Chapter 1128: Primordial Taboo


The Metal Devouring Gu sneered.

On the surface, the fight earlier on was an internecine outcome.

However, in reality, the Metal Devouring Gu was not affected at all.

Given its powerful regeneration capabilities, the wound on its back would heal before long!

However, Night Spirit’s situation was different.

Night Spirit’s body was terrifying as well!

In that short period of time, the few wounds caused by the Metal Devouring Gu on his body gradually healed as well.

However, the power of the Conjoint Body realm had already surged into his body and it was difficult to resolve such internal injuries within a short period of time!

After being repeatedly struck by the feelers of the Metal Devouring Gu, a trace of blood had already seeped out of the corner of Night Spirit’s mouth.

Right then, Su Zimo’s body swayed and he retracted his Samadhi Dao Fire Dharmic formulation, panting slightly.

All the Gu worms were dead!

Right now, this Metal Devouring Gu was the only one left!

Su Zimo s.h.i.+fted and a.s.sumed a triangular formation with Night Spirit, prepared to fight to the death against this beast!

“Be careful, its front claws and feelers are extremely sharp!”

Night Spirit reminded.

“Two ants,”

The Metal Devouring Gu’s cold eyes darted around as it looked at the ruins around it. It released a torrential killing intent and attacked Su Zimo first!

Pshew! Pshew!

Two feelers tore through the air.

Su Zimo’s expression changed!

It was only when he fought against that beast that he truly realized how terrifying it was!

It was too fast!

This was the power and burst of a Conjoint Body realm cultivator!

He could no longer capture the tracks of the two feelers with his naked eyes and spirit consciousness.

Although his spirit perception warned him, Su Zimo was in a weakened state and could not use his Dharmic powers. As such, he could not release Lightning Escape or Ethereal Wings.

The bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body was not strong.

He could not dodge it with his physical body alone!

Pa! Pa!

There were two crisp sounds.

Two b.a.l.l.s of blood mist burst forth from Su Zimo’s body. He had just charged forward when he was sent flying at an even faster speed.

His chest was lacerated with fresh blood!


Night Spirit’s roar sounded. He had already arrived before the Metal Devouring Gu and extended his claws once more!

This time round, a purple flame appeared on his claw!

Both sides engaged in melee combat.

The front claw of the Metal Devouring Gu slashed down, leaving a deep wound on Night Spirit’s body. In fact, a single scale was sliced off and buried into the debris.

As for Night Spirit, his claws scratched a wound on the Metal Devouring Gu as well!

The wound was extremely deep!

The Metal Devouring Gu cried out in pain.

There were some purple flames on the wound inflicted by Night Spirit.

Even with the strong regeneration capabilities of the Metal Devouring Gu, it could not heal within a short period of time!


With a swipe of its six legs, the Metal Devouring Gu swayed and struck Night Spirit once more, sending him flying.


Night Spirit spat out a mouthful of blood.


The Metal Devouring Gu reared its head and shrieked in rage!

Su Zimo had already gotten up from the ground.

Although the wounds on his body were shocking, the feelers of the Metal Devouring Gu could not injure his bones.

The toughest part of the Green Lotus True Body was its bones!

If it was anyone else, they would have long lost their combat strength after suffering such a serious injury.

However, the foundation of his Green Lotus True Body was a Grade 6 Creation Green Lotus. Furthermore, many divine weapons were infused into his bones!

At the same time that the Metal Devouring Gu sent Night Spirit flying, Su Zimo seized the opportunity to close in. He twisted his palm and used it like a saber, slas.h.i.+ng down at the neck of the Metal Devouring Gu!


The Metal Devouring Gu did not move at all when the slash landed.

On the other hand, Su Zimo’s palm was hurt from the recoil – the Metal Devouring Gu did not suffer any damage at all!

Su Zimo’s heart sank.

This meant that even if the Metal Devouring Gu did not move, it would be difficult for him to injure it in his current condition!


Right then, a cold glint flashed!

Su Zimo’s eyes widened and he felt a tearing pain in his chest, as though he was pierced by something!

He lowered his head instinctively.

A metal blade as thick as an arm had already pierced through his chest!

It was a hind leg of the Metal Devouring Gu.

Although the Metal Devouring Gu’s hind legs did not have the same attack power as its front claws, they were extremely sharp and could pierce through the Green Lotus True Body!

The man and Gu were too close.

Su Zimo’s attention was entirely focused on the Metal Devouring Gu’s front claws and feelers and he did not notice this at all.

The moment his spirit perception alerted him, the hind leg had already pierced through his chest!

Su Zimo’s body trembled slightly as he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Night Spirit’s eyes widened at the sight of that.

He bent down and sprawled on the ground with both hands. His entire body was swooping down and his black hair scattered as his gaze surged with endless killing intent!

“Oh? From the looks of it, you’re about to revert to your true form?”

The Metal Devouring Gu sneered, “I want to see just what you are!”

Night Spirit seemed to have made a decision and a resolute look flashed through his eyes.


A sound of bones cracking could be heard from within Night Spirit’s body.

A terrifying aura burst forth and the world fell silent!

It was as though a terrifying living being from the primordial era was awakening within Night Spirit’s body!

The Metal Devouring Gu’s heart skipped a beat.

It suddenly felt a semblance of regret.

Under its gaze, Night Spirit’s body expanded and underwent a ma.s.sive transformation!

In the blink of an eye, Night Spirit had already transformed into a demon beast that was a hundred feet tall. It was pitch black with scales all over its body and its tail was purple.

Its tailbone was sharp, as though it could pierce through any defense!

The head of this demon beast was gigantic and resembled a wolf’s head. However, it was much more sinister than a wolf’s head. Rows of sharp teeth that were intertwined with one another appeared in its opened mouth, s.h.i.+mmering with a cold glint!

His sharp teeth alone could rip any living being apart!

Night Spirit’s four legs were pitch black but they burned with four b.a.l.l.s of sinister purple flames.

His eyes were purple as well and he looked at the Metal Devouring Gu as though he was looking at an ant!

It was an extremely strange feeling.

Night Spirit was clearly at the Void Reversion realm and was two major cultivation realms weaker than the Metal Devouring Gu. However, the Metal Devouring Gu seemed to be inferior in the face of Night Spirit!

Su Zimo looked at Night Spirit blankly.

After so many years, Night Spirit had finally reverted to his true form.

After so many years, Night Spirit had changed quite a bit.

If he had not seen it personally, he would have found it hard to believe that the ferocious beast that looked down on the world as though it could suppress everything was the palm-sized black dog from before.


Staring at the Metal Devouring Gu, Night Spirit raised his head and let out another earthshaking roar!

Su Zimo’s figure was still hanging on the Metal Devouring Gu’s back leg.

He could clearly sense this Conjoint Body Metal Devouring Gu trembling against the roar!

The Metal Devouring Gu was terrified!

“Y-Y-You are… the legendary taboo?”

“A Primordial Taboo?”

The Metal Devouring Gu’s voice was trembling and its metallic l.u.s.ter could not conceal the doubt, panic and shock in its eyes!

“H-How can this be?!”

The Metal Devouring Gu took half a step back and glared at Night Spirit who was not far away, muttering softly, “How can you still be alive! A living being like you should have been extinct in the primordial era long ago!”

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