Chapter 1138: Chance Encounter

Early the next morning, Su Zimo and the others bade farewell to the old immortal crane and left Ethereal Peak.

There were not many people in their group for this trip.

There was only Su Zimo, Night Spirit, the Golden Lion and Nian Qi.

Actually, Su Zimo did not intend to bring Nian Qi along. However, he could not withstand her coaxing and pestering.

On second thought, Nian Qi had half of the G.o.d race’s bloodline after all. Now that she had stepped into the Void Reversion realm, she should be able to protect herself against Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Furthermore, there was still him and Night Spirit.

They boarded a spirit vessel controlled by Night Spirit and soon disappeared from Ethereal Peak.

Not long after he left, the Golden Lion felt a little uneasy.

“First, Night Spirit, I know that you guys want to help me and can’t take this lying down. However, there are many experts gathered at the North Region Dao Meet. You guys can’t risk your lives for me!”

The Golden Lion said with a troubled expression, “Yuwen Wushuang is backed by the Yuwen Clan, which is on good terms with other sects and factions. The four of us have no chance of winning.”

“Furthermore, I heard that there will be many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords gathered at the North Region Dao Meet. Let’s not go.”

“Seven, why have you become so timid?”

Night Spirit teased.

The Golden Lion’s face turned red, quickly arguing, “It’s not that I’m timid. It’s nothing even if I lose my life. However, I’m worried about implicating you guys…”

“Don’t think too much,”

Su Zimo waved his hand. “I’m not going to the North Region Dao Meet just for you. I have other things to do.”


The Golden Lion was stunned.

Su Zimo explained, “The cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect interfered in the Witch Gu calamity a year ago. They haven’t been accountable for that matter just yet.”

“Also, I have a deep grudge against Dao Being Xuan Yu of Gla.s.s Palace. I’m going to see if I can into him. Even if you weren’t involved, I’d still head to the North Region Dao Meet.”

The Golden Lion seemed to be still worried and said, “First, you must be careful when we arrive at the North Region Dao Meet. Don’t be reckless.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Su Zimo smiled calmly.

After pondering for a moment, the Golden Lion reverted to his true form on the spirit vessel. He shrank continuously until he was almost half a person tall.

The originally majestic and ferocious Golden Lion now looked like a harmless pet.

The reason why the Golden Lion did this was because he was worried he might bring Su Zimo unnecessary trouble.

That was because after cultivating to fiend demons, they could take on human form and it was difficult for cultivators to see through their flaws.

Therefore, in the cultivation world, if fiend demons were discovered in human form, they would be surrounded and killed by cultivators immediately!

It was not hard to imagine how terrifying it was to have a fiend demon in human form sandwiched between many cultivators.

All the cultivators would subconsciously a.s.sume that this fiend demon had ulterior motives!

If a fiend demon were to transform into his true form and shrink to the size of a pet, other cultivators would know that the fiend demon was a cultivator’s mount or spirit pet.

If it was 10 years ago, the Golden Lion would not have cared about such minor details.

Su Zimo would not have minded either.

However, the Golden Lion had experienced too much in the past ten years and had become extremely cautious.

He was afraid that Su Zimo and Night Spirit would suffer a calamity because of him and leave his side just like Ke Ke.

Night Spirit opened his mouth slightly, as though he wanted to say something but held it back.

Both he and Su Zimo knew that the Golden Lion had already developed a knot in its heart. Even if others tried to persuade it, it would be useless.

The only way to resolve this mental knot was through Yuwen Wushuang!

Night Spirit controlled the spirit vessel and sped for an entire day and night before leaving the territory of Great Zhou.

After the Great Zhou Dynasty annexed the Great Xia, Great Shang and Great You dynasties, its territory was many times larger than before!

Of course, the Great Zhou Dynasty was far from being able to be called an empire.

Its strength was far inferior compared to the Great Qian Empire 10,000 years ago.

That was because there were no super sects in the territory of Great Zhou!

Not to mention super sects, there weren’t even any factions like the ten upper sects, aristocratic families or gentry clans.

In the past, there were two super sects in the Great Qian Empire!

To be called an empire, one had to possess absolute dominance in a major region – the Great Zhou Dynasty was far from that.

The moment the spirit vessel left the territory of Great Zhou, a spirit vessel appeared not far away from them. It was leaving Great Zhou as well and sped alongside the spirit vessel of Su Zimo and the others.

The spirit vessel was majestic and domineering – it was clearly extraordinary.

Compared to the spirit vessel opposite, the spirit vessel that Su Zimo and the others sat on was much more simple and crude.

Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to the gigantic spirit vessel opposite him.

There were six people at the bow, three youngsters – two male and one female. Behind the three youngsters were two middle-aged men.

The gigantic spirit vessel was controlled by another old man in plain clothes.

The old man looked ordinary.

However, Su Zimo was sharp and experienced. He had interacted with cultivators like that too many times. Even without using his spirit consciousness, he could sense that the old man was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

It was not only the old man. Even the two middle-aged men behind the three youngsters were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

It was quite rare to meet three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in this vicinity.

Su Zimo thought of something and narrowed his eyes.

His gaze landed on the three youngsters.

There were two men and one woman.

The two men were at the Nascent Soul realm while the woman was at the Void Reversion realm.

Wearing brocade robes, the two men were handsome and looked extremely n.o.ble.

The woman in the middle was beautiful and dignified. She wore a moon-white Dao robe and was tall with a voluptuous figure. Her black hair was like ink that hung down her head and swayed gently.

A few strands of black hair brushed past that elegant and refined face, contrasting her pensive expression.

The three of them had unique auras and Su Zimo already had a guess about their backgrounds.

At that moment, the six people on the gigantic spirit vessel noticed Su Zimo as well.

The old man was focused on the spirit vessel the entire time and did not turn back.

The two Dharma Characteristic middle-aged men merely glanced at Su Zimo and the others. When they realized that they were only Void Reversions, they did not pay much attention and retracted their gazes.

On the other hand, the beautiful woman’s gaze lingered.

Her eyes swept past Su Zimo’s group of four before landing on him. Turning around, she cupped her fists with a smile and asked loudly, “Fellow Daoist, where are you going?”

“North Region Dao Meet.”

Su Zimo replied.


The beautiful woman chuckled and invited with a sincere expression, “That’s great, we’re going to the North Region Dao Meet as well. Why don’t we travel together? How about taking a seat on our vessel?”

Night Spirit pouted in disapproval.

The four of them were close and naturally did not want to bother about strangers.

Night Spirit had just opened his mouth and was about to reject when Su Zimo laughed and agreed readily. “Sure.”

A look of doubt flashed through the eyes of Night Spirit and the other two.

This did not seem like Su Zimo’s style.

However, the three of them realized that there must be a reason for this and decided to wait and see.

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