Chapter 1148: Dao Meet Begins

No matter who the true culprit was, Uncle Zheng and You Lan felt a sense of pressure when two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords died beside them.

The North Region Dao Meet had yet to begin.

For the next few days, Uncle Zheng and You Lan did not dare to rest or relax. They were afraid that the fiend demon hidden in the dark would them silently!

If that was the case for the two of them, it was even worse for the two princes.

For the next few days, the two princes were tortured by the fear in their hearts to the point of almost breaking down. They rapidly lost weight and looked dispirited.

At times, the two princes would be in a daze and mutter things like ‘it must be him’ repeatedly…

Su Zimo’s group of four were the only ones that looked the same as usual.

At times, even You Lan admired the four of them.

On the day the two Imperial Advisors died, she told Su Zimo about Uncle Zheng’s speculation.

Furthermore, she told Su Zimo and the others that there was a powerful fiend demon hiding in Qian Heaven City and told them to be careful!

In the end, Su Zimo and the others did not care at all, as though they did not know what fear was.

She did not know if this person was truly fearless or if he was just naive and had not experienced the terror of life and death.

For the past few days, You Lan had not been idle either.

She had obtained a lot of information regarding the North Region Dao Meet in Qian Heaven City.

In this era, the cultivation civilization was flouris.h.i.+ng and was almost comparable to the ancient era. There were many paragons and monster incarnates.

Many paragons were gathered at this North Region Dao Meet alone!

Many of them were even as famous as Dao Being Wushuang!

Dao Being Hundred Ghost of the Yin Ghost Sect, one of the upper sects, had cultivated a secret skill that no one in the Yin Ghost Sect had managed to cultivate for the past thousand years. His combat strength was heaven-defying and he had suppressed countless people of the same cultivation realm.

Up till now, he had fought countless battles and was defeated less than ten times!

Dao Being Blazing Sun of Blaze Columbus Valley, another upper sect, was also notorious. He was lauded as the number one fire tamer of the North Region and his understanding of the fire Dao was unprecedented, comparable even to ancient sages!

Dao Being Zi Mu of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect was a genius of the sword Dao.

He was extremely famous in the North Region. It was said that a Mighty Figure of Middle Continent’s Sword Sect appreciated his potential and wanted to take him in as a disciple but was rejected by him.

Dao Being Zi Mu was known as one of the North Region’s twin swords!

Of the upper sects, Seven Kills Sect and Mystic Firmament Divine Cult sent out their paragons as well.

Of course, some of the ten upper sects of the North Region were weaker as well.

For example, Dragon Tiger Sect was implicated in the fight between the four dynasties earlier on and suffered considerable losses.

Apart from the ten upper sects, the four gentry clans were not to be underestimated as well.

For example, Dao Being Illusion Light of the Dugu Family was a paragon of the sword Dao. His Illusion Sword Dao could make it difficult to distinguish from reality.

At the same cultivation realm, there were few people who could see through his sword Dao!

Dao Being Illusion Light was also the other one of the North Region’s twin swords!

Dao Being Zi Mu and Dao Being Illusion Light were two geniuses of the sword and were extremely notorious in the North Region – they were practically invincible!

In this North Region Dao Meet, there was probably going to be a showdown between their swords.

Of course, among the paragons, Dao Being Wushuang of the Yuwen Clan was the most famous!

There were also some paragons who wanted to challenge Dao Being Wushuang’s status.

Apart from the sparring between Void Reversions, there were also many fights between Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

There would definitely be a fierce battle at the North Region Dao Meet!

However, no one realized that there were four una.s.suming people in Qian Heaven City who were prepared to create a ma.s.sive wave at the North Region Dao Meet!

For the past few days, apart from the first day when Su Zimo went out for a walk, he had been staying in the inn to recuperate.

You Lan wanted to make use of this opportunity to befriend paragons as much as possible and establish connections with some sects and factions to prepare for her dynasty revival plans.

However, Su Zimo did not have many plans.

Upon arrival at Qian Heaven City, there were only two things he needed to confirm.

First, he wanted to know where Yuwen Wushuang was.

Second, he wanted to know if Dao Being Xuan Yu would be coming.

These two pieces of news could be obtained within a day.

For the past few days, Yuwen Wushuang did not appear and Su Zimo and the others did not make any moves as well.

However, they had already received definite news that Yuwen Wushuang would definitely appear at the North Region Dao Meet!

As for Dao Being Xuan Yu, he should not be coming this time round.

It was said that Gla.s.s Palace only sent a Void Reversion this time round to compete against Yuwen Wushuang for the spot of the number one Dao Being in the North Region!

As time pa.s.sed, the Golden Lion became increasingly nervous.

He had been separated from Ke Ke for nine years.

He wasn’t even sure if Ke Ke was still alive!

He looked forward to their reunion.

However, he was worried that something might happen and that Su Zimo, Night Spirit and Nian Qi would be in danger because they stood up for him.

This was the North Region Dao Meet!

It was one of the biggest events in the cultivation world of the North Region!

Even the Overlord of Wild Lion Ridge would not dare to lead his ten million fiend demons here, let alone the four of them.

There were not only Void Reversions at the Dao Meet – there were also many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

How were they going to handle it?

The Golden Lion did not doubt Night Spirit’s combat strength at all.

However, two fists were no match for four hands. If they were surrounded, they would most likely die!

More and more cultivators were gathering in Qian Heaven City and it became livelier.

Over the past few days, news would spread from time to time.

The appearance of any paragon would cause quite a stir.

On this day, the North Region Dao Meet officially began.

Su Zimo tidied his green robes and walked out of the room with Night Spirit, Nian Qi and the Golden Lion. He b.u.mped into You Lan and the others who were approaching.

“Brother Su, you’re finally willing to come out.”

You Lan smiled.

Uncle Zheng nodded at Su Zimo as a form of greeting.

The two princes hid behind You Lan and Uncle Zheng, not daring to raise their heads to look at Su Zimo.

Su Zimo could not be bothered with the two of them.

The North Region Dao Meet was held in the center of the city.

In the middle of Qian Heaven City was a gigantic stone platform.

The fights between cultivators at the North Region Dao Meet were conducted on the stone platform.

Around the stone platform stood nearly 20 stone pillars.

The stone pillars were extremely s.p.a.cious and could accommodate at least a few hundred people. There were some chairs placed beside tea tables with many spirit fruits and fragrant tea that were set up.

Only the top sects and factions of the North Region were qualified to ascend the stone pillars.

From above, one could look down at everyone and take in the entire view from the high ground.

As for cultivators of small sects and factions or itinerant cultivators, they could only squeeze on the ground.

By the time Su Zimo and the others arrived, both sides of the street, the restaurants and roofs near the stone platform were already filled with people.

A hint of envy appeared in You Lan’s eyes as she looked at the cultivators on the stone pillars who were eating spirit fruits and drinking fragrant tea.

“Those are all paragons of major sects and factions. If I can befriend them, I can even unify the entire North Region, let alone rebuild Great You!”

You Lan said softly.

Su Zimo smiled and asked instead, “What have you gained in the past few days?”

You Lan’s expression darkened as she shook her head. “These paragons are insufferably arrogant and prideful. Who would be willing to help if there’s no benefit?”

After a brief pause, You Lan continued, “However, it’s alright. If I can meet Dao Being Wushuang, I believe that I’ll definitely be able to move him! As long as he’s willing to help, everything will be fine!”

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