Chapter 1122: Heart Calming Mantra

Outside Dragon Bone Valley.

Su Zimo only felt relieved after receiving news from his Dragon True Body and left.

Wu Li died in the Dragon Bone Valley. If the Witch race wanted revenge, they would only seek the Dragon race and not Ethereal Peak.

However, his Dragon True Body was already the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage. Coupled with the prideful nature of the Dragon race, it would not be easy for the Witch race to demand an explanation!

The matter of the Witch race could be considered as resolved temporarily.

However, this trouble of the Witch Gu was not over yet!

The main reason why this catastrophe could cause such a huge destruction was not because of the Witch race, but the movement of all sorts of Gu worms!

Gu Sect of the heretical doctrines was naturally the cause of the Gu worms disaster!

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo moved once more.

Within the palace.

Xiaoning had not rested for the past few days and had been refining the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill continuously. She had the cultivators of Great Zhou send them all over the North Region to save as many mortals as possible.

Her face was already pale without much color.

The Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill was a Grade 5 elixir.

A long period of refinement was extremely taxing on the mind and energy of an Elixir Refinement Master!

Xiaoning’s body swayed.

“Take a rest. Don’t tire yourself out.”

For the past few days, Ji Yaoxue had been by Xiaoning’s side as well.

When she saw that Xiaoning did not look well, she could not help but persuade her worriedly.

Over the past few days, she had tried to persuade Xiaoning countless times but was rejected by the latter.

“Sister Yaoxue, I’m fine.”

Xiaoning gripped the small and exquisite Elixir Furnace hung on her chest gently and felt a warmth flow through her body through her palm.

She was invigorated and the fatigue in her body seemed to have dissipated significantly.

It was all thanks to this Elixir Furnace that she was able to survive for the past few days.

Otherwise, she would have broken down long ago!

Or rather, all these years, it was thanks to this Elixir Furnace that she was able to cultivate to the Void Reversion realm and attain such accomplishments in the Dao of Elixir Refinement!

Xiaoning truly did not dare to rest and could not bear to.

Along the way, she had personally witnessed the calamity caused by the trouble of the Witch Gu – it was not an exaggeration to say that all living beings were devastated.

Everywhere was just like h.e.l.l on earth!

Mortals who did not cultivate were completely defenseless against the Gu worms and could only be devoured gradually before dying.

However, Gu worms that devoured the life essence of mortals would not die. Instead, they would gain sentience.

Instinctively, these Gu worms would follow the aura of life and poison other mortals!

The more life essence it devoured, the stronger the Gu worms would be!

This meant that the longer this dragged on, the more innocent mortals would die under the Gu worms and the destruction caused would be even more horrifying!

Right then, a green figure descended from outside.

Instinctively, Xiaoning looked over and could not help but exclaim in joy, “Brother!”

It was Su Zimo who had returned from the Dragon Bone Valley.


Su Zimo nodded. Looking at Xiaoning’s expression, he frowned slightly. “Xiaoning, we can’t continue with the elixir refinement. You have to rest!”

“Brother, I can hold on.”

Xiaoning wanted to argue but was rejected by Su Zimo.

“No way!”

There was an unquestionable determination in his tone.

He could tell that she was at her limits. The only reason why she could hold on was because she was expending her lifeforce.

If she continued with her elixir refinement, Xiaoning would tire herself out!

Turning around, Su Zimo looked at Ji Yaoxue and said softly, “Take a rest as well. It’s been hard on you these past few days.”

“I am fine,”

Pursing her lips, Ji Yaoxue smiled. “I’m just accompanying Xiaoning and not refining elixirs. I’m not tired.”

“How much do you know about Gu techniques?”

Su Zimo came to Xiaoning’s side and asked a question to divert her attention so that she could finally relax her strung up emotions.

“Actually, Gu techniques were not meant to harm people in the ancient era,”

Pondering for a moment, Xiaoning said, “Initially, the cultivators who created the Gu techniques never thought of using it to harm others. Instead, they used it to heal their injuries and raise their combat strength.”

“It is similar to how poison can be used to kill others at times but save lives at others.”

Su Zimo nodded.

According to the different properties of different Gu worms, it could indeed achieve such an effect.

“As the Gu techniques grew stronger and more Gu Masters were produced, many factions were formed, resulting in the birth of some terrifying Gu worms!”

“In the ancient era, there were many outstanding individuals with extraordinary knowledge. These experts realized that huge calamities might be caused if the Gu worms were allowed to roam freely, so they exterminated many of the frightening Gu worms!”

Xiaoning said, “The Black Blood Gu is something that should have been extinct.”

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo murmured softly, “Why would a Gu worm that should have been extinct revive in this era?”

“I don’t know.”

Rubbing her glabella, Xiaoning shook her head as though she wanted to ease the fatigue in her mind. “I’m afraid that only Gu Sect can provide an answer.”

“No, there’s someone else.”

Su Zimo shook his head with a cold glint in his eyes.

The Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace who was also the current Dao Being Lone Soul!

Dao Being Lone Soul gained rebirth through a.s.similation on a Gu Master’s body. As such, he naturally knew about the affairs of Gu Sect.

When Su Zimo saw Xiaoning rub her glabella as well as Ji Yaoxue’s exhausted expression, his heart stirred as he chanted a secret skill of the Buddhist monasteries softly – Heart Calming Mantra.

This Buddhist mantra did not have any lethality and would only allow one to relieve their frustrations and calm their mind.

The deeper one’s understanding of Buddhism, the greater the effect of the Heart Calming Mantra.

When Xiaoning and Ji Yaoxue heard the Sanskrit sound of the Heart Calming Mantra, they did not think too much about it. They merely felt that the Sanskrit sound was rather pleasant.

Gradually, the two of them immersed themselves in it.

The anxiety and worry in Xiaoning’s eyes disappeared slowly as she closed her eyes.

Ji Yaoxue was completely immersed in the Sanskrit as well!

Under the effect of the Heart Calming Mantra, both of their minds felt extremely relaxed and relieved.

As time pa.s.sed by, the Heart Calming Mantra was completed.

Xiaoning and Ji Yaoxue had their eyes closed. Both of them looked peaceful and their brows were relaxed – they had already fallen asleep unknowingly.

Carefully, Su Zimo placed the two of them down gently. He did not leave but stood guard beside them.

Unknowingly, a night pa.s.sed.

When the sun rose in the east, a beautiful figure lying beside Su Zimo moved.

Xiaoning was the first to wake up!

She blinked and sat up. Her eyes were still a little lost as she did not know what had happened.

She only remembered that when she was chatting with Su Zimo, she heard a pleasant Sanskrit sound. Everything went blank thereafter.

“Ah, it’s daybreak!”

Xiaoning exclaimed.

Thereafter, she realized that she could not feel any fatigue at all!

She was already well rested after just a single night’s sleep?!

Normally, if Xiaoning was completely exhausted mentally and physically, she might not be able to recover fully even after resting for three days and nights.

However, with the help of the Heart Calming Mantra, Xiaoning’s body and mind recovered rapidly after a night of sleep.

“Continue refining the elixirs and rest well.”

Su Zimo patted Xiaoning on the shoulder and instructed before getting up to leave.

“You’re not waiting for Sister Yaoxue to wake up?” Xiaoning asked.


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes. “There are some things that have yet to be settled. I have to find an answer!”

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