Chapter 1125: Blood Flesh Swamp

Su Zimo watched carefully from the side – it was a Black Blood Gu!

However, this Black Blood Gu was completely different from what he had seen before.

This one had already matured!

The aura it emanated was definitely not weaker than that of a Void Reversion!

If it was any other normal cultivator, they would have been fl.u.s.tered by such an unforeseen event.

Unfortunately, the Black Blood Gu was facing Night Spirit.

Night Spirit’s gaze was cold and his expression did not change at all. He swiped down with his palm and crushed the Black Blood Gu that had just appeared!


Black blood splattered.

A Void Reversion Black Blood Gu was dead!

In reality, the white-robed cultivator was long dead and the true controller of his body was the Black Blood Gu in his body!

That was the reason why the white-robed cultivator’s face was stiff and his gaze was dull. There was a huge difference between his actions and those of a true cultivator.

Suddenly, Su Zimo thought of a possibility.


Right then, the sound of clothes fluttering could be heard.

Immediately after, many cultivators surged into the hall and surrounded Su Zimo and Night Spirit. All of them had hostile expressions and killing intent.

Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings.

The faces of those cultivators were stiff, no different from the white-robed cultivator earlier on!

Without a doubt, these cultivators were long dead.

The reason why they could rush here was because the Gu worms in their bodies were controlling their bodies!

Night Spirit looked at Su Zimo with a questioning gaze.

“Kill them all!”

Su Zimo said coldly, “There’s a change in Gu Sect!”

Night Spirit’s figure flashed and he lunged into the crowd. Everywhere he pa.s.sed, cultivators would die!

To be precise, it was the Gu worms in those cultivators that died!

As Su Zimo had expected, there were Gu worms hidden in the bodies of these cultivators. Not only were there Black Blood Gu, there were also many other Gu worms that he had never seen or heard of!

These Gu worms all had powerful auras.

Many of them were at the Nascent Soul and Void Reversion realm.

Among them, there were even some Dharma Characteristic Gu worms!

However, against Night Spirit’s ma.s.sacre, those Gu worms were still weak!

Su Zimo charged into the crowd as well.

He did not use any other Dharmic arts and merely channeled the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern, causing the immortal, Buddhist and fiend flames to revolve around him.

Any Void Reversion Gu worm that came into contact with the flames would be burned to death before long!

If a Nascent Soul Gu worm was tainted by a bit of Dao fire, it would be burned to ashes instantly!

Xiaoning had once told Su Zimo that the power that Gu worms feared the most was fire!

The flames that Su Zimo cultivated through the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra possessed extremely terrifying lethality. Even some ancient extinct Gu worms could not withstand it!

Night Spirit’s killing methods were extremely sharp.

However, in this battle, the damage he dealt to the Gu worms could not compare to the three Dao Fires!

Relying on the Scarlet Flame Revolving Lantern, Su Zimo charged into the crowd and cleared an empty path before long – no Gu worm could stand in his way!

Only Dharma Characteristic Gu worms could defend against it.

However, before those Dharma Characteristic Gu worms could pose any threat to Su Zimo, Night Spirit had already closed in and killed them!

The temperature in the hall rose continuously.

After a while, the three Dao Fires continued burning and melted many of the stone pillars that supported the hall into boiling lava.

The hall collapsed!

When the dust dispersed, Su Zimo and Night Spirit stood in the ruins without being affected at all.

Su Zimo looked over and his expression changed.

Countless Gu Masters were gathered around the hall and there were at least hundreds of thousands of them!

Among these Gu Masters, their cultivation realms varied.

There were Qi Refinement Warriors, Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Golden Cores, Nascent Souls and Void Reversions.

Given Gu Sect’s legacy up till now, it was not surprising for them to possess a foundation of this scale!

What truly shocked Su Zimo was that he could not see any expression on the faces of the Gu Masters.

All of them had stiff faces and dull gazes!

These Gu Masters were already dead and were controlled by Gu worms, turning into walking corpses!

They reared Gus but in the end, they were the ones consumed. The Gu worms occupied their bodies and turned them into slaves!

It was rather ironic.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Suddenly, the bodies of these Gu Masters exploded and Gu worms crawled out one after another in different colors!

Every single Gu worm looked malevolent and terrifying, twisting their ugly bodies and emitting a foul stench!

The bodies of hundreds of thousands of Gu Masters shattered and blood flowed like rivers. The mountains and plains were covered in blood and flesh, seemingly turning into a swamp, charging towards Su Zimo and Night Spirit in an unsightly manner!

The entire place reeked of blood!

Under the envelopment of the blood qi, evil qi filled the air and even the three Dao Fires turned blurry, flickering.

Hundreds of thousands of Gu worms could be vaguely seen in the flesh swamp, causing one’s scalp to tingle!

Finally, Su Zimo understood what the so-called Ten Thousand Gu Swamp meant.

It was hard to imagine what sort of calamity would happen if hundreds of thousands of Gu worms surged into the North Region.

At that time, the entire Tianhuang Mainland would be reduced to a living h.e.l.l!

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he rose slowly. Circulating his Essence Spirit, the temperature of the three Dao Fires around him rose as well!

The Black Blood Gu alone was enough to cause a catastrophe in the North Region – there was no way he could let them survive!

All of them had to be killed!

That was the only solution Su Zimo could think of!

“Burn it!”

Su Zimo gathered the immortal Dao fire, Buddhist Dao fire and fiend Dao fire together to form the Samadhi Dao fire and threw it into the flesh swamp!


Raging flames raged!

No matter how strong the flesh swamp was, it could not extinguish the Samadhi Dao Fire!

Su Zimo pushed his Essence Spirit to its limits!

The range of the Samadhi Dao Fire extended and burned continuously!

“Squeak, squeak!”

Where the Samadhi Dao Fire burned, the flesh swamp had already dried up and turned into cracked mud.

Countless Gu worms shrieked under the Samadhi Dao Fire and were burned into ashes!

Su Zimo did not hold back and channeled his Essence Spirit continuously, causing the Samadhi Dao to burn even brighter!

The fire engulfed the entire sect!

Against the might of the Samadhi Dao Fire, even Dharma Characteristic Gu worms could not last long!

As time pa.s.sed, the Samadhi Dao Fire did not stop spreading.

Su Zimo’s expression turned pale as well.

Releasing the Samadhi Dao Fire took a huge toll on his Essence Spirit.

After such a long period of release, even Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit felt a huge burden as the power of his Essence Spirit drained rapidly!

Night Spirit no longer attacked and stood guard beside Su Zimo.

Even if he made a move, he would not be able to deal as much damage as the Samadhi Dao Fire!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was channeling his full strength right now. This was the moment when he was at his weakest and could not afford to be distracted – that was why Night Spirit had to guard the vicinity to prevent any accidents.

This was Gu Sect, one of the five heretical doctrines after all.

Night Spirit could vaguely sense that an even stronger existence was awakening deep underground!

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