Chapter 1151: Shocking Everything!

Translator: Legge

When You Lan learned that the green-robed cultivator accompanying her along the way was Dao Being Desolate Martial, there seemed to be an explanation for many things.

Dao Being Desolate Martial!

That peerless paragon who once dominated the North Region and suppressed countless paragons to obtain the number one spot of the Phenomenon Ranking and personally buried eight t.i.tular disciples!

That strongest monster incarnate in history that many super sects were wary of and even attracted a Half-Martial Ancestor expert to attack!

He was the number one figure in Tianhuang Mainland who caused the heavens and earth to quake when he established his Dao heart and wanted to change the fate of all living beings!

Everyone present knew that Su Zimo had once been severely injured by a Half-Martial Ancestor expert and barely survived. His combat strength was greatly reduced and he might even have fallen from grace and was no longer glorious.

However, at that moment, when he appeared, many cultivators recalled the miraculous legends of Desolate Martial.

No one could ignore his past!

Desolate Martial!

That Dao t.i.tle alone possessed a suffocating and unstoppable might!

You Lan looked around.

Some were stunned, some were fearful, some were terrified and some were excited…

Although the cultivators of the Dao Meet had different expressions, everyone remained silent.

Even the wind seemed to have stopped.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the appearance of Dao Being Wind Flame and Yuwen Wushuang earlier on – she was stunned as well.

But now, Su Zimo’s appearance pushed the shock in her heart to its limits!

She once said that a true paragon should be the center of attention.

But now, she realized that she was wrong.

A true paragon could intimidate everything!

Dao Being Desolate Martial.

The weight of those words caused all the cultivators to feel an omnipresent pressure!

Suddenly, countless questions flashed through You Lan’s mind.

For the past few days, they had traveled together – why did Desolate Martial not attack her?

Was he afraid of Uncle Zheng?

Or was it because his combat strength had decreased and he was not confident?

Or… was there some other reason?

What did the deaths of the two Imperial Advisors have to do with Desolate Martial?

Could it be as the two princes said? Were the two Imperial Advisors killed by Desolate Martial?

On the stone platform.

Yuwen Wushuang gradually came to his senses.

After all, he was the number one Dao Being of the North Region and was also a paragon that was hard to come by in a thousand years. He was invincible, had a strong character and never experienced defeat before – how could someone like that be intimidated by a Dao t.i.tle?!

“Desolate Martial, to think that it would be you!”

Yuwen Wushuang had a calm expression as he sighed gently. “What a pity. The moment your body was destroyed and the Creation Green Lotus shattered, your era had already pa.s.sed.”

Many cultivators felt relieved when they heard that.

That’s right, Dao Being Desolate Martial was no longer the monster incarnate of the past – what was there to be afraid of?

Desolate Martial’s greatest reliance was his bloodline power.

Now that he had reconstructed his body and lost his Divine Phoenix Bone, what trump cards did he have left?

“Desolate Martial, you came at the right time. More than a hundred years ago, you fought for the Vermilion Fruit in the Great Qian Ruins and killed a paragon of our sect. It’s time for you to settle this score!”

On the stone pillar, Dao Being Hundred Ghost of the Yin Ghost Sect stood up slowly and glared at Su Zimo with a dark expression.

Dao Being Blazing Sun from one of the ten upper sects, Blaze Columbus Valley, suddenly burst into flames and said in a deep voice, “You killed many disciples of my sect in the battle of the Great Qian Ruins. It’s time for you to pay with your life!”

Dao Being Zi Mu of the Heaven Piercing Sword Sect, one of the North Region Twin Swords, suddenly said with a sharp gaze, “In the Great Qian Ruins, you killed a paragon of our sect. I’ve been wanting to test my three-foot green sword on you for a long time!”

That was merely a casual remark.

If it was 10 years ago, which of the paragons present would dare to challenge Su Zimo?

But now, one after another, the paragons stood out and glared at Su Zimo with unfriendly expressions and murderous auras while spouting all sorts of reasons.

In reality, the paragon of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect did not die in Su Zimo’s hands. Instead, he was killed by Dugu Jian.

However, at that moment, the blame was entirely on Su Zimo!

Yuwen Wushuang rode on the pure gold lion and smiled indifferently with a mocking look in his eyes.

He did not even have to do anything and Dao Being Desolate Martial was already overwhelmed!

Dao Being Wind Flame stood up slowly as well and said sternly, “Desolate Martial, you really shouldn’t have come.”

“You want to attack as well?”

Su Zimo asked with a smile.

“Dao Being Gla.s.s died in your hands. If I kill you, I’ll become this generation’s t.i.tular disciple of Gla.s.s Palace!” Dao Being Wind Flame’s voice carried a hint of killing intent.

The crowd was in a frenzy.

The situation was changing rapidly – Su Zimo had become the target of everyone!

In the crowd…

Uncle Zheng heaved a sigh of relief.

“Princess, you can rest a.s.sured now.”

Uncle Zheng whispered, “This Desolate Martial is arrogant and conceited. He doesn’t know how to judge the situation. Even without you stepping in, these paragons will kill him!”


You Lan replied distractedly.

She should have been delighted that the greatest obstacle towards the restoration of her dynasty was about to be removed.

However, for some reason, she did not feel as happy as she had imagined when she saw this.

There were many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in the Dao Meet.

However, none of them stood out.

They merely communicated with their spirit consciousnesses and watched coldly from the sidelines.

They were well aware of how many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures attacked Dragon Burial Valley 10 years ago.

Dao Being Desolate Martial had a Mahayana Patriarch backing him!

Furthermore, the Patriarch had once said that he would not interfere in a fight of the same cultivation realm.

However, if any expert of any sect tried to murder Desolate Martial across a major cultivation realm again, that Patriarch would take revenge!

“We just have to watch from the sidelines.”

Dao Lord Mu Yu was a Dharma Characteristic expert of the Duanmu aristocratic family.

Dao Lord Bai Ling, a Dharma Characteristic expert of the Ouyang aristocratic family, smiled indifferently. “That’s right. With so many Void Reversion paragons gathered here, Desolate Martial will definitely die today!”

To all of them, notwithstanding the fact that there were peerless paragons like Yuwen Wushuang and Dao Being Wind Flame…

Even if everyone were to take turns fighting Su Zimo, the latter would be exhausted to death!

On the stone platform.

In the face of the killing intent of many Void Reversion paragons, Su Zimo’s expression was calm as he said slowly, “I’m here today to look for Yuwen Wushuang. It’s best for those uninvolved to not interfere.”

His statement was truly a reminder out of goodwill.

He had only two motives for coming to the North Region Dao Meet – Yuwen Wushuang and Dao Being Xuan Yu of Gla.s.s Palace.

However, some people were indifferent towards Su Zimo’s reminder!

“Desolate Martial, this is the North Region Dao Meet. You can’t be arrogant here!”

A Void Reversion stood out and strode towards Su Zimo. His eyes seemed to conjure the sun, moon and stars with a shocking aura!

“It’s Dao Being Stellar Cloud of Stellar Luna Sect!”

“I heard that Dao Being Stellar Cloud is only a hundred years old. He’s already at the Void Reversion realm at such a young age and has a bright future ahead of him!”

Some cultivators whispered.

On the stone platform, Su Zimo stood motionlessly without even looking at Dao Being Stellar Cloud.

Dao Being Stellar Cloud felt that he was being looked down upon and was enraged. Without even testing the waters, he released Stellar Luna Sect’s secret skill right away!

He wanted to release his killing move and not give Su Zimo any chance to react.

A one-hit kill!

A secret skill had already formed in front of Dao Being Stellar Cloud. An ancient gigantic star spun slowly and crushed over with a powerful aura!

Right then, Nian Qi turned around slowly.

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