Chapter 1116: Pursuit

Due to the sudden Essence Spirit secret skill from the blind old man that trapped him on the spot, Su Zimo had already lost the best opportunity to hunt down Wu Li.

Although it did not take long, given Wu Li’s speed, he had long escaped.

However, Su Zimo did not give up.

At the spot where the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi struck, a bloodied body that was already split into two laid on the ground.

It was this body that allowed Wu Li to escape death from the three Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

The methods of the Witch race were unpredictable.

As the young master of the Witch race, it was not surprising for Wu Li to have such life-preservation means.

Su Zimo sped in the direction that Wu Li escaped in.

In reality, he had already lost track of Wu Li.

However, Wu Li was injured and there was a unique aura of the Witch race’s bloodline in his path.

While others might not have noticed it, Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and had a keen sense of smell. He could capture that aura from midair and continued the chase through it!

In midair, a dark green figure tore through the air at an extremely fast speed on a white bone staff.

Wu Li’s face was slightly pale and he was covered in wounds, looking wretched.

Those wounds were left behind by the sharpness of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi. Although many spirit herbs had been applied to them, they showed no signs of healing.

The wounds created by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi possessed extremely terrifying tearing effects and bled continuously.

“Desolate Martial, I’ll definitely return the grudge today tenfold!”

Wu Li’s eyes were filled with endless hatred as he grit his teeth and said bitterly.

Given his n.o.ble status, thorough preparations had been made for his departure from the Ghost Curse Tomb this time round.

According to Dao Being Lone Soul, there were no Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in the four dynasties.

In other words, even if he did not bring any helpers with him, he could dominate the four dynasties!

In order to prevent any accidents, Uncle Lan escorted the trip personally.

Although Uncle Lan was blind, he was a Dharma Characteristic expert that possessed the capabilities to kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the human race!

In the current cultivation world, Mahayana Patriarchs rarely appeared.

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could be considered as the strongest cultivators.

This meant that with Uncle Lan, Wu Li could do whatever he wanted in the entire North Region, let alone the four dynasties!

In fact, it was as they had expected.

Along the way, they were almost completely unrestrained without any obstruction.

Even Dragon Tiger Sect had to bow down to the might of the Witch race!

However, neither Wu Li nor the blind old man expected that there would be two anomalies in the North Region!

In terms of combat strength, those two were terrifying.

Furthermore, they had no qualms towards the status of the Witch race and killed without hesitation!

It was as though the Witch race was the true ants in the eyes of the two beasts!

Although Wu Li did not attack much in this battle, he had two close brushes with death.

First, Night Spirit closed in silently and destroyed the Protection Dharmic Weapon.

Thereafter, Su Zimo’s three Heaven Slaying Sword Qi forced him to release his Destiny Puppet!

It was extremely difficult to cultivate a Destiny Puppet.

He needed a proper living being that could be tempered continuously with the secret skills of the Witch race and turned into his own puppet.

At the critical moment, the Destiny Puppet could defend against a fatal attack!

If not for the Destiny Puppet, the three Heaven Slaying Sword Qi would have been enough to turn Wu Li’s body into minced meat instead of the few wounds on his body.

As Wu Li sprinted, his speed gradually slowed down. He retrieved another elixir from his storage bag and swallowed it before regulating his breathing.

If he were to continue sprinting at a high speed, it would be hard for his wounds to heal and the elixirs to take effect.

However, less than 30 minutes later, Wu Li’s heart skipped a beat as though he sensed something!

It was like intuition.

He suddenly felt a strong sense of danger!

At their cultivation realm, this sort of whim would not happen for no reason.

Suddenly, Wu Li turned around.

At the end of the distant horizon, there was a faint flash of lightning that was speeding towards him!


He gasped.

He was still being hunted!

Wu Li did not dare to rest any longer and channeled his Dharmic powers hurriedly. Retrieving a haste talisman from his storage bag, he tore it apart and his speed increased exponentially!

However, no matter how he sped up, even if he could leave Su Zimo behind temporarily, the latter would always catch up before long.

Wu Li’s expression was terrible.

His eyes darted around as though he was plotting something.

After pondering for a moment, he seemed to have made a decision and changed directions slightly before continuing forward!

Su Zimo chased closely behind.

He was not bothered when he noticed that Wu Li had changed directions.

Wu Li could forget about escaping after he was targeted by Su Zimo!

Both of them were at the Void Reversion realm.

Furthermore, Su Zimo cultivated the top three cultivation techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects. His Essence Spirit was extremely condensed and Wu Li was injured.

If they continued chasing, Wu Li would definitely not be able to escape!

Both of them had their own thoughts and neither of them wanted to relax.

The two of them traveled at lightning speed for an entire day and night.

As the young master of the Witch race, Wu Li was indeed capable.

Apart from the fact that he was able to escape from Night Spirit and Su Zimo’s two killing moves, his speed was also the fastest among his peers!

Even with his Lightning Escape technique and Ethereal Wings, Su Zimo was unable to catch up and could only hang on from afar.

Of course, a day and night was a huge drain on one’s stamina.

Wu Li’s speed was clearly decreasing.

The distance between them was closing bit by bit!

However, as time pa.s.sed, Su Zimo gradually frowned.

The direction that Wu Li chose seemed to be…

After running for a while more, the surrounding terrain and forest became somewhat familiar!

Ahead was a lush forest.

The towering ancient trees stood tall and lush. Their gigantic crowns were connected together, covering the skies. In the depths of the forest, it was dark and sinister, emitting a faint blood stench!

Su Zimo had been here before.

More than a hundred years ago, in order to avoid the pursuit of the Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace, he carried Night Spirit and escaped to this place, pa.s.sing through the forest and entering the Dragon Bone Valley!

Arriving at the edge of the forest, Wu Li paused for a moment before turning around to sneer at Su Zimo. Panting heavily, he gave a provocative look and burrowed into the forest.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo charged into the forest as well.

Many ancient living beings lived in the forest.

Back when Su Zimo was still at the Foundation Establishment realm, traveling through this place was extremely treacherous and filled with dangers.

But now that he was at the Void Reversion realm, there were not many living beings that could threaten him in the forest!

Wu Li’s figure shuttled ahead, barely visible.

The two of them followed one after another.

Before long, Wu Li crossed the forest and charged towards the endless sea of bones.

As long as they pa.s.sed through this forest, it would be the territory of the Dragon race!

That was the nine forbidden grounds that cultivators referred to in Tianhuang Mainland!

The nine forbidden grounds were considered friendly to the people of the nine races.

However, for the foreign races, there was no way they could survive!

Standing in the sea of bones, Wu Li finally smiled and relaxed completely.

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