Chapter 1154: A G.o.d-given Opportunity

Translator: Legge

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo arrived beside Yuwen Wushuang.

With a wave of his hand, he summoned the latter’s Essence Spirit and condensed it in his palm.

Victory was decided.

The crowd fell into an uproar.

From the moment Su Zimo attacked till the end of the battle, he merely took a dozen breaths.

n.o.body expected that this battle would end in such a short period of time.

The number one Dao Being of the North Region posed almost no resistance to Su Zimo and his Essence Spirit was captured!

Su Zimo’s series of attacks were the best Dharmic arts among the immortal and Buddhist Daos.

It was already amazing for Yuwen Wushuang to be able to break free from the attacks of the three Daming Dharmic Seals and defend against the sharpness of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

If it was any other paragon, they might not even be able to defend against three Daming Dharmic Seals!

When You Lan saw that, she had a conflicted expression and her heart skipped a beat.

Perhaps no one could understand what she was feeling right now.

The reason why she came this time round was to ask Yuwen Wushuang to take action to suppress Desolate Martial.

However, she had not expected that Yuwen Wushuang’s Essence Spirit would be captured by Desolate Martial in a dozen breaths!

That was truly ridiculous.

What was even more ridiculous was that the Dao Being Desolate Martial she wanted to suppress was Su Zimo who was traveling with her!

Uncle Zheng sighed faintly and said softly, “Princess, it seems like you were right back then. This person is indeed not simple.”

You Lan smiled bitterly without saying anything.

Her first impression of Su Zimo was that he was special and not simple.

That was the reason why she invited him over to befriend him.

However, she had not expected this person to be so special!

The entire battle ended too quickly. Even many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not react in time, let alone the Void Reversions present.

“Desolate Martial, stop!”

A Dharma Characteristic of the Yuwen Clan stood up and frowned, saying in a deep voice, “Desolate Martial, this is the North Region Dao Meet. Everyone is here to spar and exchange pointers. You can’t fight to the death!”

“That’s right.”

Dao Lord Mu Yu of the Duanmu aristocratic family nodded and declared, “Desolate Martial, the outcome has been decided. Release him.”

“We can’t fight to the death?”

Su Zimo sneered coldly and said indifferently, “I came to the North Region Dao Meet to settle scores with him. I’m supposed to release him just because you want me to?”

Right now, Yuwen Wushuang’s Essence Spirit was in Su Zimo’s palm.

Su Zimo could kill Yuwen Wushuang with a single thought. Even if the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present wanted to save him, they would have to be cautious.

“Desolate Martial, let’s make a deal!”

Yuwen Wushuang judged the situation. Seeing that he could not escape, he said in a deep voice, “If you kill me, the Essence Spirit of that pure gold lion will be severely injured as well!”

“How about I break my blood oath with her and you release me?”

The Golden Lion’s heart skipped a beat and he wanted to speak but hesitated.

As long as Ke Ke could get out of this unscathed, he was willing to trade his own life, let alone spare Yuwen Wushuang!

Although his leg was broken by Yuwen Wushuang, as long as Ke Ke was fine, the suffering was nothing.

However, now that Su Zimo was in control of the situation, he could not say much and merely looked at the pure gold lion with a worried expression.


Seemingly sensing the Golden Lion’s intentions, Su Zimo pondered for a moment before nodding. “Release the blood oath and I’ll spare your life!”

“That won’t do! You have to make a Dao oath. What if you renege on your words?”

Yuwen Wushuang was still worried.

“If I say that I’ll spare your life, I won’t kill you,”

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold as he exerted strength in his palm and squeezed Yuwen Wushuang’s Essence Spirit, saying frostily, “Don’t push your luck!”


Sensing the killing intent in Su Zimo’s heart, Yuwen Wushuang did not dare to make any more demands.

He chanted a mental sutra and a drop of soul blood floated out of his consciousness. It looked like a lion and emitted a faint demonic qi as it flew towards the pure gold lion.

The pure gold lion hurried forward excitedly.

The moment the drop of soul blood returned to her body, she shuddered and the invisible shackles that were initially covering her body were suddenly released!

She was overjoyed and roared into the skies, charging towards the Golden Lion.

Nine years later, they finally reunited.

Their foreheads were pressed tightly together.

The two lions did not move nor say a word. They merely looked at each other affectionately with tears s.h.i.+mmering in their eyes.

Many cultivators were touched when they saw that.

Although they were only two demon beasts, many cultivators could feel the joy and grat.i.tude of their reunion at that moment!

All living beings had spirits and emotions. It was the same for demons.

Nian Qi smiled.

Even Night Spirit’s eyes flashed with an imperceptible gentleness.

“Desolate Martial, let go of me!”

Yuwen Wushuang hollered.

Su Zimo released his grip.

Yuwen Wushuang’s Essence Spirit turned into a stream of light and entered his glabella instantly, returning to his consciousness to regain control of his body.

Endless indignance and resentment surged in his heart!

Prior to this, he was the number one Dao Being of the North Region and his reputation had already reached its peak – no one in the same realm could match him.

However, in just a dozen breaths, all his glory and past were shattered by the green-robed cultivator before him!

“We can’t let this matter go just like that!”

Yuwen Wushuang lowered his head slightly and glanced at Su Zimo who was standing not far away from him. Suddenly, a bold thought popped into his mind!

Previously, he wanted to fight Su Zimo in melee combat but did not succeed.

But now, they were merely an arm’s length apart!

Wasn’t this a G.o.d-given opportunity?

If he suddenly attacked and killed Dao Being Desolate Martial here, it wouldn’t matter even if he was defeated earlier on!

Although this method was dishonorable, everything was worth it as long as it could kill Dao Being Desolate Martial!

His reputation would not decrease. Instead, it would increase!

The moment that thought flashed through his mind, he could no longer contain it and it grew rapidly.

Yuwen Wushuang felt his heart thumping wildly!


He took a deep breath and tried his best to stabilize his emotions. He refused to look at Su Zimo, afraid that he might alert the latter and fail.


All of a sudden!

Without any warning, Yuwen Wushuang suddenly raised his head. His eyes shone with a cold glint as he roared and lunged towards Su Zimo!

However, the moment he raised his head, his heart skipped a beat.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already turned around and was looking at him with a fake smile.

That pair of deep eyes seemed to have seen through all his thoughts!

“Not good!”

Yuwen Wushuang was alarmed. “He was prepared!”

Right then, Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with a demonic glint. His pupils were pitch-black as though they were emitting a strange demonic power!

Yuwen Wushuang was stunned.

He exchanged glances with the pair of demonic eyes and felt a little dazed.

His movement techniques, speed and actions turned sluggish.

However, Yuwen Wushuang woke up before long!

Ocular technique!

His heart skipped a beat and revealed a flaw – Su Zimo’s ocular technique had taken advantage of it and affected his mind!

Yuwen Wushuang’s heart sank gradually.

Although he woke up swiftly and was merely dazed for a brief moment, that was enough for an opponent of Desolate Martial’s level!

A palm had already appeared above his head.

It was Desolate Martial’s palm.

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