Chapter 1129: The Might of Night Spirit

Night Spirit’s gaze was cold and his hundred feet tall figure did not seem clumsy at all. He was extremely agile and closed in instantly!

Su Zimo could clearly sense that Night Spirit’s strength and speed had increased after he transformed into his true form!

The first reaction of the Metal Devouring Gu was not to fight head-on, but to retreat.

The Metal Devouring Gu was at the Conjoint Body realm after all. Given its cultivation realm, even Night Spirit who was in his true form might not be able to catch up to it if it wanted to escape with its full might.

Night Spirit might be in danger if the Metal Devouring Gu were to escape!

The reason why Night Spirit was so cautious and refused to reveal his true form even when he was surrounded by so many Rakshasas in Myriad Phenomenon City was because he was wary.

But now, although the Night Spirit did not mention what race Night Spirit was from, the word ‘Taboo’ alone was enough to explain many things!

Even with their wariness towards the Primordial Nine Races, humans had never referred to them as taboos.

However, Night Spirit was a taboo of the primordial era!

The main reason why Night Spirit had reverted to his true form was because he was in danger.

Another reason was that there were no other living beings here apart from the three of them.

As long as Night Spirit could kill the Metal Devouring Gu, his secret would not be exposed!

However, Night Spirit would be completely disadvantaged if the Metal Devouring Gu managed to escape.

In a flash, those thoughts flashed through Su Zimo’s mind. He made a prompt decision and channeled the 54 green lotus seeds in his consciousness.

Multicolored light filled the air.

Many green lotus seeds gathered rapidly and formed a sharp green sword in the blink of an eye!

The Essence Spirit killing sword—Green Lotus Sword.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was weak and his body was pierced. There were only a few methods left that could threaten the Metal Devouring Gu.


Su Zimo shouted.

His consciousness expanded and a beam of light tore through the air!

As it looked at Night Spirit lunge over, the Metal Devouring Gu wanted to retreat when a green beam of light slashed down from the corner of its eye.

At the same time, it sensed an intense spirit consciousness fluctuation!


The Metal Devouring Gu was alarmed.

The moment the green light appeared, its Essence Spirit felt a sharp pain!

The Metal Devouring Gu had no time to think as it hurriedly released its Essence Spirit secret skill to defend against it!

A golden light surged out of its consciousness.

The golden light seemed to be made of the toughest metal in the world. It was unusually heavy and unshakable as it collided against the Green Lotus Sword.


The two collided.

The void trembled.

The Green Lotus Sword shattered into many green lotus seeds.

The golden light dimmed a little as well.

However, the spirit consciousness fluctuation on the golden light was still extremely powerful and terrifying!

The golden light did not stop and charged towards Su Zimo’s glabella.

At that moment, Su Zimo’s body was still hanging on the back of the Metal Devouring Gu and he could not escape – there was no way for him to avoid the killing intent of the Essence Spirit secret skill!

A Conjoint Body’s Essence Spirit secret skill was not something Su Zimo could defend against.

The fact that the Green Lotus Sword could defend against the golden light for a moment and reduce its Essence Spirit power was already not bad!

Right then, a purple light flashed.

Night Spirit swayed its tail and its sharp tailbone collided heavily against the golden light in midair!


The golden light dissipated.

Night Spirit shuddered as well.

Su Zimo’s gaze froze and his heart skipped a beat.

At its foundation, an Essence Spirit secret skill was still a spirit consciousness attack. Be it Dharmic weapons, bodies or claws, none of them could defend against it.

The only way to defend was using spirit consciousness or specific Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons.

Su Zimo had always known that Night Spirit’s tail was extremely strong and even sharper than his fangs and claws.

However, he had not expected that the tail could defend against Essence Spirit secret skills!

The two of them barely managed to defend against the Metal Devouring Gu’s Essence Spirit secret skill with their combined strength.

With that delay, it was already too late for the Metal Devouring Gu to escape even if it wanted to.


Two feelers tore through the air and whipped towards Night Spirit viciously!

Night Spirit did not dodge or avoid. He lunged forward directly and allowed the two feelers to whip out two bloodied wounds on his body.

As though he could not feel the pain, Night Spirit extended his sharp front claws and pressed the two front claws of the Metal Devouring Gu to the ground!

Right on the heels of that, Night Spirit lowered his head and opened his mouth, revealing a menacing expression as he bared his sharp fangs towards the neck of the Metal Devouring Gu!


Sensing the danger, the Metal Devouring Gu shrieked and moved its six legs, twisting its ma.s.sive body in an attempt to break free from Night Spirit’s suppression.

Right then, a vicious glint flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he gripped the hind leg that was thrust into his chest. He spun his body and exerted strength.

He used the bones of his Green Lotus True Body to trap the Metal Devouring Gu’s hind leg!

A tearing pain spread from his chest and seeped into his bones!

Even though the bones of his Green Lotus True Body were made from the lotus stems and many divine weapons, they could not withstand the power of the Metal Devouring Gu.

Cracks appeared on his chest!

The front claws of the Metal Devouring Gu were held down by Night Spirit.

Among the six legs, one of the hind legs was restricted by Su Zimo. The Metal Devouring Gu’s body lost its balance and its movements became clumsy.

Night Spirit had already bitten down viciously!


That single bite landed on the neck of the Metal Devouring Gu!

Night Spirit’s mouth was filled with sharp teeth and in the blink of an eye, there were hundreds of finger-sized holes on the neck of the Metal Devouring Gu!

Su Zimo could clearly see that the Metal Devouring Gu’s head had already turned to the side.

Night Spirit’s bite was way too strong!

Even though the Metal Devouring Gu was a Conjoint Body realm Gu worm with an indestructible body, that single bite nearly snapped its neck!

A series of painful shrieks came from the depths of the Metal Devouring Gu’s throat!


With its life on the line, a tremendous power burst forth from the Metal Devouring Gu and sent Night Spirit flying.

Its hind leg trembled and it flung Su Zimo away.

Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body was almost torn into two by that attack and he fell heavily to the ground, losing a lot of blood qi!

Night Spirit fell not far away, drenched in blood as well.

However, he merely somersaulted on the ground and got up immediately.

Not far away, the Metal Devouring Gu panted heavily.

The wound on its neck was way too serious!

Sticky blood dripped continuously with a dark golden l.u.s.ter.

Even with its strong regeneration capabilities, it was difficult for it to recover.


With a roar, Night Spirit charged forward once more.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

He waved his sharp claws and his figure flashed. Using his movement speed, he left deep wounds on the Metal Devouring Gu.

The Metal Devouring Gu’s feelers and front claws flailed desperately.

However, it was too severely injured and its aura was completely suppressed by Night Spirit. Even if it retaliated, it could not affect Night Spirit too much!

The Metal Devouring Gu’s injuries worsened.

On the other hand, Night Spirit was getting fiercer as he fought with a calm expression.

In that moment, Night Spirit seized an opportunity and leaped onto the Metal Devouring Gu.

His sharp hind claws gripped the Metal Devouring Gu’s bleeding neck tightly as he gripped its head with his front claws and exerted strength!

A tremendous force burst forth and the Metal Devouring Gu was almost pressed into the mud, unable to move at all!

Even the feelers on its head were pressed under Night Spirit’s claws!


Under the night sky.

A gigantic black demon beast stood on a dark gold Gu worm and swayed its purple tail. Its four legs burned with purple flames as it reared its head and howled into the skies, exuding a savage aura that looked down on all living beings and dominated the world!

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