Chapter 1150: Who Are You?

In midair, Yuwen Wushuang and Dao Being Wind Flame faced off with a grim atmosphere.

But now, three humans and a beast suddenly barged into the battlefield, attracting countless gazes.

Even Yuwen Wushuang and Dao Being Wind Flame turned to look over.

The three humans and a beast walked over slowly. Their leader was a man in green robes with refined features.

Behind him was a black-robed man with a cold expression and a golden-haired girl.

Right at the back, a Golden Lion limped in.

There was nothing unique about the three of them and the beast. The only thing special was that their eyes were cold and murderous!

Who were the three of them?

What were they trying to do standing out at this moment?

At that moment, there were already cultivators in the crowd who recognized Su Zimo and their expressions changed.

The pure gold lion that Yuwen Wushuang was sitting on shuddered and looked at the Golden Lion with gentle and worried eyes.

The Golden Lion suddenly shouted, “Ke Ke, I’m here to save you!”

“It’s useless.”

The pure gold lion shook her head with a sorrowful expression and said in human tongue, “Go back, lion.”

“Where did this demon beast come from? How dare you be so arrogant at the North Region Dao Meet!”

A Yuwen Clan cultivator had long stood out and shouted, prepared to kill the Golden Lion on the spot.

“I’ll handle this matter.”

Yuwen Wushuang raised his hand slightly and s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the Golden Lion, smiling. “So, it’s you. Fufufu.”

“How dare you! Have you forgotten what I told you before?”

Yuwen Wushuang’s tone was calm but there was a hint of ferocity in his smile!

“I’ve said it before. If you dare to look for me again, I’ll break all your bones bit by bit!”

He grinned with a chilling killing intent in his tone!

His attention was entirely focused on the Golden Lion, as though he had not seen Su Zimo and the other two.

Or rather, even if he saw them, he did not care!

“Crazy! He’s really crazy!”

Uncle Zheng shook his head. “The four of them are Void Reversions and they want to challenge Dao Being Wushuang?”

This time round, You Lan did not say anything.

Her eyes were fixed on Su Zimo’s face, as though she wanted to make something out of it.

“Yuwen Wushuang.”

Right then, Su Zimo spoke slowly.

The moment he said that name, a commotion broke out.

Right now, Yuwen Wushuang was the number one Dao Being of the North Region and was notorious. Anyone of the same cultivation realm would have to address him respectfully as Dao Being Wushuang.

Who would dare call him by his name?!

It was only then that Yuwen Wushuang turned to Su Zimo and the others and sighed gently. “It’s been many years since anyone has been so rude to me.”

“Little Lion, your helper is truly impolite.”

All the cultivators present could sense the killing intent in Yuwen Wushuang’s tone!

Many cultivators looked at Su Zimo and the others as though they were looking at a few dead people.

Of course, there were also some cultivators who had grim expressions and looked at Su Zimo in disbelief, trembling slightly as though they had thought of something.


Su Zimo replied indifferently, “What a coincidence. There aren’t many people who dare to be so rude to me all these years as well.”

That was the truth.

In the Dao Inheritance Ground, all the cultivators who dared to attack him had already turned into cold corpses!

“Yuwen Wushuang, I have two scores to settle with you for coming here.”

Su Zimo pointed at the pure gold lion in midair and said, “First, you should not have s.n.a.t.c.hed that lion and forced her to be your mount.”

“Second, you shouldn’t have broken his leg.”

Su Zimo pointed at the Golden Lion and continued.


Yuwen Wushuang reared his head in laughter as though he had heard the funniest thing in the world. “So, you’re here to settle scores with me?”

When the paragons of the other upper sects heard that, they shook their heads incredulously as well.

A Yuwen Clan cultivator stood out and said coldly, “Are you even worthy of challenging Dao Being Wushuang? Take my strike!”

The Void Reversion could not hold it in any longer and leaped down from the stone pillar. He summoned a long saber from his storage bag and slashed down towards Su Zimo’s head with the might of Heaven and Earth!

Five Dharmic patterns burst forth from the saber.

It was a perfect Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

Before the saber descended, a powerful sharpness burst forth, as though it could destroy everything before it!

You Lan’s expression changed slightly.

The fact that any random cultivator of the Yuwen Clan already possessed such combat strength was evidence of how strong the four gentry clans were.

The other paragons nodded secretly as well.

Coupled with Dharmic powers and blood qi, the might of that slash was pushed to its limits with the momentum of the descent and could not be underestimated!

Yuwen Wushuang watched everything calmly without any intention of attacking.

Su Zimo stood on the spot motionlessly.

Even when he was enveloped by the saber aura, his expression did not change at all. His eyes were deep and emotionless like an ancient well.

“It’s over. That person is scared silly.”

“There’s a price to pay for being arrogant.”

Someone sneered.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo opened his mouth and spat out a single word!


His voice was like thunder!

The discussions in the crowd had just started when they were suppressed by that shout and returned to silence!

The cultivators who were closer were caught off guard and were shocked.

Many cultivators felt their ears buzzing and temporarily lost their hearing – they could no longer hear anything.

The cultivators were stunned and looked at the battlefield in a daze.

None of them could imagine that the roar came from a cultivator!

The Void Reversion of the Yuwen Clan was still in midair when he was struck by the sound domain attack. He shuddered and his gaze turned sluggish.

His mind went blank and he lost consciousness, falling from midair like a meteor.

The saber aura in his hands dissipated immediately.

The light on his saber dissipated as well.


The Void Reversion fell onto the stone platform heavily and did not move at all. He had already fainted and was unconscious.

Su Zimo had used the power of Thunderclap Kill for that roar.

Although his Green Lotus True Body received the nourishment of the primordial divine spring, his bloodline was still not considered strong.

If this was his Dragon True Body, that single roar would have shattered the Void Reversion’s Essence Spirit and he would have died on the spot instead of merely fainting!

Even so, that move was shocking enough!

The initially restless crowd quietened down instantly.

Who would dare to underestimate someone who could knock out a Void Reversion with a single roar?

“Who are you?”

Yuwen Wushuang narrowed his eyes and asked slowly.

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial arts to all living beings!”

Right then, a cultivator stood up slowly and glared at Su Zimo, saying slowly, “Dao Being Desolate Martial, you’re finally out of seclusion!”


Dao Being Desolate Martial!

Those words seemed to have a magical power that caused the entire Qian Heaven City to fall silent!

You Lan’s mouth was agape as her mind buzzed with a blank expression.

How could that be?

Su Zimo… he was Desolate Martial?

Uncle Zheng was also dumbfounded and could not snap out of his daze for a moment.

“It’s him!”

The prince of Great Xia looked like he had gone mad as he yelled with a horrified expression, “I knew it! He must have killed the Imperial Advisors!”

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