Chapter 1152: Overlooking the Same Level

A gigantic star that emitted a savage aura arrived with a bang!

Nian Qi strode forward and did not use any Dharmic arts. She merely clenched her fists and her blood qi burst forth with a golden glow.

She clenched her fist and punched!

In the face of this star, Nian Qi’s fist was as insignificant as a speck of dust.

However, when that speck of dust collided with the gigantic star, an earthshaking and deafening bang sounded!


A ma.s.sive shockwave spread in all directions.

Nian Qi did not take a single step back as her golden hair fluttered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly, terrifying cracking sounds could be heard on the battlefield.

Under countless gazes, cracks appeared on the surface of the gigantic star and spread rapidly.

It filled the entire star!


Immediately after, the star exploded and countless rocks formed from Dharmic powers flew everywhere, causing dust to billow.

Blood drained from Dao Being Stellar Cloud’s face after he received such a serious injury. His entire body shuddered and he flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you attack my young master?”

Nian Qi looked at Dao Being Stellar Cloud who was sprawled on the ground with a dispirited expression and scoffed coldly.

At that moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the golden-haired girl.

Prior to this, Su Zimo’s appearance and his t.i.tle as Desolate Martial shocked everyone. Almost no one paid attention to the two people and one beast beside him.

It was only at this moment that everyone realized that this girl was not to be trifled with either!

What surprised everyone the most was that such a beautiful and powerful young lady seemed to be a maidservant of Desolate Martial!

You Lan was dumbfounded.

This pet.i.te girl who seemed harmless and traveled together with them had actually released such a terrifying power!

The paragon of Stellar Luna Sect could not even withstand a single blow from Nian Qi!

The bloodline of the G.o.d race flowed through Nian Qi’s body!

Apart from some of the top paragons and monster incarnates, Nian Qi could sweep through almost anyone of the same cultivation realm!

“Not bad, not bad.”

Yuwen Wushuang had a composed expression as he said with a smile, “Little Lion, the two helpers you’ve found are rather strong.”

“Yuwen, I’ll acknowledge that it was because I wasn’t skilled enough that my leg was crippled by you!”

The Golden Lion grit his teeth. “As long as you return Ke Ke to me, we’ll leave right now!”


Yuwen Wushuang nodded with a mocking gaze. “Kneel down and beg me.”


“A fiend demon actually came to our North Region Dao Meet to negotiate terms with the number one Dao Being of the North Region. What a joke!”

An ear-piercing laughter sounded from the crowd.

Night Spirit’s gaze turned cold.

Nian Qi glared furiously as well.

The Golden Lion’s expression turned ferocious and his eyes revealed a look of struggle!

After a moment of silence, he finally lowered his head and limped out.

“Lion, don’t…”

The pure gold lion could not bear to see this.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, Yuwen Wushuang sealed her words with a single thought!

She had already signed a blood oath with Yuwen Wushuang.

He could kill the pure gold lion with a single thought!

The smile in Yuwen Wushuang’s eyes intensified when he saw the Golden Lion’s actions. “You might have misunderstood. I wasn’t merely referring to you. All four of you have to kneel and beg me!”

The laughter in the crowd gradually died down.

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat!

It was as though a storm was about to descend!

It was nothing to make a demon beast kneel.

However, Yuwen Wushuang’s intention was for Dao Being Desolate Martial to kneel before him as well!

Ten years ago, even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would not dare to make such a request in front of Dao Being Desolate Martial, let alone Void Reversions!

“Very good. Ever since I became famous, no one has dared to speak to me like that.”

Su Zimo looked at Yuwen Wushuang coldly and nodded. “You’re the first.”


Su Zimo suddenly opened his mouth and let out a Sanskrit sound.

At the same time, a gigantic golden palm appeared beside Yuwen Wushuang and grabbed him viciously!


Yuwen Wushuang willed the pure gold lion to carry him and charge towards Su Zimo.

There was no way the pure gold lion could betray him since she signed a blood oath with him.

However, at that moment, the pure gold lion stood motionlessly on the spot despite the risk of breaking the blood oath – that would result in death from a reverse blood flow!

“Beast, how dare you!”

Yuwen Wushuang was enraged!


Right then, a second Sanskrit sound descended.

Demon Subduing Seal!


The third Sanskrit sound.

Fiend Suppression Seal!

Three Dharmic Seals and three Sanskrit sounds echoed through the world as they enveloped Yuwen Wushuang’s body and released a suffocating attack!

Initially, Yuwen Wushuang wanted to use his consciousness to kill the pure gold lion.

However, against such an attack, he would die if he was even momentarily distracted!

Combined with the Daming Sutra, the offensive power of the three Daming Dharmic Seals had reached their limits.

Yuwen Wushuang did not dare to be careless. Leaping up, he conjured hand seals with both hands and hollered, “Yin Wind G.o.d Slas.h.!.+”

A series of sharp saber beams that were condensed from Dharmic powers burst forth from his body. They were blinding and sliced open the three golden palms that were approaching him!


Yuwen Wushuang roared and withdrew a gigantic axe from his storage bag before slas.h.i.+ng down viciously.


The golden Buddha palms shattered into specks of golden light.

Just as Yuwen Wushuang was about to make a move, Su Zimo’s attack descended once more like a torrential storm, not giving him any chance to catch his breath!


An incomparably resplendent sword qi burst forth, creating a vast expanse of white.

Stars filled the skies above the firmaments in a chaotic manner!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are s.h.i.+fted out of alignment!

Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

This was the most terrifying killing move among Su Zimo’s many Dharmic arts.

With his current cultivation, he could slash out three sword qi consecutively.

However, Su Zimo did not release everything at once.

The killing power of the three sword qi was way too terrifying.

He was worried that he would kill Yuwen Wushuang right away!

Yuwen Wushuang had signed a blood oath with the pure gold lion. If Su Zimo killed him directly, the pure gold lion’s Essence Spirit would be severely injured as well!

Furthermore, even if he killed Yuwen Wushuang directly, he might not be able to free the Golden Lion from its mental demons.

Everyone was shocked when the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi appeared!

Not to mention the Void Reversions present, even many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were shocked and looked wary.

Even they felt threatened by the sharpness of the sword qi!

“What a terrifying sword qi!”

“To think that Desolate Martial’s Dharmic arts would be so terrifying!”


Suddenly, a cultivator sneered, “All of you think that Desolate Martial’s combat strength has decreased significantly after losing his body. However, there’s something you guys might not know.”


Someone could not help but ask.

The cultivator said with a deep voice, “Back in the Dao Inheritance Ground battle, Desolate Martial’s physique and bloodline were both suppressed because he had demonic blood flowing through him as well as the Divine Phoenix Bone on him!”

Ten years ago, this cultivator had entered the Dao Inheritance Ground and witnessed those major battles personally.

“What does that mean?”

The cultivators at the side still did not understand.

The cultivator said slowly, “This means that when Desolate Martial killed the eight t.i.tular disciples, he did not use his physique or bloodline at all!”

“You guys thought that his physique and bloodline were strong and that he was invincible in melee combat. However, you guys don’t know that Desolate Martial’s Dharmic arts are so strong that they can look down on those of the same cultivation realm and destroy everything!”

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