Chapter 1133: Extinct Race

Su Zimo looked at the corpse of the Metal Devouring Gu and mulled for a moment before waving his sleeves to put it away.

Although the Metal Devouring Gu was dead and its blood qi was drained, its body was still extremely strong.

For example, the front claws of the Metal Devouring Gu were rare divine weapons even without refinement!

A month pa.s.sed.

The miasma in that area had already dissipated.

Most of it was incinerated by the Samadhi Dao Fire. The Ten Thousand Gu Swamp was now a thing of the past and Gu worms would no longer trouble the North Region.

Su Zimo and Night Spirit returned.

Although Su Zimo was curious and confused about the taboo mentioned by the Metal Devouring Gu, he did not take the initiative to ask.

He respected Night Spirit.

If Night Spirit did not say anything, he would not take the initiative to ask.

Before long, Night Spirit chose to bring it up.

“Actually, my memories are incomplete as well,”

He hesitated for a moment. “However, I know that in the primordial era, the extinction of my race was closely related to the Primordial Nine Races!”

“When I see the Rakshasa, G.o.d and Witch race beings, hatred and killing intent will arise in the depths of my memories!”

“It’s the hatred of them exterminating my race!”

Night Spirit’s gaze was cold and his tone was sinister.

At the mention of the Rakshasa, G.o.d and Witch race, the killing intent he exuded made even Su Zimo’s heart skip a beat!

However, immediately after, Night Spirit’s eyes revealed a hint of sadness as he murmured softly, “I can sense that my clansmen are all dead. My father and mother are also dead.”

“I no longer have any clansmen in this world,”

Others might not be able to understand Night Spirit’s loneliness.

Su Zimo did not dare to imagine how tragic it would be if he was the only human left in Tianhuang Mainland.

He might not be able to withstand it and break down completely.

Night Spirit had always been cold to others and it was rare to see such complicated emotions from him.

Su Zimo patted him on the shoulder and consoled him softly, “Perhaps you no longer have any blood-related clansmen by your side. However, you still have us. Monkey, the spirit tiger and all of us… we’re your brothers!”

“That’s right.”

Night Spirit nodded. “I still have you guys. That’s the reason why I don’t dare to expose my race and reveal my true form to others. My enemies are the Rakshasa, G.o.d and Witch race. There might even be others as well. I…”

He did not continue.

However, Su Zimo could tell that Night Spirit was worried about implicating them.

“We’re sworn brothers,”

Su Zimo’s gaze was resolute as he smiled. “Even if your enemies are the Rakshasa, G.o.d and Witch race, we will stand by your side even against the Primordial Nine Races!”

“Even if the entire world is your enemy, we will fight alongside you!”

Clenching his fists tightly, Night Spirit pursed his lips and nodded heavily.

Although he had become sworn brothers with Su Zimo and the others all these years, he was worried about personal gains and losses and was mentally stressed.

He loved spending time with Su Zimo and the others.

However, he was worried that he would bring disaster to his brothers!

After untying the knot in his heart, Night Spirit was much more spirited.

Now that the Gu worm trouble was resolved, the two of them headed towards Great Zhou, chatting and laughing. There was no need to hurry.

A month ago.

The North Region was met with the Gu worm calamity and was lifeless. Corpses that were harmed by the Gu worms could be seen everywhere.

But now, along the way, the two of them could clearly sense that the North Region was gradually recovering its vitality!

Everything was starting to get better.

When they pa.s.sed by a city, the two of them even b.u.mped into cultivators of the Great Zhou who were here to cast a rain spell to release a divine rain that could resolve the Gu worm calamity.

“It’s all thanks to Xiaoning this time round,”

When he saw that, Su Zimo could not help but smile.


Night Spirit nodded. “Xiaoning has saved countless people over the years.”


Su Zimo glanced sideways and asked curiously, “By the way, how did you guys survive the past hundred years?”

It had been more than a hundred years since they parted ways in Myriad Phenomenon City.

All these years, Xiaoning had not returned to the Middle Continent.

That was the reason why Su Zimo did not see Xiaoning and Night Spirit when he reunited with Little Fatty, Leng Rou and the others at the Thousand Crane Tea Party 10 years ago.

Night Spirit replied, “She’s been saving people.”

“Saving people?”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

Night Spirit said, “She paid her respects to Su Hong. After leaving Ping Yang Town, she roamed the North Region. Every time she pa.s.sed by a place, she would settle down temporarily and try her best to treat the patients there.”

“Given her status as a disciple of Elixir Yang Sect and the legacy of Elixir Pool Sect, it’s naturally not difficult for her to treat mortals.”

“Her rescue deeds went on for more than a hundred years. Over the years, we traveled to countless places and lost count of how many mortals she saved.”

Night Spirit recounted everything with a calm tone.

However, Su Zimo’s heart ached when he heard that.

Su Hong’s death had an even greater impact on Xiaoning than he had imagined!

Xiaoning did not manage to save Su Hong in time. In fact, she did not even manage to be by his side before he died – this was a regret that she could not let go.

For the past hundred years, Xiaoning had been saving people.

This was also a form of salvation for her.

In reality, the mortals that Xiaoning saved were merely a reflection of Su Hong!

She was using this method to make up for her regrets.

Su Hong’s death did not only affect Xiaoning but Su Zimo as well.

To be precise, the reason why Su Zimo wanted to establish his Dao and allow everyone to cultivate and become an immortal was because he could not do anything when he saw Su Hong grow old!

He had never thought about saving the

All he wanted was for the people around him to live well.

If possible, he wanted to give everyone a chance.

A chance for them to change their fates!

Finally, Night Spirit smiled with a look of admiration. “In the cultivation world, you might be famous for your Desolate Martial t.i.tle. However, Xiaoning is much more famous than you among the mortals of the North Region.”

“It was also thankful that Xiaoning intervened for the calamity of the Witch Gu this time round. Otherwise, who knows how much of a catastrophe it would have caused.”

Su Zimo lamented as well.

If there was truly any merit in this world,

This was supreme merit!

The Buddhist sutras said that saving a life was better than building a seven-storied paG.o.da.

Xiaoning’s merit was immeasurable!

Right then, a gigantic ancient city appeared before them.

The city was bustling with people and carriages.

In a corner of the city, a group of people were gathered. In the middle was an old man in a long robe with a scholarly crown on his head. He had a rosy complexion and was leaning against a chair.

The old man pressed his left hand against a wooden block and waved his folding fan with his right. He spoke with a fluent voice and the surrounding mortals were entranced.

When Su Zimo caught sight of the old man, he could not help but exclaim softly.

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