Chapter 1143: Vengeful

When Su Zimo and the others arrived at Qian Heaven City, they could see many cultivators descending from outside the city towards the city gate.

There were many armored soldiers guarding both sides of the city gate.

These soldiers were not ordinary either.

A single spirit consciousness sweep revealed that most of them were Void Reversions!

On the city walls, there were four gigantic mirrors that shone with four beams of light that enveloped the city gates.

Demon Revealing Mirror!

The North Region Dao Meet was a grand event for human cultivators of the North Region and no accidents were allowed.

With the existence of the Demon Revealing Mirrors, fiend demons who took on human form and tried to mix in with cultivators would be captured!

On the city wall, the cultivator guarding the Demon Revealing Mirrors wore a Daoist robe and exuded a powerful aura. His gaze was sharp as he scanned the cultivators entering the city below.

This cultivator was a commander of Qian Heaven City and was also a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

The four gates of Qian Heaven City were guarded by Dharma Characteristic commanders and Void Reversion soldiers who were extremely strict when checking on cultivators.

“Let’s enter the city too.”

After saying that, You Lan retracted her spirit vessel and descended to the ground, heading towards the city gate.

Their group had three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and instantly attracted the attention of the Dharma Characteristic commander on the city wall.

“Who are you?”

At the city gate, the two Void Reversion soldiers crossed their spears with a clang as sparks flew, blocking Su Zimo’s group.

“I’m You Lan from the Great You Dynasty.”

You Lan had a calm expression as she pointed to the two princes beside her. “These two are the princes of Great Xia and Great Shang.”

“Great You, Great Xia and Great Shang?”

The soldier guarding the city sneered, “The three dynasties have already been destroyed. How dare they call themselves princes?”

Upon hearing that, the two princes flushed red with embarra.s.sment.

However, both of them had timid expressions and did not dare to say anything.

Although these two people were merely guards, they came from a major aristocratic cultivation family.

Even if this was before their dynasties were destroyed, the two princes might not dare to offend these two guards.


The other guard sized You Lan up brazenly with a burning gaze.

“Fellow Daoist You Lan, I’m sure you don’t have anywhere to go after your dynasty is destroyed. Why don’t you come to my place? We can become Dao companions and research on the Dao of dual cultivation.”

As the princess of the Great You Dynasty, You Lan was extremely beautiful to begin with. Coupled with the n.o.ble aura of royalty, she was extremely attractive to most cultivators.


You Lan’s expression did not change as she said indifferently, “If you want to dual cultivate with me, you’ll have to ask Dao Being Wushuang for permission.”


When the guard heard Dao Being Wushuang’s name, his expression changed and his eyes revealed deep fear.

In reality, You Lan had never met Yuwen Wushuang before and had no relations.h.i.+p with him.

Her words were ambiguous as well.

However, bystanders would subconsciously think that she was close to Dao Being Wushuang!

“Fellow Daoist You Lan, I’m sorry. I was rude.”

The guard bowed slightly and apologized hurriedly.

You Lan nodded and headed into the city with the two princes and three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Su Zimo’s group of four followed behind them.

Su Zimo’s gaze inadvertently swept past the Demon Revealing Mirrors on the city wall and he asked Night Spirit via voice transmission, “Can you get through them?”

“Don’t worry.”

Night Spirit’s expression was indifferent.

The Golden Lion was in his true form, implying that he was a mount or spirit pet of a cultivator. As such, he could enter the city.

As for Su Zimo’s Green Lotus True Body, there was no demon bloodline within it.

Nian Qi was a G.o.d race being and not a demon.

Night Spirit was the only one at risk of being exposed.

The four of them walked to the area enveloped by the Demon Revealing Mirrors and headed into the city without stopping.

When the power of the Demon Revealing Mirrors landed on Night Spirit, it was as though it had entered a black hole and could not detect any aura at all!

There was no reaction from the Demon Revealing Mirrors.

Right then, the commander guarding the city wall frowned and looked at Su Zimo and the others.

Earlier on, he suddenly felt his heart palpitate.

However, upon careful thought, he did not discover anything unusual.

The commander shook his head and continued to scan others.

Compared to the repressive tension at the city gate, the center of Qian Heaven City was extremely lively.

Cultivators could be seen flying through the air everywhere.

There were also cultivators sitting on spirit birds that swept past everyone’s heads.

Many old structures were built within the ancient city.

Many cultivators were gathered on both sides of the long street as well.

Some of the cultivators sat on the ground with items that shone with spirit light placed before them.

The North Region Dao Meet would only be held a few days later.

For now, Qian Heaven City was considered as a rare marketplace!

Some of the cultivators remained silent and waited for others to step forward, using their spirit consciousness to discuss the price secretly.

On the other hand, there were some cultivators who shouted loudly, wanting to attract more cultivators so that their treasures could be sold for a higher price.

The two princes walked side by side with their spirit consciousnesses fluctuating – it was unknown what they were secretly chatting about.

You Lan frowned slightly and pondered for a moment before stopping. “Everyone must be tired from the long journey. Let’s find a place to rest first.”

Pausing for a moment, she turned to look at Su Zimo. “Since we’ve already arrived at Qian Heaven City, let’s part ways here. Take care, Brother Su.”

She placed heavier emphasis on the words ‘take care’.

The way she looked at Su Zimo carried a hint of caution as well.

However, Su Zimo was distracted and did not seem to notice.


The two princes hurried over and smiled warmly. “We’ve hit it off with you, Brother Su. Since we’ve already arrived at Qian Heaven City, why should we be in a hurry to part ways? Let’s rest for the night and explore this marketplace tomorrow.”


Perhaps moved by the enthusiasm of the two princes, Su Zimo agreed with a smile.

You Lan frowned and sighed internally.

This Su Zimo was truly naive – to think that he had not realized that he was in an extremely dangerous situation up till now!

For the past few days, the two princes had been flattering Su Zimo with a warm expression.

However, You Lan knew very well that these two princes were born in the royal family and were pampered. They were vengeful people!

How could they let things go after being threatened by Su Zimo?!

It was unusual for the two of them to have such a drastic change in att.i.tude towards Su Zimo.

Any slightly intelligent cultivator would be able to tell that something was amiss.

However, Su Zimo was not the only one in his group to not notice anything – the other three were like fools as well.

The black-robed man had a cold expression and was indifferent to everything.

The crippled Golden Lion could not understand the schemes of humans.

Although the maidservant was extremely beautiful, she was merely a flower vase.

As the princess of the Great You Dynasty, there were some things that she could not explain too clearly.

However, she could not bear it and wanted to remind Su Zimo.

“Princess, forget it.”

Right then, Uncle Zheng’s voice sounded in her mind. “You’ve already done your best. If this lad comes along tonight, it will be just his fate.”


Looking at Su Zimo who was traveling with the two princes and was oblivious to the danger, You Lan sighed helplessly.

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