Chapter 1127: Terrifying Body

The Samadhi Dao Fire was still burning.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was almost pushed to its limits and his face turned paler.

The entire Gu Sect was in a sea of flames and there were not many remaining Gu worms. Su Zimo had to exterminate all of them before he could free himself to help Night Spirit!

The range of the Samadhi Dao Fire released this time was too wide and it lasted for too long – his Essence Spirit had already been thoroughly exhausted.

He could no longer use any Dharmic powers or release any Dharmic arts.

His Green Lotus True Body relied on Dharmic arts the most!

The Samadhi Dao Fire and the Heaven Slaying Sword Art were both burst-type Dharmic arts.

This meant that if Su Zimo joined the battle, he could only rely on his body to fight the Metal Devouring Gu in melee combat.

However, given the current situation, even Night Spirit could not gain any advantage in melee combat!

There was a difference of two major cultivation realms between them!

The Metal Devouring Gu was one of the top ten ancient Gu worms. After devouring the five metals, its body was indestructible and its strength and speed were even above Night Spirit!

Even if he were to join forces with Night Spirit, they might not be a match for the Metal Devouring Gu.

Just as he was pondering, a golden light flashed before his eyes and he felt a sense of danger!

Su Zimo did not have time to think as he tilted his body slightly.

If he was in his peak condition, he might be able to dodge it.

But now, his Essence Spirit was weak and he had expended a lot of mental energy. Even with his spirit perception, his body could not keep up with his reaction.

He could only try his best to avoid any fatal damage!


The golden light landed on Su Zimo.

Blood splattered!

Su Zimo grunted and his face broke out in cold sweat.

The golden light was none other than one of the Metal Devouring Gu’s feelers!

During the exchange earlier on, two feelers whipped towards Night Spirit.

Night Spirit dodged one of them but was struck by another.

As for the first feeler, it changed directions and suddenly expanded by dozens of feet, turning into a golden beam of light that struck Su Zimo heavily!

There was a deep wound on Su Zimo’s shoulder where the feeler swiped and blood gushed profusely.

His skin was made from the lotus leaves of a Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus.

Even connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapons might not be able to cut through his skin.

However, that seemingly weak feeler nearly tore off Su Zimo’s entire arm!

His body swayed for a moment and he grit his teeth, persevering to continue channeling the Samadhi Dao Fire to kill the few Gu worms remaining!

If any of these Gu worms were released, countless living beings would die.

Even though Night Spirit was injured, his expression did not change and his gaze was still cold.

However, when he saw that Su Zimo was injured, a ball of rage finally surged in his eyes. With a deep roar, he gave off a shuddering aura!

That aura seemed like it came from the ancient primordial era and was terrifying.

There was a difference of two major cultivation realms between them.

However, the Metal Devouring Gu felt its heart skip a beat against that aura!

This pressure made it have the urge to bow down!

This was a bloodline suppression.

This was a dominance that came from the depths of one’s bloodline in ancient memories!

“What is that?!”

The Metal Devouring Gu glared at Night Spirit and thought to itself as the metallic glint in its eyes deepened.

Although their fight earlier on was short and it had the absolute advantage, it was truly shocked!

The sharp purple tail that suddenly appeared behind Night Spirit even gave it a strong sense of death!

The Metal Devouring Gu was extremely puzzled.

He did not feel such pressure even from the Witch race.

Now that Night Spirit was enraged, the Metal Devouring Gu became even more cautious.


Night Spirit’s figure swayed and turned into a streak of light, disappearing from the spot instantly.

This speed was far beyond the limits of the Void Reversion realm!

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords might not be able to track Night Spirit.

However, the eyes of the Metal Devouring Gu shone brightly with a golden light and its eyesight was enhanced. It accurately determined Night Spirit’s landing spot and waved its front claws.

Cold lights flashed.

Its front claw slashed down like a gigantic guillotine towards Night Spirit!

Although he was in midair, Night Spirit could still dodge and twist continuously to avoid the incoming claw.

Immediately after, another cold light flashed.

Its other front claw slashed down in advance, completely sealing off Night Spirit’s escape route!

Suddenly, Night Spirit’s body curled into a tiny ball in midair, barely avoiding the front claw.

Oo! Oo!

Two streaks of golden light tore through the air as the wind howled in a breathtaking manner.

The Metal Devouring Gu’s attacks were relentless.

After the sharp front claws slashed down, it was the terrifying feelers.

The feelers were unusually agile and whipped towards Night Spirit as though they were alive!

At that moment, if Night Spirit retreated, he could still avoid the two feelers.

However, if he retreated, it would mean that Su Zimo would be exposed to the Metal Devouring Gu once more.

In a flash, pitch-black scales appeared on Night Spirit’s body. Ignoring the whipping of the feelers, he swooped down and grabbed the back of the Metal Devouring Gu!


Almost at the same time, the two feelers whipped Night Spirit viciously with a crisp sound!

Night Spirit shuddered.

This time round, even with the defense of the scales, two b.l.o.o.d.y wounds appeared on his body.

His clothes were in tatters!

Seizing the opportunity, Night Spirit had already arrived before the Metal Devouring Gu and attacked!


A purple shadow flashed.

Night Spirit’s tail stabbed towards the Metal Devouring Gu’s head!


The Metal Devouring Gu reacted extremely quickly and roared. Its front claws were like a pair of gigantic scissors that suddenly closed and cut fiercely, clamping Night Spirit’s tail between them!


The two front claws were the toughest and sharpest weapons on the Metal Devouring Gu – even divine weapons could not match them.

However, such terrifying claws coupled with the strength of the Conjoint Body realm could not cut Night Spirit’s tail!

Sparks flew everywhere!

Night Spirit’s gaze turned cold as he reached out and grabbed the back of the Metal Devouring Gu fiercely!

Sharp claws extended from Night Spirit’s fingertips.

When they made contact with the Metal Devouring Gu’s back, there was an ear-piercing sound of metal screeching.


Night Spirit’s claws scratched ten wounds on the back of the Metal Devouring Gu!

Up till this point of the battle, the Metal Devouring Gu was finally injured.

However, Su Zimo and Night Spirit did not relax at all.

Su Zimo could clearly see that the blood flowing out of the Metal Devouring Gu’s wound was s.h.i.+mmering with a dark golden metallic l.u.s.ter.

The flesh of this ancient Gu worm was completely filled with metal!

Night Spirit’s scratch was met with obstructions. He merely tore through the Metal Devouring Gu’s flesh and did not manage to injure it severely.

What was even more frightening was that under Su Zimo’s gaze, the ten wounds on the back of the Metal Devouring Gu were healing at a visible speed!


What terrifying regeneration capabilities!

Its rate of regeneration was almost comparable to his Dragon True Body!

Although he did not know much about Gu worms, Su Zimo believed that even as one of the top ten ancient Gu worms, the original body of the Metal Devouring Gu would not be able to reach this level.

Otherwise, there would have been a spot for the Gu worms in the Primordial Nine Races!

How did this Metal Devouring Gu cultivate its body to such a terrifying degree?!

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