Chapter 1156: On the Verge

It was not only the Yuwen Clan. Many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present had ugly expressions.

They felt embarra.s.sed that Su Zimo could do whatever he wanted at the North Region Dao Meet.

“Desolate Martial, don’t be too arrogant!”

A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Yin Ghost Sect said coldly, “This is the North Region Dao Meet and there are Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present. You’re not allowed to be insolent here!”

“Desolate Martial, release him!”

The Dharma Characteristic of the Yuwen Clan hollered.

At that moment, Yuwen Wushuang was lying in Su Zimo’s footsteps, looking extremely miserable as he howled.

One of his palms was crippled by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

Now, one of his legs was crippled as well.

Unless he could find the primordial divine spring or cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm…

Otherwise, there was no way he could recover from such a serious injury!

His path as a paragon would come to an end as well.

All the cultivators looked at Yuwen Wushuang with complex expressions and were filled with emotions.

The former number one Dao Being of the North Region was reduced to such a state because of a demon beast and his dignity was trampled on…

“Release him?”

Su Zimo sneered coldly. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Yuwen Wushuang’s hair, pulling him up from the ground!

“W-What else do you want?!”

Yuwen Wushuang had already broken down completely and his voice was trembling.

“Do you remember what you just said?”

Su Zimo looked at Yuwen Wushuang and said slowly, “You wanted the four of us to kneel to you before you were going to let us go, did I remember correctly?”

Yuwen Wushuang’s body shuddered.

“Who gave you the guts to ask me to kneel?!”

Su Zimo’s tone was sinister and murderous!

Back when he was still a mortal, he dared to go against a Golden Core and was unwilling to bend his knees.

Right now, he was Dao Being Desolate Martial!

Ten years ago, he killed eight t.i.tular disciples and was known as the number one Dao Being of Tianhuang Mainland. No one dared to look down on him!

Even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords would not dare to say something like that, let alone a Void Reversion like Yuwen Wushuang!

In other words, no one in the same cultivation realm could afford to have Desolate Martial kneel to them!

“Since you like making people kneel so much, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

After saying that, Su Zimo suddenly extended his leg and kicked Yuwen Wushuang’s other knee!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A tremendous force surged into his knee.

Yuwen Wushuang’s knee was crushed into dust!

That was equivalent to both his legs being crippled!

Yuwen Wushuang could not hold on any longer and knelt down with a thud.


He shrieked.

The physical and mental torture almost made him faint!

Yuwen Wushuang was completely crippled!

A thought flashed through the minds of the cultivators when they saw that.

There was no sympathy or pity in everyone’s hearts.

The cultivation world was cruel and unpredictable.

Furthermore, Yuwen Wushuang asked for it.

If he had retreated obediently during the first transaction, he might have been able to save a leg.

However, he still wanted to kill Su Zimo but was captured by the latter. It was only right even if he had to die, let alone lose both his legs!

“Desolate Martial Junior, you’ve gone too far!”

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of the Yuwen Clan could not hold it in any longer. He even summoned his Destiny Dharmic Sword and attacked Su Zimo uncontrollably!

“Desolate Martial, don’t get”

Dao Lord Mu Yu said coldly, “Although it’s not appropriate for us to attack you, there are thousands of Void Reversion paragons present. How long can you last if all of them swarm you?”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo sneered, “The North Region Dao Meet has already fallen to such a state where you guys want to gang up on me shamelessly?”

“Although you’re a human, you travel with fiend demons and become sworn siblings with them. You’re incomparably savage and are no different from fiend demons! It’s only right for us human paragons to kill fiend demons!”

Dao Lord Bai Ling’s words were filled with righteousness.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo seemed to have turned into a heinous fiend demon that killed people like flies – he was not tolerated by the world!

Even if all the cultivators ganged up on Su Zimo, they would be backed by a legitimate reason.

A series of spirit consciousness fluctuations emanated from the dozens of stone pillars in midair.

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the many major clans present were sending voice transmissions to their Void Reversion paragons, telling them to prepare to attack!

Almost all the ten upper sects, four gentry clans, two ancient aristocratic families and many factions of the North Region had some grudges with Su Zimo.

Most geniuses from these sects died in the hands of Su Zimo during the battle in the Great Qian Ruins.

Right now, those Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not watch Su Zimo do whatever he wanted at the North Region Dao Meet!

Getting a Void Reversion to make a move was not considered as crossing a major cultivation realm to deal with Su Zimo. Even if the Mahayana Patriarch knew about it, he could not say anything.

Upon receiving the order, the paragons glared at Su Zimo with restless gazes.

Desolate Martial’s combat strength was indeed powerful.

However, they had the advantage in numbers!

Two fists were no match for four hands. No matter how strong Desolate Martial was, could he defend against the encirclement of the paragons?

Even though the sword qi was terrifying, it could only target one or two people.

Desolate Martial’s Dharmic powers would eventually be depleted!

Of course, there were some cultivators who secretly withdrew and chose to stand by idly.

These people had witnessed Su Zimo’s methods in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

In their opinion, there were only two options if these people wanted to gang up and kill Desolate Martial – either the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present had to attack or the eight dead t.i.tular disciples had to revive.

Otherwise, the Void Reversions in Qian Heaven City might not be enough to handle Desolate Martial!

In the crowd, Uncle Zheng said in a low voice, “Desolate Martial is way too sharp! As the saying goes, steel that is too tough will snap with ease. To think that despite the calamity he experienced 10 years ago, he’s still unable to understand that logic.”

You Lan smiled bitterly without saying anything.

She could no longer see through this person.

“Desolate Martial, you’re cruel and call fiend demons your brothers. You deserve this outcome!”

Dao Being Hundred Ghost said coldly and was the first to step forward.

“Desolate Martial, your combat strength is indeed strong.”

Dao Being Zi Mu said in a deep voice, “In order to respect you, the North Region’s twin swords have decided to join forces to fight you!”

Dao Being Blazing Sun of Blaze Columbus Valley stood out with a scorching aura. “I heard that you know some fire techniques. It’s a good opportunity for me to learn from you.”

One after another, paragons stood out.

Many Void Reversions had long received orders and were waiting for an opportunity to strike!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was surrounded by a group of cultivators.

A murderous aura filled the air.

A ma.s.sive battle was on the verge of breaking out!

Night Spirit and Nian Qi turned slightly and protected the Golden Lion and Ke Ke within. They surveyed their surroundings with hostile expressions.

“I think you guys are mistaken about something.”

Even in the midst of the encirclement, Su Zimo’s expression was calm. “I’m here for two matters.”

“The first matter has been resolved.”

“After settling the second matter, I’ll leave and won’t affect your North Region Dao Meet.”

Dao Being Hundred Ghost sneered, “He’s spreading lies to confuse the Everyone, don’t believe him!”

“I’ll say it again. The main reason why I’m here is for two matters. I don’t want to create unnecessary trouble and incur hatred with you guys.”

Su Zimo replied, “I did not kill anyone when I attacked earlier on. That is enough to prove my words.”

Everyone was stunned.

They realized that Su Zimo was right.

He did not kill nor did the maidservant by his side, Nian Qi.

Even Yuwen Wushuang did not die!

Su Zimo changed the topic and said coldly, “However, if you guys insist on coming to kill me, don’t blame me for starting a ma.s.sacre and dyeing Qian Heaven City with blood!”

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