Chapter 1140: Royalty of the Three Dynasties

On the bow.

Not long after You Lan supported the old man and left, Night Spirit, whose head was initially lowered and was silent, flickered his eyes as though he sensed something.

“First, that You Lan person is a princess,”

Night Spirit used his spirit consciousness to send a voice transmission to Su Zimo.

There was indeed an array formation above the cabin that could isolate spirit consciousness and sound. In fact, even Su Zimo could not hear the conversation between You Lan and the other person.

However, Night Spirit could hear it!


Su Zimo replied without any surprise.

“You knew about it long ago, First?” Night Spirit asked in surprise.

Su Zimo smiled gently and sent a voice transmission, “You Lan is a princess while the other two are princes. If I’m not wrong, the three of them should be from the Great You, Great Xia and Great Shang dynasties!”


Night Spirit was even more surprised.

Su Zimo explained, “This spirit vessel is and graceful. It’s filled with jewels and treasures. If you take a closer look, you’ll see many features of the royal family. Furthermore, the way the three of them sit and walk is different from ordinary cultivators. Only those from the royal family would possess such characteristics.”

After pondering for a moment, Night Spirit came to a realization.

When he saw the three of them, he felt that there was something familiar about them.

It turned out that the three of them were similar to Ji Yaoxue in that they came from royalty.

“That’s not all.”

Su Zimo continued, “This spirit vessel came from the Great Zhou Dynasty’s territory and there are three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords on it. The only factions in the Great Zhou Dynasty that have three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords are the three dynasties.”

Prior to this, he was already curious.

Normally, the three dynasties should have Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords guarding them.

However, after the three dynasties were destroyed, the three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords disappeared without a trace.

To think that they had hidden themselves alongside the bloodline of the royal families of the three dynasties! Right now, they seemed to be heading to the North Region Dao Meet with a motive.

The three dynasties were destroyed by the Great Zhou. To a certain extent, the bloodline of the three dynasties posed a threat to Ji Yaoxue!

“First, should we…”

When Night Spirit knew of their ident.i.ties, his tone suddenly turned sinister.

“Let’s wait a little longer and see what plans they have.”

Su Zimo shook his head gently.

If these people cultivated peacefully from now on and did not interfere in the fight between the dynasties, there was no need for him to kill them all.

Su Zimo and Night Spirit were communicating through spirit consciousness.

On the other side, the two princes were also communicating through their spirit consciousnesses. After a long time, they exchanged glances and revealed sinister smiles.

“Miss, stop standing. Come and sit as well.”

The slightly plump brocade-robed man narrowed his eyes and greeted with a chuckle, sizing Nian Qi up brazenly.

Nian Qi merely glanced at that person indifferently without saying anything or moving.

He was one of the princes of Great Shang and had seen countless women.

However, those women were nothing compared to the girl before him!

Not only was the prince not enraged by Nian Qi’s cold and handsome appearance, he was even more tempted.

Earlier on, he had already discussed with the prince of Great Xia beside him on how to take down this girl!

In the worst case scenario, they would have the two Imperial Advisors kill the green-robed cultivator!

The two Imperial Advisors were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords after all and stood right behind them.

When the prince of Great Xia saw that Nian Qi did not react, he chuckled and stood up. Extending his palm, he grabbed Nian Qi’s wrist and said, “Don’t be shy. Come and sit.”


Initially, Su Zimo was communicating through spirit consciousness with Night Spirit.

The moment he caught sight of the prince of Great Xia extending his arm, Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold instantly!

Right away, the temperature of the entire vessel dipped!

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen!

Initially, the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords standing at the side merely frowned slightly at the sight.

Suddenly, both of them shuddered and gasped!


The killing intent that the green-robed cultivator exuded made both of them shudder!

If that was the case for Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, it was even worse for the princes of Great Shang and Great Xia who were merely at the Nascent Soul realm and were weaker.

Instantly, their bodies turned extremely stiff and their expressions froze as well. Their eyes were filled with shock and their hairs stood on end!

It was as though they were about to face a calamity the next moment!

Who was Su Zimo?

How many people had he killed?

What sort of people had he killed?

Even ordinary Void Reversions would not be able to withstand his killing intent, let alone Nascent Souls!

It was even possible for cowards to be scared to death on the spot!

“You better retract your claws,”

Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to the prince of Great Xia and he said indifferently, “Unless you don’t want them anymore.”

His tone was extremely calm.

However, it sent chills down one’s spine!

Almost without hesitation, as though it was an instinct to avoid danger, the prince of Great Xia retracted his arm and retreated a few steps, hiding behind a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

Cling! Clang!

The prince of Great Shang stood up hurriedly. In his panic, he b.u.mped into his seat and made a sound.

His face was pale and his legs went limp. He nearly fell to the ground and scrambled to hide behind another Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

“I-I-Imperial Advisor, h-he wants to kill me!”

The voice of the prince of Great Shang trembled slightly with a shocked expression.

The two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords no longer cared about shame when they saw how useless their princes were.

Both of them had grim expressions and fixed their gazes on Su Zimo.

“Fellow Daoist, what’s the meaning of this?”

One of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords took a deep breath and composed himself once more, his gaze turning sharp.

He was at the Dharma Characteristic realm after all.

The green-robed cultivator before him was only at the Void Reversion realm.

They might have been imagining things earlier on.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Right then, not far away, the door of the cabin opened and You Lan and the old man at the helm walked out, asking loudly.

Initially, You Lan was chatting with Uncle Zheng. However, she realized that something had happened at the bow of the vessel and hurried over.

“You Lan, you came at the right time.”

The prince of Great Xia mustered his courage and said, “This impertinent Su tried to rebel and actually wanted to kill us!”


You Lan’s expression did not change as she asked, “Why did he try to kill you?”


The prince of Great Xia was stumped momentarily.

It was way too embarra.s.sing to mention that he harbored ill intentions towards the maidservant.

The prince of Great Shang braced himself and declared loudly, “No matter what, he has committed a grave sin by wanting to kill us! He deserves death!”

“Get lost!”

Suddenly, You Lan hollered with a dark expression and said coldly, “Return to the cabin and stay there obediently. Don’t come out and embarra.s.s yourself!”

The prince of Great Shang shrank his neck and did not dare to make a sound.

“You… ”

However, the prince of Great Xia had an indignant expression as he turned around. “Imperial Advisor, she…”

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord sighed. “You guys should head back and reflect on yourselves.”

Upon hearing that, the two princes felt their hearts turn cold.

They could only grit their teeth and swallow their anger before turning to leave.

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