Chapter 1166: Challenge Xuan Yu

Dao Being Wind Flame cultivated the Gla.s.s Heart Sutra and had a powerful blood qi. In terms of the explosive power of his bloodline, he was definitely superior to the Green Lotus True Body.

However, it was a pity that he was bound by Anaconda Coil and his throat was locked. His blood qi was not smooth and even if he had 500 kilograms of strength, he could not release it!

Su Zimo’s arms were like cold, hard chains that he could not break free from.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Under the relentless pressure, Dao Being Wind Flame could even hear the sound of bones cracking from his throat!


If this continued, his throat would be crushed!

In a moment of desperation, Dao Being Wind Flame decided to abandon his body and release his Essence Spirit.

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

“Don’t move!”

The voice was very soft and was right beside his ears.

However, Dao Being Wind Flame truly did not dare to move.

He had witnessed Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit secret skill before.

Be it the green sword that was filled with a glow or the whip that shone with lightning, they were both terrifying beyond compare!

Even the Essence Spirit of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were killed instantly, so he did not dare to act rashly.

“I’m just teaching you a lesson. I won’t kill you.”

Su Zimo said slowly, “Also, help me send a message back to Gla.s.s Palace.”

Right then, Dao Being Wind Flame felt his throat relax – Su Zimo’s arm had already retreated.

Dao Being Wind Flame’s body went limp as he knelt on the ground, panting heavily.

His throat was already shattered and every single breath he took seemed like he was pulling on a bellows, letting out strange hissing sounds.

“What is it?”

Dao Being Wind Flame asked through gritted teeth.

“5th April. I want to challenge Dao Being Xuan Yu here.”

Su Zimo raised his palm and threw down a map.

There was a clear symbol on the map.


Dao Being Wind Flame burst into laughter without even looking.

The laughter caused a sharp pain in his throat, but he was oblivious to it and even burst into tears from his laughter.

“You want to challenge Senior Brother Xuan Yu?”

Dao Being Wind Flame asked once more, as though he wanted to confirm this matter.

“That’s right.”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Then, there’s something I have to tell you. Senior Brother Xuan Yu is no longer a Void Reversion but a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!”

Dao Being Wind Flame burst into laughter. “Gla.s.s Palace doesn’t have Dao Being Xuan Yu. There’s only Dao Lord Xuan Yu. Desolate Martial, you’re courting death!”

“Dharma Characteristic realm?”

Su Zimo murmured softly but was not surprised. He shook his head. “Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords are nothing to me. I’ve killed plenty of them here in Qian Heaven City!”

“Fufu, what can these Dao Lords amount to?”

Dao Being Wind Flame sneered, “A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord that died here isn’t even fit to carry Senior Brother Xuan Yu’s shoes!”

“I might as well tell you that Senior Brother Xuan Yu has already reached the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm and is the second in the Dharma Characteristic realm in Gla.s.s Palace. He has a chance to leave his name on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking!”

“You’re courting death by challenging Senior Brother Xuan Yu!”

Su Zimo frowned.

This was indeed somewhat out of his expectations.

He did not expect Xuan Yu’s cultivation speed to be so fast. In merely a hundred years, he had crossed a major cultivation realm!

This battle would be even more troublesome than he had initially imagined.

Even among those of the same cultivation realm, the difference in combat strength was immense.

For example, in Qian Heaven City, some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords had their Essence Spirits turned into ashes after a single whip from the Spirit Vanquis.h.i.+ng Whip.

However, some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could defend against the Spirit Vanquis.h.i.+ng Whip with Essence Spirit secret skills!

There were only 72 spots on the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

Every single one of them was a top Dao Lord of Tianhuang Mainland!

There was an entire major cultivation realm difference between them. If he were to fight against a Dao Lord on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking, even if he were to use all his trump cards, the outcome would be unpredictable.

“Desolate Martial, you’ve already decided that you want to fight. Are you regretting your words now?”

Afraid that Su Zimo would regret it, Dao Being Wind Flame said hurriedly, “If you want to establish your Dao and impart martial arts to the, you’ll only become a laughing stock if you go back on your word!”

“Since I’ve decided to fight, I won’t go back on my words. Go back and relay my message as is,”

Su Zimo said indifferently and left with a flick of his sleeves.

With that, Su Zimo, monkey and the others leaped onto the spirit vessel and left Qian Heaven City, disappearing into the horizon.

Someone lamented, “I’m afraid only Desolate Martial would have the guts and boldness to challenge Dao Lord Xuan Yu openly.”

“What’s the use of that? Do you really think he can defeat Gla.s.s Palace’s Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord?” Another cultivator pouted.

“How did Desolate Martial and Dao Lord Xuan Yu form a feud?”

“You don’t even know about that? More than a hundred years ago, Desolate Martial was still at the Golden Core realm and Xuan Yu was a Void Reversion. In the Great Qian Ruins, he crippled Desolate Martial’s Golden Core and forced him into Dragon Burial Valley, almost killing him!”

“I heard that it’s because of Dao Lord Xuan Yu that Desolate Martial’s kin in the mortal realm died.”

“All of you are wrong,”

When she heard the discussions around her, You Lan shook her head. “The reason why Desolate Martial challenged Dao Lord Xuan Yu was to seek justice for the people of Yan Country!”

More than a hundred years ago, 13 cities of Yan Country were almost razed to the ground by the cultivators of Gla.s.s Palace. Countless people died in exile and Yan Country was destroyed as a result.

“How did you determine that?” A cultivator asked.

You Lan pointed to the map in front of Dao Lord Wind Flame and said, “The location of the battle between the two of them is the old capital of Yan Country!”

“The old capital of Yan Country…”

“5th April, during the Qingming festival[1]… Is he going to use Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s life to commemorate the deceased?”

The cultivators gradually understood.

“Young Master, are you a little rash?”

On the spirit vessel, Nian Qi said softly with a worried expression, “Actually, it’s not too late to challenge Dao Lord Xuan Yu after you reach the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

Su Zimo shook his head. “If I were to reach the Dharma Characteristic realm, Xuan Yu would definitely not dare to accept the challenge.”

Everyone was stunned but quickly understood.

Su Zimo would not have any choice if Dao Lord Xuan Yu chose not to turn up.

Gla.s.s Palace was one of the nine immortal sects and Su Zimo was only a Void Reversion. If he barged into Gla.s.s Palace, he might die before he even gets to meet Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

“However, this battle is way too dangerous for you, young master.”

Nian Qi a.n.a.lyzed, “Dao Lord Xuan Yu will definitely do his best in this battle because he represents Gla.s.s Palace and they can’t afford to lose!”

If Dao Lord Xuan Yu was killed by Su Zimo despite the difference of a major cultivation realm, Gla.s.s Palace’s reputation would definitely plummet.

Ke Ke nodded as well. “First has already revealed his trump cards for this battle. The other party will definitely be prepared…”

“It’s fine,”

Su Zimo had a calm expression. “This battle is inevitable.”

This battle was not only for himself, but also for his elder brother, Su Hong, the citizens of Yan Country and Little Fox.

Little Fox’s treasure was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Dao Lord Xuan Yu and Su Zimo had always kept that in mind.

“Right, where’s Little Fox?”

At the thought of Little Fox, Su Zimo asked curiously.

She did not appear with monkey and the others to join the battle. Initially, he thought that monkey and the others were worried that the Little Fox would be injured.

However, they had already left Qian Heaven City – why was she still not around?

At the mention of Little Fox, monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing exchanged glances with odd expressions.

[1] Chinese usually pay respects to the dead and their ancestry during this day

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