Chapter 1141: Powerful Sixth Sense

Translator: Legge

The two princes were indignant.

However, they did not know that if You Lan had not asked them to leave, they would have been two corpses by now!

If the two Imperial Advisors wanted to protect them, they would die along with them!

“Brother Su, I’m sorry.”

You Lan revealed an apologetic expression and bowed towards Su Zimo, saying sincerely, “No matter how they offended you earlier on, I’ll apologize to you here.”

It was out of Su Zimo’s expectations that You Lan would do something like that given her status as a princess.

They had only met by chance – to think that You Lan would stand on his side and even offend the two princes.

Initially, he had intended to make use of this incident to start a ma.s.sacre!

Now that You Lan was like that, it was not convenient for him to make a move.

Su Zimo nodded without saying anything more.

The Imperial Advisors of Great Shang and Great Xia exchanged glances and lamented internally.

Their two princes were royalty as well. However, compared to Princess You Lan, they were like dung!

Faced with the same situation of their dynasties’ destruction, the princess of Great You before them was trying her best to befriend various major sects, factions and paragons so that she can revive her dynasty.

However, their princes were merely thinking about women!

The two Imperial Advisors had already decided that if the trip to the North Region Dao Meet resulted in a successful revival of their dynasties, they would follow Princess You Lan.

In their opinion, Princess You Lan who was similarly a woman was no weaker than the current Empress of Great Zhou!

The reason why the Empress of Great Zhou could gain her current achievements was all because of that Dao Being Desolate Martial.

Uncle Zheng continued to steer the spirit vessel forward.

You Lan sat back down and pondered for a moment before saying, “To be honest, I’m a princess of the Great You Dynasty. Those two are princes of the Great Xia and Great Shang dynasties.”

After saying that, You Lan paused for a moment and looked into Su Zimo’s eyes.

The two Imperial Advisors standing behind her felt their hearts skip a beat as they glared at Su Zimo, wanting to see how the latter would react.

Unfortunately, they were disappointed.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and his eyes were deep without any emotions.

It was as though the t.i.tle of prince and princess was no different from any other mortal in the eyes of the green-robed cultivator.

How could this be?

Could it be that this green-robed cultivator had not even heard of the four dynasties of the North Region?

The two Imperial Advisors muttered internally.

Right then, Su Zimo said indifferently, “From what I know, the three dynasties of Great Shang, Great Xia and Great You have already been destroyed.”

When You Lan saw that Su Zimo did not show any hostility, she was relieved.


She let out a bitter laugh and sighed gently. “It coincidentally happened when our dynasty was down on our luck, as fate would dictate.”

After a brief pause, You Lan’s gaze turned resolute once more. “However, I’m indignant! I’m not willing to lose to the Empress of Great Zhou! I want to revive my dynasty!”

“Revive your dynasty?”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

You Lan nodded heavily. “The reason why the Great Zhou Dynasty is in such a state today is not because of how strong they are. It’s just because of a combination of many factors.”

That was true.

The reason why the Great Zhou Dynasty was able to unify so smoothly was mainly because of the calamity of the Witch Gu. It caused the three dynasties to collapse and fall apart without fighting!

You Lan continued, “I believe that I’m not inferior to the Empress of Great Zhou. Her only backing is just that Dao Being Desolate Martial!”

When he heard that, a strange look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

Although Dao Being Desolate Martial was famous in the current cultivation world, not many people had seen his appearance.

You Lan did not know that the person sitting in front of her was Dao Being Desolate Martial!

You Lan did not notice the strange look in Su Zimo’s eyes and continued, “To be honest, the reason why I’m heading to the North Region Dao Meet is to look for a paragon that can suppress Dao Being Desolate Martial!”

“You want to suppress Desolate Martial? Heh!”

Su Zimo laughed and shook his head slightly.

You Lan thought that Su Zimo did not believe her and said hurriedly, “Brother Su, Dao Being Desolate Martial’s body was crippled by a Half-Martial Ancestor and he lost his Divine Phoenix Bone and the Creation Green Lotus. His combat strength is no longer as strong as before.”

“Furthermore, there are many exceptional paragons and monster incarnates in this generation. There are people who can go against Desolate Martial!”

“Oh? Name them.”

Su Zimo asked.

You Lan said, “I heard that the Yuwen Clan of the four major cultivation clans has given birth to a monster incarnate. His Dao t.i.tle is Wushuang and he is the number one Dao Being of the North Region!”

“The reason why I’m heading to the North Region Dao Meet is because I hope to get this person to help.”

“If Dao Being Wushuang can make a move to suppress Desolate Martial and fight against Ethereal Peak with the Yuwen Clan’s power, Great You will definitely be able to revive our dynasty!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he realized that Dao Being Wushuang should be Yuwen Wushuang!

At the mention of Dao Being Wushuang, a look of hatred flashed through the eyes of the Golden Lion.

However, he was sprawled on the side and no one noticed him.

Su Zimo asked again, “Do you have a deep relations.h.i.+p with Dao Being Wushuang?”

“Not really,”

You Lan shook her head and sighed gently. “Although we’re both at the Void Reversion realm, I don’t have the chance to come into contact with Dao Being Wushuang given his status. I’m just a stranger.”

“If that’s the case, why would he help you?” Su Zimo asked.

When she heard that question, You Lan suddenly fell silent.

The atmosphere became awkward.

“Forget it, forget it.”

Su Zimo waved it off casually.

To be fair, Su Zimo was not curious what methods You Lan would use to employ Yuwen Wushuang’s help – he was merely asking casually earlier on.

You Lan took a deep breath and suddenly raised her head. “I heard that Dao Being Wushuang likes beauties.”

Pausing for a moment, her face turned slightly red. Gritting her teeth, she said, “I think that I’m not bad looking. Furthermore, I’m at the Void Reversion realm and was once the princess of Great You. I believe that he’ll definitely be interested!”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

He had not expected You Lan to have such plans.

“Is it worth it?”

Su Zimo asked instead.

“As long as I can help Great You revive, there’s nothing wrong with sacrificing my body!” You Lan’s tone was firm.

But right after, her eyes dimmed and she smiled bitterly. “I’m sure you must be despising me, right? That’s right, I deserve to be looked down upon for belittling myself like this.”

This was something extremely private and shameful. For some reason, You Lan told it to Su Zimo.

“You don’t have to say that,”

Su Zimo shook his head.

You Lan sniffed and forced a smile. “I’ve been holding it in for a long time. It’s much more comfortable to talk about it. For some reason, I just feel that you’re trustworthy.”

Pausing for a moment, she blinked at Su Zimo. “A woman’s sixth sense is very accurate!”

Standing behind Su Zimo, Nian Qi could not help but roll her eyes cutely and thought to herself that this woman was an idiot.

She wished she could say it out loud… “What bullsh*t sixth sense? This handsome, refined man before you is the Dao Being Desolate Martial that you want to suppress!”

Night Spirit’s gaze turned strange as well.

When Su Zimo saw how honest the other party was, he could not pretend any longer and sighed. “Actually, my name is Su Zimo.”

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