Chapter 1130: Reappearance of the Divine Spring

Like an ant, the Metal Devouring Gu could not move at all under Night Spirit’s feet.

“As expected of… a primordial taboo!”

Those were the final words of the Metal Devouring Gu.


Night Spirit wagged his tail.

A purple shadow flashed and pierced the Metal Devouring Gu’s head!

Its Essence Spirit was killed on the spot by Night Spirit as well!

When Su Zimo saw that, he heaved a long sigh of relief and relaxed his tense spirit.

The wound on his chest was grisly and his organs were pierced.

The Metal Devouring Gu whipped out a few bone-deep wounds on his body as well that were still bleeding.

An intense pain a.s.saulted him once more. Su Zimo grunted and laid on the ground, unable to move at all. His consciousness was blurry and waves of fatigue surged into his heart, almost causing him to faint.

Although the Green Lotus True Body was tough, its bloodline was not strong and it did not have any self-healing capabilities.

If this was his Dragon True Body, he might be able to recover completely from such serious injuries after recuperating for half a month or so.

However, for the Green Lotus True Body, it was unknown how long it would take for him to recover completely.

Right then, a black shadow flashed before his eyes.

Night Spirit arrived beside Su Zimo.

The two of them exchanged glances and smiled bitterly.

Night Spirit was also covered in injuries and looked wretched.

He had probably never encountered such a dangerous battle up till this point of his cultivation and had even exposed his secret!

Of course, Night Spirit’s physique was strong and his regeneration capability was shocking.

Even though he was injured all over, he still had the strength to walk.

He reached out, wanting to help Su Zimo up.

“No, I can’t walk anymore. I have to lie here for some time,”

Su Zimo chuckled bitterly.

“Your physique has weakened significantly. How did this happen…”

Night Spirit frowned slightly and did not continue.

He witnessed how Su Zimo underwent dragonification back in Myriad Phenomenon City and released his blood qi to kill the G.o.d race leader on the spot!

It was evident that Su Zimo’s current body was much weaker.

“It’s a long story and isn’t easy to explain,”

Su Zimo said, “To put it simply, I split my Essence Spirit into two and created two true bodies. My other true body is now with the Dragon race.”

Even if someone were to say that their Essence Spirit had split into two and formed two true bodies, it would be difficult for others to understand.

To his surprise, Night Spirit nodded. “Cloning? I know a little about that,”


This time round, Su Zimo was surprised and could not help but say, “My situation is not like those external clones in the cultivation world. Both of my true bodies have Essence Spirits and are different from clones.”

There were some cloning techniques in the cultivation world.

However, the combat strength of each clone was greatly reduced and they did not have Essence Spirits residing within, so they naturally did not have much consciousness.

In other words, those clones were not independent life forms.

There was no way for them to cultivate independently!

“I know.”

Night Spirit nodded. “Actually, the cloning techniques circulated in the cultivation world are the most inferior ones.”


Su Zimo was curious.

Night Spirit continued, “Top-tier cloning techniques are like yours. The clones are no different from the true body with individual Essence Spirits that can conduct independent cultivation.”

“For example, the Three Pures of the immortal sects, the Three Bodies of the Buddhist monasteries and the Three Corpses of the fiend sects are all similar formulations.”

Su Zimo was dumbfounded.

He had never heard of the Three Pures or Three Corpses.

However, he had some understanding of the Three Bodies of the Buddhist monasteries.

The so-called Three Bodies referred to the past, present and future.

Su Zimo had unintentionally read a simple explanation from a Buddhist sutra at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley. He had never understood the true meaning of the Three Bodies.

To think that the Three Bodies of the Buddhist monasteries was a top-tier Dharmic formulation!

“These Dharmic formulations…”

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment.

Night Spirit shook his head and pointed to the firmaments. “These are all Dharmic formulations of the Upper World. There’s none in Tianhuang Mainland. I’ve only seen some of them in my inherited memories.”

“I see,”

A look of pity appeared in Su Zimo’s eyes.

“I’ll carry you and take a look down there.”

When Night Spirit saw that Su Zimo could not move, he carried Su Zimo carefully on his back and walked towards the crack not far away.

“What’s down there?”

Su Zimo asked curiously.

Both of them were severely injured and could not move much.

However, it was rare for Night Spirit to be so persistent despite his injuries.

Upon hearing Su Zimo’s question, a strange look flashed through Night Spirit’s eyes as he murmured, “There might be something good down there.”

Night Spirit’s sense of smell was extremely sharp.

Back when he was still a palm-sized black dog and hid in Su Zimo’s embrace, he could already smell the fragrance of the dragon egg in the Dragon Bone Valley!

A gigantic crack appeared in the middle of the ruins of Gu Sect. It was dark and bottomless.

It was the crack that was formed when the Metal Devouring Gu broke out from the ground.

Standing at the edge of the crack, Night Spirit observed for a moment and sniffed a few more times before climbing down slowly.

The surroundings were dark.

Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was weak and the eyesight of his Green Lotus True Body was not strong. He could barely see his surroundings and could only hang on to Night Spirit, feeling drowsy.

Night Spirit knew that Su Zimo’s injuries were extremely severe and he was light on his feet. He was neither fast nor slow and tried his best to reduce the vibration.

After an unknown period of time, Night Spirit shuddered.

Su Zimo was jolted awake as well.

The two of them had already landed on the ground.

Night Spirit continued in another direction.

Su Zimo muttered softly.

The air in front of them was a little moist and contained immense vitality.

He took a breath and the pain in his body seemed to lessen.

After another while, Night Spirit stopped in his tracks.

The s.p.a.ce before them cleared up – it was a wide and s.p.a.cious cave.

In the depths of the cave, there was a faint golden pool that emitted a tremendous lifeforce that refreshed one’s mind!


Lying on Night Spirit’s back, Su Zimo could not help but ask with widened eyes, “A primordial divine spring?”

Prior to this, his Dragon True Body had told the Green Lotus True Body about everything in the Dragon Bone Valley.

The Green Lotus True Body knew a little about the description of the primordial divine spring.

The pool before him was extremely similar to the primordial divine spring described by his Dragon True Body.

Of course, it did not seem as mystical and powerful as his Dragon True Body claimed.

Night Spirit nodded. “It’s the primordial divine spring. However, this spring water is stagnant and its effects are average. It’s far inferior to a primordial divine spring that flows.”

Su Zimo was enlightened.

The primordial divine spring of the Dragon Bone Valley was dark gold and incomparably pure. The eye of the divine spring surged constantly and the life essence was ma.s.sive and rich.

However, this divine spring did not flow – the water was dead and stagnant.

As time pa.s.sed by, its effect would naturally worsen.

Of course, even if the water was stagnant, this was still a primordial divine spring!

It was definitely a rare treasure!

This primordial divine spring was definitely related to why the Metal Devouring Gu possessed such strong regeneration capabilities!

“Let’s go.”

Night Spirit said, “With this primordial divine spring, our injuries will heal quickly.”

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