Chapter 1167: Kill!

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Little Fox?”

The Golden Lion could not help but ask when he saw the odd expressions on the three of them.

Su Zimo was in no hurry.

He could tell that monkey and the other two were rather relaxed and did not seem like Little Fox was in any danger.

True enough.

Monkey waved it off. “Nothing happened to Little Fox, but…”

He paused for a moment and said hesitantly, “We were initially at Howling Moon Mountain. However, sometime back, a woman appeared out of nowhere and took Little Fox away.”


The Golden Lion exclaimed, “You call that nothing happened?”

“Don’t be alarmed.”

Ke Ke patted the Golden Lion on the head. “Didn’t you hear what Brother Monkey said? Little Fox was taken away, not s.n.a.t.c.hed away.”

Monkey nodded with a reminiscing expression. “After that woman appeared, she wanted to take Little Fox away. Naturally, we wouldn’t let her.”

“However, she was way too strong. She did not even make a move and the pressure she exuded was enough to immobilize us!”

The Golden Lion, Nian Qi and the others were stunned.

To be able to render monkey and the others immobile with the pressure of her spirit consciousness – what realm and power was that?

Conjoint Body realm?

Or even higher?

However, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as a figure flashed through his mind. He had a vague guess.

Monkey continued, “However, that woman seems to know Little Fox and doesn’t have any enmity towards her. They chatted for a night in private before Little Fox left with her.”

“Little Fox is inexperienced and naive. Could she have been tricked?”

The Golden Lion grumbled.

Su Zimo asked, “What kind of woman was she?”

“As beautiful as a fairy.”

At the side, the spirit tiger could not help but exclaim, “Heavens, I’ve never seen such a beautiful chick before!”

If it was before, Qing Qing would have gone berserk and kicked the spirit tiger away when she heard him praise other women!

However, this time round, even Qing Qing nodded. “Indeed, she’s extremely beautiful and difficult to describe with words. Even I feel tempted when I see her.”

When he heard their remarks, Su Zimo no longer had any doubts.

Powerful strength and extreme beauty. There was probably no other woman like her in the world.

That woman should be Consort Yu who had awoken in the lava of the underground palace!

Su Zimo said, “Everyone, don’t worry. This senior is an old friend of Little Fox’s mother and will definitely not hurt her.”

“First, you know her?”

The spirit tiger asked curiously.

“Yes… we’ve met once,”

Su Zimo replied ambiguously.

The meeting between the two of them was a little awkward and Su Zimo did not want to reveal more. He changed the topic and asked, “What else did Little Fox say before she left?”

“Nothing much. She merely asked us not to worry,”

Qing Qing smiled. “She said that she might return to look for everyone before long.”

Su Zimo smiled at the thought of Little Fox blinking her big eyes and looking reluctant.

“Why aren’t you guys at Howling Moon Mountain? Why are you here?” Su Zimo asked again.

When they heard that, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing blushed and remained silent.

Monkey complained, “Don’t talk about that! Seventh and Fifth are not around while you and Little Fox left. As such, there’s only the three of us around.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Su Zimo did not understand.

Monkey rolled his eyes at the spirit tiger and Qing Qing before saying faintly, “The two of them are stuck together all day, acting as though there’s no one else around. They’re shameless and noisy. I’m almost going to throw up from watching them…”


Everyone roared in laughter.

“If you don’t run out now, I’m going to be disgusted to death!” Monkey said exaggeratedly.

Su Zimo could not help but laugh as well, shaking his head. “Monkey, really.”

It was rare for them siblings to reunite. It was as though they had returned to the days when they were laughing and cursing. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

Even Night Spirit, who was usually cold and silent, joined in with the crowd.

Ke Ke could not help but feel happy for them as she sensed the sincere and pure sibling feelings between them.

Initially, Nian Qi was worried about the arranged battle between Su Zimo and Dao Lord Xuan Yu. However, at that moment, she did not want to mention this matter anymore and break the joy, happiness and warmth she felt.

She was also immersed in it.

What was more important than a family reunion?

In less than ten days, the news of the North Region Dao Meet spread throughout the cultivation world!

Desolate Martial had returned and suppressed paragons of the same cultivation realm, even killing many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

In the end, the arrival of the Ten Thousand Demon Army forced many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords to bow their heads and admit their mistakes. The North Region was shaken and the cultivation world of Tianhuang Mainland was in an uproar!

“Ten years ago, Desolate Martial was severely injured by a Half-Martial Ancestor and his body was crippled. How could he still possess such strength?”

“I’m not sure. I heard that Desolate Martial’s body and bloodline are indeed much weaker than before. However, his Dharmic powers are vast and his Essence Spirit secret skills are terrifying. He can kill Dao Lords!”

“He’s way too terrifying! That lad’s luck is way too strong. To think he can still recover after being severely injured by a Half-Martial Ancestor!”

Everyone was shocked!

“This person has a feud with many sects and those factions are definitely not willing to see him rise. I reckon that there will definitely be people who can’t sit still!”

“This lad has a Mahayana Patriarch backing him. Which sect or faction would dare to kill him?”

“Hmph, you don’t understand. If you really want to go all out and kill a Void Reversion, there are many methods!”

Half a month after the North Region Dao Meet.

Dragon Tiger Sect.

In a secret cave abode at the back mountain of the sect, the light was dim. The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect stood inside and bowed slightly with a respectful expression.

A Grand Elder of the Dragon Tiger Sect was in seclusion in the cave abode.

This Grand Elder was a Conjoint Body realm expert!

In the depths of the cave abode where light and darkness intersected, a blurry figure was vaguely reflected.

“Just wait.”

Elder Li said slowly, “If that lad loses to Xuan Yu and dies, everything will be fine. If that lad wins…”

After a brief pause, Elder Li opened his eyes with a flash of killing intent. “I’ll head out and kill that lad!”

“But, the Mahayana Patriarch behind that lad…”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect remarked softly with a fearful expression.

“There’s no need to worry,”

Elder Li said, “Before that, I’ll declare that I’ve already betrayed the sect and have nothing to do with the Dragon Tiger Sect! This matter will not implicate the sect.”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect heaved a sigh of relief.

“Desolate Martial is way too sharp. I’m not the only one who wants to kill him.”

Elder Li said coldly, “In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong, I’ll try my best to join forces with other powers to suppress him and not give him any chance to escape!”

This was equivalent to exchanging lives!

If Desolate Martial was killed, the Mahayana Patriarch behind him would definitely attack and kill Elder Li!

“Should we wait a little longer?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect suggested, “I heard that the Mahayana Patriarch behind this lad doesn’t have much time left and is already at the end of his lifespan. As long as he dies, you won’t have to bear the infamy of betraying the sect and the danger of being hunted down by the Mahayana Patriarch.”

“We can’t wait any longer.”

Elder Li sighed. “This lad already has such combat strength at the Void Reversion realm. Once he enters the Dharma Characteristic realm, we won’t be able to hurt him even without the protection of the Mahayana Patriarch.”

“At that time, his influence would already be established and he’ll reign over the North Region. All the upper sects, aristocratic families and gentry clans will have to bow down and submit to him!”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect opened his mouth slightly with a shocked expression.

Reign supreme over the North Region with the world at his feet!

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