Chapter 1075: Ordinary Sword Moves

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Yang Jing and Ai Liang were nervous. They didn't know what Jiang Chen's relationship with the Wizard Clan actually was.

As Ai Liang looked at Ji Hai's undecipherable face, he didn't know what he should say in reply.

"That's right." As Ai Liang faced Ji Hai's ice-cold gaze, he found himself forced to say something.

"If you get a suitable opportunity, kill him," Ji Hai said.

Upon hearing this, Ai Liang gave a sigh of relief, and said, "I have never planned to let him off the hook."

On the other side of the city in the Sword Pavilion, the magical clone Lu Ping was beginning his practice with a sword. The Sword Pavilion's disciples were all curious about Wu Ming's skill and wondered what changes Lu Ping would go through once he began his studies. This was why the disciples went to Wu Ming's residence, and they found Lu Ping practicing with his sword nearby.

They were disappointed to discover that the moves Lu Ping was practicing didn't seem outstanding at all. In fact, they were ordinary and mediocre. They weren't at all in keeping with the Sword Pavilion.

"Does he want him to start from scratch?" someone asked, trying to guess what might be going on.

Lu Ping's sword moves were all entry-level moves like hacking, thrusting, waving, and so on. But strangely enough, Lu Ping was concentrated entirely on them even though they seemed simple. The disciples felt endangered by this.

"Let's come back again tomorrow to have a look at him." The disciples couldn't discern anything, and they left while still confused.

The next day, they found Lu Ping once again up on the mountain. He was still practicing with his sword and using the same moves as before. They were still entry-level moves.

"Since he already reached such a Realm Level, he should have managed to master the beginner moves in a single day, shouldn't he?"

"It seems like Wu Ming is really freeloading."

"Isn't such incompetent teaching hampering his student's progress?"

The students started discussing this matter spiritedly. They were all irritated by this and hoped that Lu Ping would quickly make some achievements and demonstrate the high standard of the Sword Pavilion.

All of a sudden, Lu Ping walked toward them.

"You shouldn't insult my revered master. If you open your mouth again, don't blame my sword for being merciless."

Lu Ping's gaze swept over the students, and he spoke in a resolute and ice-cold tone.

This was the highest standard of appearance transformation. Jiang Chen had taken on the role of another character, even acting and speaking in a different way.

The students were taken aback at first. They were all annoyed by this.

"Did you start hallucinating while practicing? You can flaunt your might in the martial arts club. But now you are in the Sword Pavilion, yet you still take yourself for one of the best? Passing the test just demonstrates your talent, not your power."

"That's right. Moreover, do you know which person you took as a master? I really wonder whether you still have a brain!"

"You should quickly go and ask for the great master's help! Ask him to help you change your teacher. If you don't, you will end up getting kicked out of here."

"You are really ignorant."

"Let's see how amazing you are."

"You are just a guy begging for food in the martial arts club! You are as petty and lowly as dust. Don't take yourself for someone important."

More than ten students of the Sword Pavilion were infuriated by Lu Ping, and they all pulled out their swords.

The Sword Pavilion didn't forbid the students from fighting, and they could fight as much as they wanted as long as no one was killed. As a matter of fact, it was difficult for someone to lose their life here because restrictions were set on the Sword Pavilion, and they couldn't use their Starry Sea's power here.

They could only use their Sword Doctrine, while their bodies still possessed a Star Venerable's defensive power and recovery ability. That was why their lives wouldn't be in danger if they were injured by opponents who couldn't use their Starry Sea's power. However, such a matter would still be a great humiliation.

The Sword Pavilion tacitly allowed such a matter because it hoped that doing so would help the students quickly become stronger.

Most of Jiang Chen's opponents had learned a Sword Doctrine, and their mastery over it was at a varied level. They still all vastly surpassed the magical clone, who had been deprived of his Sword Doctrine.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen didn't need to constrain himself now, and he could fight to his heart's content because he didn't possess his Sword Doctrine's assistance. However, what came with it was a grave sense of danger, as well as a feeling of weakness. Jiang Chen then felt like he understood why his master had taken such an action.

However, even if he was facing a large number of people, and there was a large disparity between their sword techniques, Jiang Chen still wouldn't be easy to defeat. What was more marvelous was that Jiang Chen had just used the simple sword moves he used on his sword practice.

The sharp contrast between Jiang Chen's moves and his opponents' spectacular moves gave his technique an indescribable charm. They seemed natural and smooth in comparison to those of the students.

The voice of his master sounded in Jiang Chen's ears. "Since the moment you raised a sword, you took part in many other affairs. This is an unavoidable matter, and something you will realize it in four or five years with your talent. This will allow you to change yourself. In the end, you will manage to comprehend transcendence-level Doctrine Power. However, now that you have become my disciple, I will turn those four or five years into just four or five weeks."

Jiang Chen had always been fond of boasting but felt like his master could probably teach him the art of boasting!

He had been practicing basic sword moves for a whole day, and he was as confused as everyone else. But, geniuses and ordinary people had a different concentration power, and even though he wasn't sure of the method, he still engrossed himself entirely with it.

It was only when Jiang Chen started fighting that he realized how much progress he had made. This matter could be detected more clearly because they were now in the Sword Pavilion.

Jiang Chen's opponents also realized this, and those angry students realized that Jiang Chen had made great progress since he walked down the Sword Road. Even though it didn't seem like he possessed any outstanding traits, Jiang Chen still wouldn't fall down no matter what happened.

In the end, some of the students' swords fell to the ground. In the Sword Pavilion, such a matter was tantamount to defeat. If they picked up their swords and came at Jiang Chen once again, they would be mocked. The people who had been defeated by Jiang Chen drew back in order to observe the battle from a different angle. They were all surprised to discover that when Lu Ping fought, he seemed like their teachers.

The teachers didn't need to use any sword techniques, and they could depend upon the simplest moves to defeat their enemies.

After a short while, everyone had been defeated, and their swords fell to the ground.

Lu Ping sustained many injuries, but it seemed like he didn't care about them.

"What are you doing?"

While the mood was still awkward, a soft shout was heard. The students witnessed a person a hundred meters away. In the blink of any eye, the person covered the distance. It was Lin Shuangyue!

She was wearing the long outfit of the Sword Pavilion's long outfit. Such an outfit seemed more beautiful when it was worn by her.

"Does bullying a newcomer gives you a sense of fulfillment?" Lin Shuangyue revealed her other face, and she glared at the people who had been fighting Jiang Chen.

"Senior sister, we didn't do it." The students all claimed that she had the wrong idea.

"You still have the nerve to say that you haven't done anything but look at what you have done to him!" As Lin Shuangyue spoke, she noticed that all students were injured with their swords on the ground.

Lu Ping had sustained more injuries than the rest, but he still held his sword in his hand.

"Did you win?" Lin Shuangyue found this matter unbelievable.

"Senior sister, there is something strange about this guy," one of the defeated students said. He picked up his sword from the ground and left.

All students walked away, leaving Lin Shuangyue alone with Jiang Chen.

"How did you manage to achieve it?" Lin Shuangyue didn't have any qualms about staying alone with him, and as Jiang Chen recalled how she had run toward him to ask for a sword, he realized that this woman had both a strong and soft side.

"We can't use Starry Sea's power here," Jiang Chen said.

"I know, and you also can't use it. The people you have defeated are all middle-grade students," Lin Shuangyue said quickly.

It was only because they couldn't use their Starry Sea's power that Jiang Chen's victory seemed more amazing.

The Sword Pavilion's students were divided into low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, and special-grade students. If someone stayed in the same grade for a long time, he would be kicked out of the Sword Pavilion.

Lu Ping was just a low-grade student who came here two days ago, and this was why Lin Shuangyue was bewildered by what had occurred.

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