secret skills were impossible to defend against.

Apart from resisting with Essence Spirit secret skills, only Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons could be used to defend.

But now, the blind old man’s Spirit Slaying Curse could ignore Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons and descend directly into a cultivator’s consciousness!

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the human race would die on the spot if they were to face this killing move!

Back in the ancient war, there were countless human cultivators who died under the Spirit Slaying Curse.

Unfortunately, the blind old man was facing Su Zimo.

Apart from the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads, Su Zimo had another treasure on him.

The treasure was in his consciousness.

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