Chapter 1163: Imminent’s Strike

After the three of them appeared, Ke Ke could clearly sense that the Golden Lion’s emotions had changed from despair to ecstasy!

“Who are they?”

She could not help but ask.

The Golden Lion grinned widely. “It’s Brother Monkey, Brother Tiger and Sister Qing Qing! I told you about them before! They’re all here!”


Ke Ke exclaimed softly with disbelief in her eyes.

She had once heard from the Golden Lion that Brother Monkey and the others were in the Thousand Demon Valley of the Middle Continent. To think that they would cross a major region to arrive here!

However, a look of worry soon crossed Ke Ke’s face.

“There are only three of them and they’re all at the Void Reversion realm… Sigh, they’ll probably be in danger if they help us.”

She sighed softly.


The Golden Lion swept away his initial dejectedness and was filled with pride as he shouted, “Don’t be afraid! As long as we siblings join forces, we can go anywhere in the world! What’s a mere Qian Heaven City to us?!”

There were only three Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords – two of them controlled the ten Demon Revealing Mirrors – and dozens of Void Reversions on the city wall.

Everyone could not help but frown when they saw monkey and the other two.

“Where did this beast come from? He doesn’t know what’s good for him and came knocking to us?!”

A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord said coldly.

The reason why there were Demon Revealing Mirrors and Demon Refinement Formations in Qian Heaven City was to prevent fiend demons from infiltrating the city.

It had been a long time since a fiend demon dared to invade the Qian Heaven City for so many years, let alone wreak havoc at the North Region Dao Meet today!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord on the city wall did not take the three mid-level fiend demons who were equivalent to Void Reversions seriously at all.

“I’m from the Thousand Demon Valley of the Middle Continent!”

Monkey was fearless against Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord and grinned. “How dare you bully my brother? I’ll show you what I’m capable of!”

“Die, beast!”

Many Void Reversions shouted and attacked.


Monkey’s feet landed heavily on the ground, causing the city wall to shake. Cracks appeared on his feet and spread in all directions!

The crowd was shocked!

How much power was that?


He thumped his left chest and let out a dull thud.

The hearts of many cultivators skipped a beat!

Monkey charged into the crowd and some Void Reversions could not dodge in time and were smashed into a blood mist, dying on the spot!

A blank s.p.a.ce appeared behind monkey!

Among the seven of them, apart from Su Zimo and Night Spirit, monkey was the strongest.

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, monkey could fight against the Rakshasa and G.o.d race experts with his full strength!

His bloodline was shocking and his body was strong. Many Void Reversions Dharmic weapons could not pierce through his skin.

Monkey did not use any methods and merely charged forward. Yet, none of the Void Reversions on the city walls could stop him!

“Demon monkey, don’t be arrogant. Watch me suppress you!”

Two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were still controlling the Demon Revealing Mirrors to sustain the Demon Refinement Formation. The remaining Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord yelled and soared into the air.

The person raised his hand slightly and a silver light flashed.


In the blink of an eye, the silver light descended on monkey’s body and coiled around it, tightening and emitting beams of light!

Demon Suppressing Rope!

In the cultivation world, there were many secret skills and Dharmic weapons that targeted demons.

The Demon Revealing Mirror was one of them.

The Demon Suppressing Rope was also a Dharmic weapon like that.


Monkey’s gaze focused as his blood qi circulated and his flesh expanded, wanting to break free from the Demon Suppressing Rope.

The Demon Suppressing Rope shone with a bright silver light and tightened instead!

“Fufu, demon monkey, the more you struggle, the tighter the Demon Suppressing Rope is bound!”

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord had a smug expression as he said in a deep voice, “If you kneel down, beg for mercy and sign a blood oath with me right now, I’ll allow you to be my spirit beast and cultivate with me!”

He was confident.

The Demon Suppressing Rope was a supreme-grade Dao Lord Dharmic weapon. Given the strength of this Void Reversion demon monkey, there was no way it could break free!

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

How could monkey listen to his nonsense? He channeled his blood qi continuously and his body expanded under the restraints of the Demon Suppressing Rope!

Creak! Creak!

There was even a sound coming from the Demon Suppressing Rope.

However, as the person mentioned, the more he struggled, the tighter the Demon Suppressing Rope became – it even dug deep into his fles.h.!.+

“Hmph, let’s see how long you can last, demon monkey!”

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord sneered.

Monkey’s eyes were bloodshot.

A blood stench emanated from his body as well!

Monkey was the most terrifying in his berserk state where his combat strength would reach its limits!

Buzz! Buzz!

Due to monkey’s immense strength in struggling, the Demon Suppressing Rope had already left streaks of blood on his body.

Fresh blood oozed from the wound.

The blood seemed to contain an extremely strong power that tainted the Demon Suppressing Rope.

The silver light on the Demon Suppressing Rope flickered and dimmed rapidly!


The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord’s expression changed.


Right then, monkey suddenly opened his mouth and raised his head, letting out an enraged roar. The blood qi in his body burst forth as he exerted strength and broke free of the Demon Suppressing Rope with a bang!

The Demon Suppressing Rope was tainted by the demon blood and lost its Dharmic powers. It was torn apart by monkey and scattered on the ground.

“You beast…”

When he saw the scene before him, that person was shocked and could not help but gulp.

Being stared at by monkey’s bloodshot eyes, he felt his scalp tingle and his hairs stood on end!


Without any time to think, that person summoned his flying sword and transformed into a cold beam of light that pierced towards monkey’s glabella.


Monkey’s large hand slapped on Imminent.

The golden rod jumped up from his shoulder and expanded continuously with a blinding golden light, colliding with the incoming flying sword!


A crisp sound rang out when the flying sword collided with Imminent.

With a slight pause, cracks appeared on the sword!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord’s pupils constricted!

The golden rod was getting closer and larger in his vision!


Imminent extended all the way and smashed the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord’s body into smithereens – his flesh and spirit were both destroyed!

The expressions of the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords who were controlling the Demon Revealing Mirrors changed drastically.


Monkey landed on the city wall and soared into the skies, crossing over the heads of many Void Reversions and arriving above the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords. His demonic qi was torrential and his blood eyes were terrifying!


He roared and swung his gigantic golden rod towards the ten Demon Revealing Mirrors with a flash of golden light!

That aura and power were way too strong!

It was simply devastating!

Under the envelopment of the rod, the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords did not dare to take it head-on and retreated!


Imminent crashed down, smas.h.i.+ng heavily against the Demon Revealing Mirrors with its golden body.

All ten ancient mirrors were shattered by Imminent’s strike!

The light beam that was initially on Nian Qi dissipated instantly.

Nian Qi’s spirit was invigorated as her bloodline phenomenon that was about to disperse took form once more and fought in all directions!

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