Chapter 1149: Settle A Score

Translator: Legge

“Look! Dao Being Wind Flame is here!”

“Dao Being Wind Flame, the paragon of Gla.s.s Palace in this generation! His combat strength is second only to Dao Being Gla.s.s back then!”

At the mention of Dao Being Gla.s.s, many cultivators had emotional expressions.

“Unknowingly, ten years have pa.s.sed since that calamity of the t.i.tular disciples.”

Someone sighed softly.

Ten years ago, Su Zimo fought against many t.i.tular disciples in the Dao Inheritance Ground and established his Dao heart!

In that battle, eight t.i.tular disciples died and it was known as the calamity of the t.i.tular disciples.

Dao Being Gla.s.s died within.

Suddenly, a cultivator said, “If the Desolate Martial appears, Dao Being Wushuang won’t be qualified to be the number one Dao Being of the North Region, right?”

The Witch Gu calamity happened within the territories of the four dynasties.

Not many people witnessed Su Zimo’s two attacks in the capital of Great Zhou and Ethereal Peak and it was barely a year since – not many people in the North Region knew of his return!

A cultivator at the side sneered, “Everyone, Desolate Martial was crippled by a Half-Martial Ancestor ten years ago! Even if he reconstructs his body, how much of his past combat strength can he have?”

Another cultivator said in a deep voice, “Desolate Martial has offended too many factions. It’s best if he remains ign.o.ble. If he dares to appear, countless enemies will come knocking on his door!”

You Lan was delighted when she heard the discussions around her.

Although these paragons could not help her restore her dynasty, if they got rid of Dao Being Desolate Martial, it would mean that the greatest obstacle in her ambition would be removed!

“Brother Su, did you hear that?”

You Lan rolled her eyes at Su Zimo and said proudly, “Desolate Martial isn’t invincible. He’s already at the end of his road. As long as I release the news of his return, countless paragons will naturally attack and suppress him!”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently and shook his head. “It’s useless. They’re just a bunch of useless people.”

Although it sounded natural coming from his mouth, it sounded way too arrogant to You Lan.

Who would dare to call the paragons of the North Region useless?

Who was qualified?

She frowned slightly and her impression of Su Zimo decreased significantly once more.

Uncle Zheng could not help but sneer at the side. “What high-sounding sentiments! Why don’t you give it a try during the battle between Void Reversions later? Let everyone see what you’ve got!”

“Not interested.”

Su Zimo shook his head.

He was here for Dao Being Wushuang!

He was not bothered nor interested with the sparring between Void Reversions!

“Look at how scared you are,”

The mockery in Uncle Zheng’s eyes intensified as he said, “Don’t worry. The purpose of this Dao Meet is to exchange pointers and experience. Unless there’s a deep feud, cultivators won’t fight with their lives on the line.”

Su Zimo smiled and did not argue.

In that short period of time, Dao Being Wind Flame had already landed on a stone pillar with a calm expression, not even looking at the many cultivators beneath him.

He had only one goal in coming here – to defeat Dao Being Wushuang!

Gla.s.s Palace was the only immortal sect in the North Region.

The t.i.tle of the number one Dao Being of the North Region had to be given to Gla.s.s Palace cultivators!

Although Dao Being Wind Flame was alone, he occupied an entire stone pillar and no cultivators had any objections.

Even the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present had to give him face!

At that moment, almost all the paragons of the major sects and factions were gathered!

Many cultivators of the Yuwen Clan had arrived as well.

Yuwen Wushuang was the only one who had not appeared.

None of the cultivators present complained nor were they displeased.

That was because this person had a n.o.ble status and it was only right for him to be late!

After a while, a figure appeared in the distant horizon.

In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived above Qian Heaven City!

That person was burly and wore bronze armor. A blood-red cloak fluttered behind him as he rode on a pure gold lion that emitted a powerful aura!

The moment he arrived, the clamor in the crowd decreased.

It was as though no one dared to speak loudly for fear of offending this paragon!

Dao Being Wushuang!

After Dao Being Wushuang appeared, Dao Being Wind Flame, who was initially resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened them with a rainbow-colored glint in his eyes.

At the same time, Dao Being Wushuang looked towards Dao Being Wind Flame.

The gazes of the two paragons collided in midair like divine weapons and sparks flew!

Instantly, the atmosphere turned extremely tense.

The void between the two paragons was filled with a strong killing intent!

Neither of them noticed that in the dense crowd on the street, there was a group of people staring at them coldly.

“Is that him?”

Su Zimo glanced sideways at the Golden Lion.

The Golden Lion nodded heavily with a ferocious glint in his eyes as he grit his teeth. “That’s him! I’ll recognize him even if he turns into ashes!”

“That’s Ke Ke?”

Su Zimo’s gaze landed on Yuwen Wushuang’s mount.

The lion was pure gold and did not have a single strand of multicolored fur – it truly looked extremely majestic.


The Golden Lion gulped and said with a worried expression, “First, if you guys end up fighting, please don’t injure Ke Ke!”


Su Zimo nodded.

At that moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the two paragons, Dao Being Wushuang and Dao Being Wind Flame. No one heard their conversation either.

“Dao Being Wushuang’s cultivation seems to have improved quite a bit.”

“Don’t worry, Dao Being Wind Flame’s inheritance of Gla.s.s Palace is definitely not to be trifled with!”

The cultivators discussed fervently.

Yuwen Wushuang surveyed the surroundings and declared loudly, “Sorry for the wait, everyone. I’ve just gained some enlightenment and my cultivation has improved. That’s why I’m late.”

A commotion broke out in the crowd when they heard that.

“Dao Being Wushuang was already at the perfected Void Reversion realm previously and his cultivation improved. Isn’t that the same as reaching the half-step Dharma Characteristic realm?”

“Who can match him at the same cultivation realm?!”

“The pressure on Dao Being Wind Flame will be immense now!”

“Dao Being Wushuang is exerting pressure on Dao Being Wind Flame!”

A cultivator could tell what was going on and said, “Although Dao Being Wushuang’s statement is an explanation, it’s actually meant for Dao Being Wind Flame.”

The fight between the two paragons had already begun!

All eyes were on this!

You Lan looked at the armored man riding a lion in midair and could not help but exclaim, “This is a true paragon!”

“This should be the bearing of a paragon!”

As she said that, she looked at Su Zimo.

She wanted to tell Su Zimo that paragons did not have to rely on words – they could attract everyone’s attention the moment they appeared!

When she looked at Su Zimo, she realized that he was pus.h.i.+ng through the crowd and walking forward.

“Brother Su, where are you going?”

You Lan was stunned and asked hurriedly.

“To settle a score with someone,”

Su Zimo replied without turning back.

Night Spirit, Nian Qi and the Golden Lion followed behind him with menacing expressions!

You Lan asked instinctively, “With who?”

“Yuwen Wushuang!”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

You Lan was stunned as she looked at the back view that was leaving into the distance. Her impression of him that had gotten clearer once again turned blurry at the moment.

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