Chapter 1134: Killing Intent

“On the other hand, Dao Being Lone Soul had an evil nature. Upon his return, he released many ferocious Gu worms that wreaked havoc upon the As a result, disaster befell and many living beings died!”

The old man’s tone was sinister. “If the Gu worms were allowed to wreak havoc, the entire land will be turned into a tomb with all the races buried together, let alone this city!”


A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

It was clear that the old man was proficient in his craft and was able to manipulate the emotions of the Upon his narration, many people felt as though they experienced the events personally.

“What should we do?”

Someone in the crowd could not help but ask.

The old man was neither hurried nor slow as his left hand slammed down. With a bang, he changed the topic. “At this critical moment, a woman stood out!”

“This woman is practically the reincarnation of a medical immortal. She has miraculous hands that can bring spring back to life. Without resting, she spent countless efforts to refine elixirs and integrate them into the rain, sending down a divine rain to save the world…”

Through the old man’s description, the Witch Gu calamity was filled with ups and downs that tugged at one’s heartstrings.

Of course, the old man did not say much about the battle of Ethereal Peak and the capital of Great Zhou. He merely mentioned it briefly.

After a long time, he stroked his long beard and nodded with a smile, fanning himself with a relaxed expression.

However, discussions broke out in the crowd.

“So that’s the case. No wonder there was a sudden rainfall a few days ago. So, it was because of this immortal doctor.”

“That’s right. My neighbor, Little Six, was about to die. I personally witnessed him recovering upon drinking a few mouthfuls of the rainwater. He’s practically filled with life right now!”

Everyone discussed excitedly.

“Pfft, what immortal doctor? You make it sound so mysterious.”

Someone in the crowd harrumphed in disdain.

“What did you say?!”

Everyone glared at him angrily.

That person was shocked.

He had not expected such a huge reaction from a casual remark.

Looking at everyone’s expressions, they wanted nothing more than to tear him apart!

“It’s just that the storyteller’s mouth is full of nonsense. How can he be serious?” The person gulped and was already feeling guilty as his voice turned softer.

“How is it not true?!”

Someone immediately shouted, “Everything else aside, there’s no way the immortal doctor isn’t real!”

“That’s right.”

Another person said, “The immortal doctor came here before and saved many people. We saw it with our own eyes. Only the immortal doctor can possess such methods with such a benevolent heart!”

Everyone spoke one after another without any doubt.

That person’s face was pale and he could only leave dejectedly.

Just as everyone was about to continue listening, they realized that the old storyteller had already disappeared.

n.o.body saw how the old man left and where he went.

In the sky.

The old man sat leisurely on the clouds.

Su Zimo hurried forward and bowed. “I’m Desolate Martial. Greetings, senior.”

This old man was none other than the one he had seen in the capital of Great Zhou more than a hundred years ago, the one who singlehandedly defended against a dragon!

“Senior, why are you here?”

Su Zimo could not help but ask out of curiosity.

This old man was from Enigma Palace.

The behavior of those from Enigma Palace was strange.

Given the old man’s cultivation and combat strength, he was already at the peak of Tianhuang Mainland. But yet, he was fooling around in the mortal world, appearing within a city of the North Region. In fact, he even told stories with a straight face.

“How was my narration?”

The old man asked with a smile.


Su Zimo laughed as well.

The old man nodded. “Actually, there’s nothing bad about spreading the affairs of the cultivation world. It’s especially the case for someone like Su Xiaoning. With her merits, she deserves to be remembered by the!”

Such a thing would be recorded in the history books of the cultivation world.

However, mortals would rarely have the chance to come into contact with them.

The old man roamed the North Region and spread the news like a storyteller.

If these stories were to be pa.s.sed down, there might still be people who would remember them after many years.

The old man’s expression turned serious. “I was initially in seclusion, but I had a sudden impulse. When I came out of seclusion, I realized that the North Region was filled with resentment and was lifeless.”

“I knew that something major had happened in the North Region so I hurried over. By the time I arrived, you guys had already settled it. That’s good.”

The old man smiled and asked, “Actually, you played a huge role in the Witch Gu calamity as well. However, do you know why I didn’t mention you earlier on?”

Su Zimo shook his head.

The old man looked at Su Zimo with deep antic.i.p.ation in his eyes. “That’s because you have even greater merit! You’re Desolate Martial who wishes to establish the Dao for the! That’s the true fortune of the and the human race!”

“Don’t worry, senior. I’ll definitely do my best and not let you down!”

Su Zimo cupped his fists with a resolute gaze.

“Good, good, good!”

The old man nodded and said, “I’ll wait for that day!”

Pausing for a moment, the old man’s gaze s.h.i.+fted and landed on Night Spirit.

His pupils suddenly constricted.

“Is this the black dog that was by your side back then?”

The old man suddenly asked.


Su Zimo replied.

Enigma Palace was known to be able to divine the mysteries of the world and leave nothing out. Naturally, such a thing could not be hidden from the old man before him.

It did not matter as long as the old man could not recognize Night Spirit’s race.

Just as Su Zimo was deep in thought, the old man suddenly said a word that shocked the world!

Su Zimo was stricken and jumped in shock.

Night Spirit’s gaze turned cold and he almost attacked the old man uncontrollably!


The old man suddenly said that word.

Su Zimo’s expression changed starkly.

Even though Night Spirit did not reveal his true form, his ident.i.ty was still exposed by the old man!

Back when Night Spirit was still the black dog, even the old man could not tell his background.

But now, he was exposed.

“As expected of a primordial taboo. Your killing intent is way too strong,”

The old man’s tone was calm and emotionless as he chuckled. “You actually wanted to attack me after I exposed your ident.i.ty? Heh!”

Night Spirit was expressionless and merely looked at the old man coldly.

In Night Spirit’s heart, apart from Su Zimo and a few others, there was nothing that could not be killed!

“Senior, Night Spirit…”

Su Zimo had just spoken when he was interrupted by the old man.

The old man said, “You don’t have to worry. As long as he doesn’t reveal his true form, not many people will be able to see through his background.”

“However… ”

He changed the topic and looked deeply at Night Spirit. Without continuing, he flicked his sleeves and left, saying indifferently, “Good luck.”

In the blink of an eye, the old man vanished.

It was only now that Su Zimo and Night Spirit heaved a sigh of relief.

Unknowingly, both of them broke out in cold sweat.

It was only then that Su Zimo realized what was going on.

The moment he knew of Night Spirit’s background, the old man’s killing intent was definitely triggered as well!

The Void Reversion Night Spirit was someone that even the old man of Enigma Palace was wary of. In fact, he even wanted to kill Night Spirit!

If Night Spirit dared to attack, he would have been a corpse by now!

However, later on, the old man seemed to have thought of something and held back without attacking.

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