Chapter 1157: You’re Too Noisy

At the North Region Dao Meet, there were many aristocratic families and paragons present alongside Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords that overlooked the entire event.

If these factions, paragons and Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were intimidated by a Void Reversion at such a grand event, they would definitely become the laughing stock of the cultivation world if news of this spread!

Those who could cultivate to the Void Reversion or Dharma Characteristic realm were all people with strong wills and it was difficult for them to be scared off by a few sentences.

In the eyes of the cultivators, it was inevitable that Desolate Martial’s combat strength would decrease significantly after reconstructing his body.

Although he had just suppressed Yuwen Wushuang forcefully, he had released extremely powerful Dharmic arts and had expended a lot of energy.

How long could he sustain such expenditure?

There were thousands of Void Reversions on their side.

On Desolate Martial’s side, even if the two lions were included, there were only five Void Reversions!

It was clear who was stronger.

Furthermore, Desolate Martial had once killed eight t.i.tular disciples – he definitely had countless treasures and secret skills!

By killing Desolate Martial, they would have a chance to split the treasures.

In reality, the cultivators who had such thoughts did not witness the battle at the Dao Inheritance Ground personally and their understanding of Desolate Martial was limited to the legends.

In fact, these paragons even doubted the authenticity of the legends!

There were even some cultivators who wanted to take advantage of the situation to steal some gains!

After Su Zimo said that, some cultivators retreated outside the battlefield with grim expressions.

They had witnessed the battle between Desolate Martial and many t.i.tular disciples before. Without witnessing it personally, it was hard to imagine how shocking that battle was!

Even if Desolate Martial’s combat strength was greatly reduced after reconstructing his body and he did not have any helpers, they intended to wait and see for the time being.


Suddenly, a sneer sounded in midair.

Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s figure swayed and suddenly, many figures appeared from his body, surrounding the entire stone platform!

Those figures looked no different from Dao Being Hundred Ghost. Even their auras, cultivation realms, expressions and voices were identical!

Ghost Parade!

Yin Ghost Sect’s secret skill!

There were extremely few cultivators who could cultivate it successfully and Dao Being Hundred Ghost relied on that secret skill to become one of the paragons of the Void Reversion realm!

A stir broke out amongst the crowd.

It was the first time for many cultivators to witness such a technique and they were shocked!

Those who could represent the North Region to partic.i.p.ate in this Dao Meet naturally had powerful trump cards and were outstanding!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

That secret skill could not be considered as a clone technique.

A clone meant that it had inherited some of the combat strength of the main body, more or less.

If Dao Being Hundred Ghost could create a hundred clones with combat strength, his reputation would be far from this level!

It was more like an illusion technique that could confuse reality!

Of course, if he were to use this illusion technique properly, it would be enough for him to manipulate his opponents in the palms of his hands!

“Uncle Zheng, can you tell which is the true body?”

You Lan asked softly.

Uncle Zheng shook his head. “I can’t tell. Even with my spirit consciousness, I can’t sense the difference between these figures.”

You Lan’s heart skipped a beat.

If even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not see through the flaw of the secret skill…

“Desolate Martial!”

The hundred figures opened their mouths at the same time and buzzed – it was impossible to tell which was the true body!

“Just because you didn’t kill anyone doesn’t mean that you’re merciful!”

Dao Being Hundred Ghost said coldly, “Instead, that’s proof of your guilty conscience because you know how to judge the situation! You know very well that the paragons of the North Region Dao Meet are gathered and even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords are present. You won’t dare to be too brazen!”

“You didn’t kill anyone because you didn’t dare…”

Before Dao Being Hundred Ghost could finish, Su Zimo swept his gaze and his body was shrouded in electric arcs. In a flash, he charged towards a figure!

Dao Being Hundred Ghost was alarmed.


Ghostly figures appeared one after another, revealing sinister expressions and killing intent as they lunged towards Su Zimo.

If any other cultivator were to face the incoming figures, they would either defend or dodge – their movement speed would definitely be affected.

However, Su Zimo’s speed did not decrease at all. Instead, it increased exponentially!

In a flash, he pa.s.sed through the figures and arrived before one of them!

He had long seen through the fact that these ghostly figures were merely illusions and did not have any combat strength at all. Naturally, he was fearless.

The reason why he was able to locate the only true body of the hundred figures was not because of his eyesight and spirit consciousness, but because of his unfathomable spirit perception!

There was no difference between the hundred ghostly figures.

However, there was only a single ghostly figure that had a killing intent that alerted his spirit perception!

Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s expression changed starkly.

He had not expected that his most reliable secret skill would be so weak against Su Zimo!

Lightning Escape was extremely fast.

By the time Dao Being Hundred Ghost realized that something was amiss and wanted to retreat, it was already too late!

Su Zimo extended his palm and spread his fingers. In a flash, he grabbed Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s throat and lifted him up!

The hundred ghostly figures dissipated completely.

All that was left was a figure that was strangled by Su Zimo. His feet were in the air, kicking wildly.

The crowd was in an uproar!

Many cultivators were still trying to determine which was Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s true body.

However, Dao Being Hundred Ghost had already fallen into Su Zimo’s hands!

“You’re too noisy.”

Su Zimo said coldly with an expressionless face.

“If you dare to kill me, don’t even think about leaving alive!”

Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s face was purple as he glared at Su Zimo and let out his final word.

“How noisy!”

Su Zimo exerted strength in his palm and crushed Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s throat. Lightning flashed and surged into Dao Being Hundred Ghost’s consciousness, shattering his Essence Spirit!

Dao Being Hundred Ghost was dead!

When Su Zimo realized that his retreat could not solve the problem, there was only one other way out!

“Kill him!”

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Yin Ghost Sect ordered with a frosty expression!

The cultivators present were already tense to begin with. When they heard the order, all of them burst forth and attacked!

With the Mystic Magnet Mountain guarding the stone platform, some metal-type Dharmic weapons were absorbed by the Mystic Magnet Mountain the moment they arrived.

Many cultivators reacted immediately and either put away their Dharmic weapons or took out weapons of other materials.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dharmic arts descended one after another.

At that moment, at least a thousand Void Reversions attacked with torrential Dharmic powers and terrifying might, almost forming a tsunami of Dharmic powers that wanted to drown Su Zimo’s group!

In the face of such power, You Lan felt her heart tremble.

Given her cultivation, she would definitely die if she was sucked into it!

Uncle Zheng protected her hurriedly and retreated outside.

The Dharmic powers tsunami crushed down with a tremendous might, as though it wanted to destroy all living beings on the battlefield!

Ke Ke’s face was pale.

Although she was at the Void Reversion realm, she had never seen such a terrifying attack!

In the face of such power, she was too insignificant. Even if she resisted, she wouldn’t be able to cause any waves in the tsunami.

The Golden Lion was someone who had experienced the battle of Myriad Phenomenon City after all. After that major event, he was able to maintain his composure right now.

“Ke Ke, don’t worry.”

The Golden Lion consoled softly.


Su Zimo chanted Sanskrit and conjured hand seals repeatedly with both hands. His black hair danced and a s.h.i.+mmering golden barrier was formed on his body!

The golden barrier enveloped the Golden Lion, Ke Ke and Nian Qi!

Su Zimo’s Dharma Characteristic was dignified like an ancient golden Buddha that stood in the midst of a raging tsunami, unmoved despite the impact of the tides!

The Immovable Foundation Seal!

Night Spirit’s figure had long vanished.

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