Chapter 1137: Yuwen Wushuang

“It’s nothing much,”

The Golden Lion lowered his head and wanted to continue forward, but Su Zimo grabbed him.

“What’s going on?”

He glared at the Golden Lion and his tone turned heavier.

The Golden Lion did not dare to meet Su Zimo’s gaze and merely said in a low, m.u.f.fled voice, “I merely lost a fight against someone because I’m weaker.”

Although the Golden Lion’s words were simple, Su Zimo knew that there must be more to it than meets the eye!

Otherwise, the Golden Lion would not have such an expression.

In the depths of his eyes, he was conflicted and clearly had something on his mind.

“Who did it?”

Night Spirit’s gaze was cold and his tone was murderous!

Ever since Night Spirit was born in Ethereal Peak, he had no clansmen.

He had always viewed Su Zimo and the others as his kin.

Although the Golden Lion only knew him later on, they had fought side by side before and were sworn brothers!

Now that the Golden Lion was severely injured, Night Spirit’s killing intent was triggered!

At their cultivation realm, coupled with the fact that the Golden Lion was a pure-blooded ferocious beast with a powerful bloodline, his regeneration capabilities were shocking.

Even if someone broke his leg, he would recover after resting for a period of time!

But now, the Golden Lion was limping and was already crippled. One could imagine how badly his leg was injured back then!

The Golden Lion hung his head slightly in silence.

However, Su Zimo and the others could tell the struggle in the Golden Lion’s eyes!

“Seven, what are you afraid of? What can’t you say?”

Frowning, Night Spirit asked again.

“It’s not that I can’t say it. It’s useless even if I do.”

The Golden Lion laughed bitterly. “I know that you guys want to help me, but… let’s forget about this matter.”

“Are you afraid of implicating us?”

Su Zimo raised his brow. “Tell me first, who is the other party and what is his background?”


The Golden Lion hesitated for a moment. When he thought of that person, endless rage surged in his eyes. Finally, he could not hold it in any longer and grit his teeth. “He’s from the Yuwen Clan!”

“Yuwen Clan?”

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent. “Yuwen of the four gentry cultivation clans?”

In the North Region, there were four gentry clans that were comparable to the ten upper sects of the North Region. They were strong and had deep foundations.

During the fight at the Great Qian Ruins, Su Zimo had interacted with these sects and factions.

“That’s right!”

The Golden Lion nodded and said hatefully, “Ke Ke and I stayed in Wild Lion Ridge for a hundred years peacefully. Ten years ago, I heard about the news of First in the Middle Continent’s Thousand Crane Tea Party. Because I missed you guys, I discussed with Ke Ke and we prepared to head to the Middle Continent to look for you guys.”

“However, not long after we left the Wild Lion Ridge, we encountered that person—Yuwen Wushuang!”

At the mention of this person, besides anger and hatred, there was also fear and helplessness in the Golden Lion’s eyes.

“Ke Ke is a variant of the Golden Lion clan and is special with an entirely pure gold body. When Yuwen Wushuang caught sight of Ke Ke, he had thoughts of taking her as his mount,”

The Golden Lion paused for a moment and sighed softly. “He’s too strong! Although we were both at the Void Reversion realm, we lasted less than ten moves against him despite our combined strength.”

At that point, Su Zimo and Night Spirit looked calm.

Void Reversions were no longer a threat to them!

Nian Qi said naturally, “There’s no need to worry about Void Reversions. With Young Master around, we can s.n.a.t.c.h Ke Ke back at any time.”

The Golden Lion laughed bitterly again, shaking his head and saying, “You all didn’t fight him, so you don’t know how powerful he is.”

“If First hadn’t been crippled by a Half-Martial Ancestor, he might be able to win over him. Now that First has lost his physique and utmost treasures like the Divine Phoenix Bone and Creation Green Lotus, he’s definitely no match for him.”

During the battle at the capital of Great Zhou, the cultivators of the three dynasties either died or were injured. Those who survived had already submitted to Ji Yaoxue.

In the battle of Ethereal Peak, all the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect were wiped out.

These two battles were not seen by outsiders.

The cultivators of the North Region had only received some vague news and knew that Dao Being Desolate Martial had returned. However, not many people knew the details of the two battles.

The outside world still thought that Dao Being Desolate Martial had fallen from grace and was now no different from the

Even the Golden Lion felt the same way.

After all, many cultivators had witnessed a Half-Martial Ancestor crippling his body and shattering his Creation Green Lotus.

The Golden Lion said, “This Yuwen Wushuang is known as the number one genius in the history of the Yuwen Clan. His talent is heaven-defying, and he is blessed with luck. He has obtained countless immortal encounters and is known as the number one Dao Being in the North Region!”

“Oh, in that case, he does have some ability.”

Su Zimo nodded and said indifferently.

One of the immortal sects, Gla.s.s Palace, was located in the North Region. The fact that Yuwen Wushuang could be called the number one Dao Being in the North Region meant that his combat strength surpa.s.sed many of Gla.s.s Palace’s successors!

This was indeed not easy.

However, those t.i.tles were nothing to Su Zimo.

Who were the Void Reversions that died in his hands ten years ago?

They were the t.i.tular disciples of the super sects!

What happened to Di Yin whom people claimed was comparable to the Human Emperor?

No matter how strong Yuwen Wushuang was, could he compare to Di Yin?

Su Zimo did not explain and asked again, “What happened after that? He broke your legs after abducting Ke Ke?”


The Golden Lion shook his head. “Back then, I was severely injured and nearly lost my life. Thankfully, a treasure I obtained in the ancient battlefield saved my life.”

“When I woke up, Yuwen Wushuang had already left.”

“Half a year later, I recovered from my injuries and snuck into the Yuwen Clan. However, Yuwen Wushuang saw me and suppressed me. If Ke Ke hadn’t pleaded for me, I would have died nine years ago.”

At the mention of this, the Golden Lion’s eyes still carried indescribable pain.

Not many people would be able to bear watching their beloved plead for them in front of their enemies.

The Golden Lion gritted his teeth and said, “Yuwen Wushuang said that while I can avoid death, I can’t avoid punishment! In order to teach me a lesson, he broke all the bones in my right leg and crushed them into fingernail-sized pieces!”

“He even cut my hamstring into pieces!”

At this point, the Golden Lion’s voice was trembling. His eyes were bloodshot and his expression was filled with hatred, as though he had returned to that night nine years ago!

He would never be able to forget how Yuwen Wushuang had stepped on him and looked down at him from above.

He would never be able to forget the disdain and ridicule in Yuwen Wushuang’s eyes.

He would never be able to forget Yuwen Wushuang’s devilish voice.

Little lion, I want you to remember forever not to provoke me! This time, I will only cripple one of your legs as a reminder… Next time, I will break all the bones in your body piece by piece!

He would never be able to forget how Ke Ke knelt beside Yuwen Wushuang’s feet and wept loudly, begging for forgiveness.

This scene was like a sharp blade that was stabbed into his chest. The pain was unbearable!

The nine years of heart-wrenching pain tortured this heroic man until he was afraid of everything. He no longer had the spirit he had in the past.

Nian Qi’s eyes were red as she turned her head away, unable to bear to look at the Golden Lion.

With a cold expression, Su Zimo patted the Golden Lion’s arm gently and said in an icy voice, “Stop talking. We’re leaving tomorrow. Follow me to the North Region Dao Meet!”

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