Chapter 1139: This Person Isn’t Simple

Su Zimo’s group of four descended on the gigantic spirit vessel.

The spirit vessel was extremely st.u.r.dy and there were many formation patterns etched on its surface – it was obvious that it was created by a master.

It was even more on the spirit vessel where many of the structures were made of pure gold.

On the bow was a sandalwood table with many spirit fruits and immortal peaches on it. There was even a steaming pot of fragrant tea.

“Fellow Daoist, please take a seat.”

The beautiful woman did not look at anyone else and merely extended an invitation to Su Zimo.

She knew what was going on.

Although this was just their first meeting, she could roughly guess the hierarchy between the four of them.

Among the four of them, the green-robed cultivator was clearly the leader.

Although the golden-haired girl behind the green-robed cultivator was good-looking, she followed the green-robed cultivator the entire time and was half an status beneath him – she should be a maidservant.

That Golden Lion should be the green-robed cultivator’s spirit pet or mount.

The Golden Lion was a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

Not everyone could subdue a Golden Lion of the Void Reversion realm.

As for the black-robed man, there was a high chance that he was also a servant since he was the one controlling the spirit vessel previously.

In the cultivation world, it was normal to have some servants at the Void Reversion realm.

After all, it was impossible for Void Reversions to cultivate spirit herbs, raise spirit beasts or deal with trivial matters personally.

In reality, although her guess was a little different, she was not wrong in her judgment.

Indeed, Su Zimo was the leader of the four.

Su Zimo did not decline and sat down. He looked around and praised, “Fellow Daoist, this spirit vessel is truly not bad.”

He sat there and enjoyed the warm breeze, eating immortal fruits and drinking hot tea. He enjoyed the scenery of the majestic mountains and rivers.

When the two men saw Su Zimo’s expression, a look of disdain flashed through their eyes.

“I wonder where this country b.u.mpkin came from. How did he manage to cultivate to the Void Reversion realm if he had never even seen a spirit vessel as such before?”

Both of them sneered internally.

Despite their contempt, the two of them did not care much and sat down without saying anything.

To be fair, both of them were at the Nascent Soul realm and it was somewhat abrupt for them to sit together with a Void Reversion.

The beautiful woman frowned slightly but did not say anything.

Naturally, Su Zimo could not be bothered.

The same way the beautiful woman sized up the four of them, he had long seen through the group of them as well!

Although the three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords had the highest cultivation, their status was beneath the three youngsters.

Among the three youngsters, the two men were clearly more simpleminded and looked like playboys from the royal family.

The woman before him was elegant and dignified with an outstanding aura.

“How should I address you, Fellow Daoist?”

The beautiful woman asked with a smile.

Su Zimo replied, “My surname is Su,”

The beautiful woman was stunned for a moment before feeling relieved.

In the cultivation world, it was normal for strangers to not tell each other their full or real names. After all, one had to be wary of others.

The beautiful woman was tactful and did not continue asking. She merely raised a cup of fragrant tea and said with a smile, “I’m You Lan, Brother Su. It’s fate that I was able to meet you here in the North Region. Here, I’ll use tea as a replacement for wine and offer you a toast.”

Unknowingly, the woman called You Lan changed her way of addressing Su Zimo, from Fellow Daoist to Brother Su.

The distance between the two of them seemed to have closed up as well.

“You’re welcome, Fellow Daoist.”

Su Zimo replied indifferently. He raised his teacup and drank it in one gulp.

You Lan smiled and asked, “Brother Su, you have an extraordinary bearing. You must be from some major sect, right?”

Although she seemed to be praising him, in reality, she was also trying to find out more about Su Zimo.

“I’m just an itinerant cultivator.”

Su Zimo shook his head and smiled.

That was indeed the truth. A hundred years ago, he had already left Ethereal Peak when he offended Gla.s.s Palace and traveled to the Middle Continent.

You Lan stared at Su Zimo with her beautiful eyes. When she saw that the latter was calm and did not seem to be faking it, she was slightly relieved.

When the two men heard that Su Zimo was an itinerant cultivator, their contempt intensified and they pursed their lips instinctively.

The two men no longer paid attention to Su Zimo.

Instead, their gazes would drift behind Su Zimo from time to time to look at the slender, golden-haired girl.

There was a strange glint in their eyes.

Glancing at You Lan, Su Zimo suddenly asked, “Where are you from, Fellow Daoist?”

You Lan’s expression was a little dejected as she shook her head and sighed. “My family fell and was destroyed by my enemies. Sigh… there’s no point mentioning it.”


Su Zimo asked curiously, “What enemies?”

You Lan hesitated for a moment and looked into Su Zimo’s clear eyes. After a long time, she made up her mind and said slowly, “To be honest, I…”


Right then, a violent cough sounded from the bow of the vessel, interrupting You Lan.

The old man who was initially controlling the spirit vessel stood up unsteadily and lamented, “I’m getting old. Sigh! My body can’t take it anymore after controlling the spirit vessel for a while.”

He staggered towards them.

You Lan stood up hurriedly with a concerned expression.


She smiled apologetically at Su Zimo, supported the old man and left the table, heading towards the cabin.

Su Zimo smiled faintly.

The old man was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord. Although he was already in his twilight years, he was far from being this weak!

The reason why that scene unfolded was because the old man did not want You Lan to continue.

You Lan instantly understood the old man’s intentions and supported him to leave temporarily.

This sort of trick could be hidden from those who were inexperienced.

For example, the two men in brocade robes at the table were gorging themselves and did not seem to have noticed anything.

However, it was useless against Su Zimo.

He remained silent and observed the situation.

The moment they returned to the cabin and closed the door, You Lan frowned and said softly, “Uncle Zheng, if there’s anything, you can just send a voice transmission with your spirit consciousness. Why did you have to do this?”

The old man straightened his back and regained his rosy complexion. He was hale and hearty and did not look old at all!

Uncle Zheng shook his head. “Princess, please don’t take offense. If I use a spirit consciousness transmission, there will definitely be spirit consciousness fluctuation. There’s a chance that lad might be able to sense it.”

“There’s an array formation in this cabin that can isolate spirit consciousness and sound. It’s only safe to speak here.”

You Lan nodded and did not harp on this matter. She asked, “Why did you interrupt me, Uncle Zheng?”

“We only met by chance with that person. Are you really going to reveal your background?”

Uncle Zheng asked in a deep voice with a grim expression.

You Lan nodded. “Although Fellow Daoist Su is at the Void Reversion realm, he has an extraordinary bearing. If we can befriend him and gain his trust, it might be a great help to our revival!”

“What can an itinerant cultivator at the Void Reversion realm help us with?”

The old man did not think much of it. “Princess, don’t think that he’s so great just because he has a Golden Lion mount. I noticed that the Golden Lion is crippled. It’s nothing special.”

“Uncle Zheng, believe me.”

You Lan had a resolute expression. “My judgment of people is not wrong. This person is not simple!”

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