Chapter 1117: You Won’t Have A Chance

Wu Li admired his decision.

If he had followed his original route, he would have been caught by Su Zimo before he could escape to the Ghost Curse Tomb and turned into a corpse!

Thankfully, he changed directions at the last moment and came here.

The habitat of the Dragon race, the Dragon Bone Valley!

It was also one of the nine forbidden grounds of Tianhuang Mainland!

Although this was a forbidden ground for human cultivators, it was nothing to him.

The moment Wu Li stepped into the sea of bones, the sea of bones seemed to have sensed something and began to churn. Countless bone fragments danced in the air as though they were about to condense into a gigantic and terrifying ferocious beast!

Wu Li smiled gently and flicked a drop of blood from his wound unhurriedly.

The dark green blood formed a faint light barrier around his body.

When the fragments in the sea of bones sensed the bloodline aura of Wu Li, they gradually calmed down as though nothing had happened.

At the very least, the Primordial Nine Races could enter the outer perimeter of the Dragon Bone Valley at will!

As the young master of the Witch race, he would definitely be welcomed warmly by the dragons upon entering the Dragon Bone Valley!

He had killed three birds with one stone by coming to the Dragon Bone Valley!

Firstly, he could escape from danger.

Secondly, the Dragon Bone Valley had the primordial divine spring. Given his status as the young master of the Witch race, he was completely qualified to enjoy it!

Thirdly, he could represent the Witch race and discuss joining forces with the Dragon race to plot against the North Region!

Chaos was rampant in Tianhuang Mainland and the fortune of the human race was wearing thin. Right now was the best time for the nine races to reappear!

Su Zimo arrived at the edge of the forest but did not rush out. He stood under the shadows of the forest and watched everything quietly with a strange expression.

Standing in the sea of bones, Wu Li turned around with a relaxed expression and looked at Su Zimo in the forest with a mocking gaze.

“Desolate Martial, weren’t you arrogant?”

Wu Li sneered, “I’m standing right here. Why aren’t you charging over?”

Su Zimo did not move a single inch.

The sea of bones was a little strange.

Back then, if not for Night Spirit, he would not have been able to cross over and step onto that mountain to devour a dragon egg with Night Spirit.

If Wu Li truly wanted to hide in the Dragon Bone Valley, there was no need for him to take the risk and enter the sea of bones.

He had a simpler solution!

“You’re smart to know the power of this place!”

Wu Li’s expression darkened quickly as he grit his teeth with a venomous gaze. “Ant, your bloodline is inferior and you’re not qualified to step foot in this place for the rest of your life!”

“Just you wait! Wait for my revenge! Wait for me to descend to the North Region once more and ma.s.sacre the world! Hahahaha!”

Wu Li’s smile was sinister and filled with a chilling killing intent.

Su Zimo was still unmoved and merely looked at Wu Li calmly with a strange expression that others would not be able to understand.

“You won’t have a chance,”

Finally, Su Zimo replied indifferently.

Wu Li sneered and turned to head into the depths of the sea of bones nonchalantly.

Su Zimo only turned to leave after Wu Li’s figure disappeared.

After leaving the forest, Su Zimo closed his eyes. His mind was clear and his mind was immersed as his Essence Spirit began to summon his true body of the Dragon race.

Both Essence Spirits were Su Zimo.

Although it was split into two, the two Essence Spirits could still sense each other.

However, unless necessary, there would not be any connection between the two Essence Spirits in case it affected the cultivation of the other side.

Now that Wu Li was hiding in the Dragon Bone Valley, the only one suitable to attack was the true body of the Dragon race!

At the same time, the true body of the Dragon race was cultivating in seclusion in his cave.

All of a sudden!

Two divine lights lit up in the dark cave.

The true body of the Dragon race received the call and woke up from seclusion, standing up.

The two true bodies were connected.

The true body of the Dragon race knew that he would not be alerted if it was not something urgent!

Before long, the true body of the green lotus transmitted all sorts of information regarding the calamity of the Witch Gu in the North Region.

A cold glint flashed through the scarlet-haired Su Zimo’s eyes with a fleeting killing intent!

He pondered for a moment before retrieving a mask from his storage bag and putting it on.

The mask was a treasure of the Dragon race known as the Scorching Moon Mask. Not only could it conceal one’s appearance, it could also prevent the detection of cultivators.

Thereafter, Su Zimo left the cave.

“Young master, you’re out of seclusion!”

The moment he left his lair, an Illumination Dragon welcomed him.

Right now, the scarlet-haired Su Zimo had a high status in the Dragon race.

Especially the Illumination Dragon lineage!

Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted and he saw some dragons flying through the air towards a dark green-robed cultivator.

“Young master, you came out of seclusion at the right time.”

The Illumination Dragon smiled. “Just now, the young master of the Witch race, Wu Li, visited our Dragon race. I heard that he was injured outside and was about to head to the primordial divine spring for treatment.”


Su Zimo replied indifferently and asked, “Who will be receiving him?”

“Long Cang, of course,”

At the mention of that name, the Illumination Dragon could not help but reveal a look of reverence in his eyes as he whispered, “Long Cang is the only five-clawed divine dragon of our Dragon race. If nothing goes wrong, he will definitely be the young master of our Dragon race and the leader of the five lineages!”

Long Cang, young master of the Blue Dragon lineage, number one of the Heaven Dragon Ranking!

Given his status as the young master of the Dragon race, it was only natural for him to receive the young master of the Witch race.

Without saying anything, Su Zimo suddenly soared into the skies.

If Wu Li were to meet Long Cang, he might not have a chance to attack!

Before long, Su Zimo arrived in midair and stopped the dragons.

“It’s Brother Zhu!”

Although Su Zimo was wearing the Scorching Moon Mask, it was no secret to the dragons as all of them knew him.

The leader, a Blue Dragon, cupped his fists and greeted with a smile.


The scarlet-haired Su Zimo nodded and s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Wu Li. Suddenly, he said, “I just came out of seclusion and heard that the young master of the Witch race had arrived. That delighted me so I had to come and meet you.”

Someone from the Dragon race introduced hurriedly, “This is the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, Long Zhu.”


Wu Li burst into laughter. “Sure, sure.”

He was truly elated.

Unexpectedly, he seemed to be rather popular after coming to the Dragon race. Even the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage took the initiative to welcome him personally.

Instantly, Wu Li’s face lit up!

The other dragons had odd expressions.

Although Su Zimo had only joined the Dragon race for a mere 10 years, the dragons had a rough understanding of his personality.

This person had a proud and aloof personality and rarely did such actions.

“Brother Wu, although this is our first time meeting, I already feel like old friends with you,”

The scarlet-haired Su Zimo smiled. “Why don’t you come over to my place for a short chat, Brother Wu? I can have a few drinks with you as a host!”


The dragons were stunned.

They were here to receive Wu Li to the Blue Dragon lineage to meet with Long Cang.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo appeared along the way.

As the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, it was awkward for them to reject him as well.

All the dragons looked at Wu Li instinctively.

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