Chapter 1161: Demon Refinement Formation

When he saw many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords join the fight, Su Zimo’s expression turned grim. He made a prompt decision and sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness, “Retreat!”

The consecutive battles had consumed a lot of his Dharmic powers.

Most of the Void Reversions and Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the North Region were gathered at the North Region Dao Meet.

Although there were no Dao Lords from super sects present, the fact that so many paragon Dao Lords were involved was not to be underestimated.

While Su Zimo’s combat strength was strong and he even had some trump cards that could kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, he was not strong enough to take on so many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords head-on!

If it was just him and Night Spirit, they could escape unscathed at any moment.

Given Nian Qi’s strength, she might be able to break out of the encirclement as well.

However, the Golden Lion and Ke Ke might not be able to escape.

Once the battle broke out, he had to ensure the safety of the Golden Lion and Ke Ke first!

“Nian Qi, kill your way out with Seven and Ke Ke. Night Spirit and I will cover for you!”

Su Zimo immediately sent a voice transmission and gave an order.

This was Qian Heaven City and was not far from some aristocratic families.

The event held here was also the North Region Dao Meet.

The various major sects and factions would definitely receive news of the b.l.o.o.d.y battle that broke out in Qian Heaven City. If they were to be trapped in the city, they would most likely die by the time Mighty Figures of the upper sects and aristocratic families arrived!


Nodding her head, Nian Qi took the lead and charged at the front, bursting forth with golden blood qi. Like a G.o.d, she broke through the layers of obstacles and charged out of the city slowly!

The Golden Lion and Ke Ke followed closely behind and attacked continuously, trying their best to help Nian Qi resolve the pressure.

In reality, the impact they faced was not too great.

That was because most Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were already blocked by Su Zimo and Night Spirit and could not head over!

“You’re still trying to escape?”

Sensing the intentions of Su Zimo and the others, Dao Lord Bai Ling said coldly with a cold expression, “Desolate Martial, don’t even think about leaving Qian Heaven City alive today!”

“Demon Refinement Formation, activate!”

Dao Lord Bai Ling shouted.

Su Zimo’s expression changed when he heard that voice.

He suddenly recalled something.

Back in the intermediate ancient battlefield, he was plotted against by Gla.s.s Palace and fell into an Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation where he nearly died.

The Demon Suppression Formation was activated with the four Demon Revealing Mirrors on the city walls. Coupled with the unique formation patterns, it could suppress demons to the spot!

A row of Demon Revealing Mirrors were placed on the city walls of Qian Heaven City.

Initially, Su Zimo thought that the Demon Revealing Mirrors were only used to check if any fiend demons had infiltrated the city.

At that moment, when he heard Dao Lord Bai Ling’s roar, he realized that there was another use for the Demon Revealing Mirrors on the city walls!

“Desolate Martial, do you think that you can come and go as you please in Qian Heaven City?”

“How important is the North Region Dao Meet? It’s not a place where beasts like you can cause trouble!”

Many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords sneered.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

On the city wall, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were already standing there. They constantly changed hand seals and shot Dharmic powers into the Demon Revealing Mirrors beside them.

Back then, the Demon Suppression Formation only used the Demon Revealing Mirrors.

At that moment, there were ten Demon Revealing Mirrors on every wall!

Furthermore, the technique of this formation was not to suppress demons but to refine them – it was even more powerful!


The ten Demon Revealing Mirrors on the eastern wall released ten beams of light that fused into one and enveloped Su Zimo!

It was the same on the southern city wall.

A beam of light formed by the ten Demon Revealing Mirrors sped towards Night Spirit!

The Demon Revealing Mirrors on the west and north walls condensed two beams of light that enveloped Nian Qi, the Golden Lion and Ke Ke!

The speed of the beams was way too fast!

Even with Su Zimo’s reaction, he could not dodge in time.

He was enveloped by the beam of light!

Immediately after, flames ignited within the range of the beam of light and burned towards his body!


Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

The power of the Demon Refinement Formation was indeed not negligible.

Even his Green Lotus True Body felt a burning pain from the flames.

Of course, the pain was still within his tolerance.

If not for the fact that the Green Lotus True Body had received nourishment from the primordial divine spring a year ago, he would definitely suffer immensely in this envelopment by the Demon Refinement Array.

As the name suggested, the Demon Refinement Array was even more terrifying against demons!

If even the Green Lotus True Body felt pain from the flames, it was not hard to imagine what would happen if the beam of light were to land on the Golden Lion and Ke Ke.

Given the strength of the two lions, they would most likely be burned to ashes within a few breaths!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo sent out the Creation Lotus Platform with his spirit consciousness.

The lotus platform emitted a green glow that was as crystalline as jade as it spun slowly, blocking the other beam of light that shot towards the Golden Lion and Ke Ke!

The Golden Lion and Ke Ke panted slightly with pale faces and lingering fear.

A third beam of light enveloped Nian Qi.

Nian Qi’s expression changed slightly as she hollered and her blood qi surged to its limits!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Behind her, an ancient and mysterious pyramid appeared. Countless living beings knelt on the ground with pious expressions and chanted continuously.

The power of the Demon Refinement Formation forced out Nian Qi’s bloodline phenomenon!

Against the light of the mysterious pyramid, Nian Qi was like a G.o.d that could not be looked at and blocked the beam of light!

Of the four beams, Night Spirit had the easiest time dealing with it.

The beam was so fast that even Su Zimo could not dodge it.

However, the light beam could not catch up to Night Spirit at all!

His movement technique was even faster than light!

Under the pursuit of the light beam, Night Spirit even had the strength to kill the cultivators present!

On the surface, the four beams of light from the Demon Refinement Array seemed to have been blocked by Su Zimo and the others, neutralizing them one by one. However, the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present knew that victory was within their grasp!

The golden-haired girl was already rooted to the ground by the beam of the Demon Refinement Formation.

Although the two lions were not threatened by the Demon Refinement Array, without the golden-haired girl’s help, they were most likely doomed under the attacks of many cultivators.

As for Dao Being Desolate Martial’s combat strength, it was greatly reduced as well!

At the very least, his Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Creation Lotus Platform, was locked down by a beam of light!

The unknown demon in black was the only one left – there was nothing to fear!

“Everyone, kill this lad right now!”

Dao Lord Bai Ling’s aura burst forth as he shouted.

“That’s right, everyone, don’t hold back!”

Immediately, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords responded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One after another, gigantic figures charged out of the bodies of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and rose from the ground. They were dozens of feet tall and looked down at the battlefield with immense might!

A Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

This was the most powerful technique of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

Prior to this, Su Zimo had used his strongest trump card to kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords because he did not want to give them the chance to use their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics.

Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics could manipulate the power of the Heaven and Earth with a single move. Even with Su Zimo’s combat strength, he would find it troublesome!

But now, Dharma Characteristic after Dharma Characteristic rose against the tide and stood in the Qian Heaven City like gigantic G.o.ds with torrential auras!

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