Chapter 1145: Nightmare

Standing at the door, the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords listened intently.

At this distance, the two of them could clearly hear the sounds of breathing in the room.

There were four of them in total.

Every single breath was even and steady. It was clear that the four Void Reversions in the room did not notice their actions at all!

Both of them smirked smugly.

Given their cultivation realms, it was way too easy for them to hide from the senses of Void Reversions.

Their spirit consciousnesses moved and enveloped the room slowly, forming a gigantic spirit consciousness barrier that could isolate sound.

Given their methods, it was extremely easy for them to kill Void Reversions.

However, this was Qian Heaven City after all. It would be best if they did not alarm anyone. That way, they could do it cleanly without attracting any unforeseen circ.u.mstances!

After the spirit consciousness barrier was formed, the two of them no longer hid their tracks and pushed the door open, closing it behind them.

The room was small and could be seen with a single glance.

There was a bed in the innermost area and the green-robed cultivator was lying inside with his back facing the two Imperial Advisors. He was still asleep.

Beside the bed, the golden-haired girl sat on the ground with her eyes closed, as though she was cultivating.

In a corner on the other side, a Golden Lion was sprawled on the ground. It seemed to have heard the commotion but it merely moved its ears and did not turn around.

The two Imperial Advisors were stunned for a moment before sneering.

They did not conceal the sound of their doors opening and closing. Despite such circ.u.mstances, the people in this room were not alert at all – they totally deserve to die!

They truly did not know how the four of them managed to survive and cultivate to the Void Reversion realm given their poor awareness.


But soon, the two Imperial Advisors frowned.

There seemed to be something amiss in the room.

It was as though they had neglected something extremely important!

All of a sudden!

Almost at the same time, a spark flashed through their minds.

There was one less person in the room!

Before they entered the room, there were four breathing sounds.

However, one of them went missing after they entered the room!

That was because their gazes were drawn to Su Zimo, Nian Qi and the Golden Lion at the first moment. As such, they failed to realize it right away.

The person who disappeared was most likely still in this room!

In fact, he managed to hide from their senses!

Although the two Imperial Advisors were at the Dharma Characteristic realm, they felt their scalps tingle in that instant as though they were targeted by an extremely terrifying existence!

A blurry figure was hidden in the darkness above them.

The figure was extremely close to the two of them and was almost within reach. However, the two Imperial Advisors had not noticed it before this!

“Not good!”

The hearts of the two Imperial Advisors nearly exploded as they wanted to release their Dharmic powers and leave this place right away.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The moment they stepped into the room, they were already dead!

In the darkness, Night Spirit was like a hunting G.o.d of death. His gaze was cold and emotionless as a purple-gold tail extended from behind him.

A cold glint shone on his tailbone like a sharp spike that pierced through the back of the head of an Imperial Advisor instantly and extended out from his glabella!

Night Spirit’s tail pierced the head of an Imperial Advisor.

That person’s Essence Spirit died on the spot without a single sound!

The moment Night Spirit extended his tail, he extended his palm and stabbed down on the head of another Imperial Advisor!


There was almost no resistance.

Against Night Spirit’s claws, the tough skull of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord was like tofu.

Five bloodied holes appeared on the head of the Imperial Advisor.

Before he could react, his Essence Spirit was crushed and he died!

If it was a head-on fight, two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords might not be as useless.

However, Night Spirit planned ahead, hid in the dark and attacked first with the advantage. Before the two Imperial Advisors could even see how Night Spirit attacked, they were already dead on the spot!

Night Spirit’s expression was calm as though he had done something insignificant.

He stood at the door and listened for a while. After sensing for a moment, he carried the two corpses and left the room in a flash.

In the darkness, his figure was almost imperceptible like a ghost!

In the blink of an eye, he had already infiltrated the rooms of the two princes.

The room was slightly bigger and there were two large beds.

The two princes were sleeping soundly on the bed. Even in their sleep, they had lewd expressions and drool at the corners of their mouths.

They had a plan long ago.

If nothing went wrong, the annoying green-robed cultivator, the cold black-robed man and the crippled Golden Lion would be killed by the two Imperial Advisors!

The golden-haired girl would be the only one left.

Once she caught sight of the tragic deaths of those around her the next morning, there was a high chance she would suffer a mental breakdown from the immense blow.

At that time, the two of them would appear opportunely to comfort and enjoy life with her…

With that in mind, the two of them were already dreaming.

Unbeknownst to them, there was a black-robed man hugging two corpses by their bedside, glaring at them coldly.

Two Dharmic arts shot out from Night Spirit’s fingertip and landed on the two princes, allowing them to sleep even deeper.

Thereafter, Night Spirit placed the Grand Xia’s Imperial Advisor’s corpse gently on the prince’s bed.

The corpse laid beside the prince of Great Xia with its body tilted to the side, staring at the lecherous face of the prince with widened eyes.

This scene was extremely strange.

The prince of Great Xia was in a deep sleep and was even smacking his lips from time to time.

However, opposite him lay a corpse that was still slightly warm. Blood was still flowing from its head, staining the bed red.

It was hard to imagine what would happen when the prince of Great Xia woke up and witnessed this scene.

Turning around, Night Spirit came to another bed and placed the Grand Shang’s Imperial Advisor on it with the same method.

The Imperial Advisor glared at the prince of Great Shang with dead fish eyes!

The two princes did not realize that their nightmare had just begun.

After doing that, Night Spirit smirked and left the room in a flash.

The entire process was silent and did not attract anyone’s attention!

On the other side.

In You Lan’s room.

She tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

A moment later, Uncle Zheng’s voice sounded. “Princess, sleep. That person should be dead.”

When she heard that, You Lan shuddered and sighed weakly.

Actually, Uncle Zheng was also paying attention to the commotion outside.

The two Imperial Advisors of Great Shang and Great Xia left the room and arrived outside Su Zimo’s room to set up a spirit consciousness barrier…

These actions could not escape Uncle Zheng’s senses.

Not long after the two Imperial Advisors entered the room, the spirit consciousness barrier disappeared.

Furthermore, the two of them never came out again.

This meant that the two of them had already killed everyone in the room cleanly before dispersing their spirit consciousness barriers!

Uncle Zheng no longer paid attention to that room.

At that moment, he did not realize that right under his nose, Night Spirit had left the room silently to return two corpses!

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