Chapter 1124: You’re Not Human

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

Su Zimo was bold because he was skilled. He merely stayed outside for a moment before charging into the miasma and heading forward.

Naturally, Night Spirit had no objections.

The moment he entered the miasma, Su Zimo felt his breathing stagnate.

If it was the blood qi of his Dragon True Body, he would not feel any discomfort from the miasma.

But now, the toughness of the Green Lotus True Body was comparable to a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon. However, its resistance against the miasma poison was much weaker.

Su Zimo’s heart stirred.

Two b.a.l.l.s of flames appeared beside him.

One was golden while the other was scarlet.

The two b.a.l.l.s of flames revolved around his body like two bright lights, dissipating the surrounding miasma.

“Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern!”

This Dharmic art of the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra could be used for both offense and defense.

Night Spirit entered the miasma with a calm expression as though nothing had happened. Sensing his aura, the miasma retreated automatically.

Unexpectedly, the two of them did not encounter any obstacles along the way.

Before long, a cl.u.s.ter of buildings appeared within the thick miasma not far ahead.

Without a doubt, this was Gu Sect!

Arriving before the mountain gate, Su Zimo put away the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern and stopped for a moment. He did not barge in recklessly.

The calamity of the Witch Gu was caused by Dao Being Lone Soul. However, he could not be certain of the role Gu Sect played in this.

“I’m Dao Being Desolate Martial. I’m here to visit the sect master of Gu Sect because of an important matter!”

Su Zimo channeled his breath and said loudly.

His voice was clear and steady, spreading to every single corner of the sect!

The entire mountain gate was silent without any response.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The mountain gate was situated within the miasma and was filled with strangeness!

Apart from the fact that there were no cultivators guarding the mountain gate, no one appeared despite his shout outside – everything was eerily silent!

Night Spirit sniffed and suddenly said, “There’s no human presence.”


Su Zimo did not really understand. Just as he was about to ask, a cultivator suddenly appeared from within the mountain gate and sped over.

Before long, the cultivator arrived before them. Wearing a white Daoist robe, his cultivation was already at the Void Reversion realm!

The white-robed cultivator sized up the two of them before turning slightly. “Please follow me.”

With that said, the white-robed cultivator left first.

Su Zimo raised his brow, feeling even more confused.

It was strange for Gu Sect to send a Void Reversion to welcome them.

What was even stranger was that the white-robed cultivator did not ask for their purpose and ident.i.ty. Instead, he invited them into the sect directly!

This did not make sense.

Of course, it was understandable for Gu Sect to have some strange etiquette since they were reclusive all year round.

Su Zimo and Night Spirit followed behind the white-robed cultivator.

Before long, the two of them entered a hall.

Along the way, they did not see any other Gu Masters!

It was as though all the Gu Masters of Gu Sect were hiding.

“Please take a seat and wait for a moment.”

The white-robed cultivator pointed to the chairs beside him and said indifferently, “I’ll brew a pot of tea for the two of you.”

Glancing at the chairs beside him, Night Spirit pursed his lips and sat down without saying anything.

The expression of the white-robed cultivator changed slightly.

However, Su Zimo did not move at all. He stood on the spot and narrowed his eyes, looking at the white-robed cultivator’s face as though he wanted to make out something.

“Fellow Daoist, why aren’t you sitting?”

The white-robed cultivator asked in a seemingly casual manner.

“I wouldn’t dare to,”

Su Zimo replied.

Although he could not tell what was on the chairs, his spirit perception had already alerted him the moment he wanted to sit on it!

Su Zimo did not stop Night Spirit because he knew that Night Spirit would definitely be able to sense it.

Such methods posed no threat to Night Spirit!

However, Su Zimo was only in his Green Lotus True Body right now and he had to take extra caution.

The white-robed cultivator did not persuade him further and turned to brew tea.

Before long, two cups of hot tea with a strong fragrance were brewed and placed on the table.

Su Zimo took a glance.

The tea was green and clear with a fragrance that seeped into one’s lungs. There were a few tea leaves floating on it – it was indeed a good cup of tea.

He could not see anything from it.

However, he knew that the tea must not be consumed!

Night Spirit glanced at it and raised the teacup, draining it in one gulp as though he was oblivious to everything. Thereafter, he smacked his lips, seemingly wanting more.

When he saw that, the white-robed cultivator smirked as though he was smiling.

Su Zimo finally realized what was wrong.

The white-robed cultivator’s face was stiff and his gaze was dull.

Even that smile earlier on seemed extremely unnatural and sinister!

“We’re here to pay a visit. Why do you want to harm us?”

Su Zimo glared at the white-robed cultivator with a cold expression.

Although there were no direct a.s.saults with swords or sabers, the white-robed cultivator had already attacked twice in a row, causing Su Zimo’s killing intent to surge!

“You’re smart and cautious,”

The white-robed cultivator tilted his head and his face almost touched his shoulder, looking extremely strange.

“Unfortunately, this friend of yours is way too lacking,”

The white-robed cultivator turned to Night Spirit with a mocking gaze and continued, “There’s a Bone Forming Gu buried in the chair you’re sitting on.”

“Once this Gu worm enters your body, it can turn all your bones into a puddle of pus!”


Unmoved, Night Spirit did not even look at the white-robed cultivator and merely played with the teacup in his hands.

The mockery in the white-robed cultivator’s eyes intensified as he said, “There are no Gu worms in the tea. However, there are a few Gu worms on the teacup itself that are hard to discern with the naked eye!”

“The moment you picked up the teacup, the Gu worms had already entered your body!”

The white-robed cultivator looked pleased and tried his best to smile.

However, his face was stiff and he looked odd.

“So amazing?”

Night Spirit grinned as well.

Let alone the fact that there was no way the Gu worms could enter Night Spirit’s body…

Even if they could, they would be killed by Night Spirit’s terrifying blood qi instantly without causing any damage to him!


The white-robed cultivator exclaimed softly and finally realized that something was amiss. He turned to look at Night Spirit and asked with a frown, “Why aren’t you dead yet?”

Right then, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he glared at the white-robed cultivator and shook his head. “You’re not human!”

Before he finished his sentence, Night Spirit’s figure flashed and arrived before the white-robed cultivator in a flash. With a casual slap, the white-robed cultivator’s head was split into pieces!

If it was any other ordinary cultivator, they would have been dead by the time their head was shattered and their Essence Spirit was destroyed.

However, even though the white-robed cultivator’s head was shattered, an even stronger lifeforce surged forth from his body!


Suddenly, a black shadow extended from the shattered neck of the white-robed cultivator. It reeked of a stench and had a menacing expression as it opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth to devour Night Spirit!

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