Chapter 1168: Audacious Demon Monkey!

It was already mid-March by the time the North Region Dao Meet ended.

It was only about 20 days away from 5th April.

On this day, a group of cultivators arrived above the old capital of Yan Country.

The leader wore green robes and had black hair that flowed down like a waterfall. His eyes were clear – it was Su Zimo.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing, Night Spirit, the Golden Lion, Ke Ke and Nian Qi stood behind him.

Su Zimo looked at his homeland with a conflicted expression.

Because the capital was trampled by the cultivators of Gla.s.s Palace in the past, it had long been reduced to ruins and no longer flourished.

After more than a hundred years, this place was still deserted.

There were some dilapidated walls and courtyards that might still have some traces of the past.

Su Zimo said nothing and watched in silence.

Tears welled up and his vision gradually blurred.

Too many things had happened in this capital and homeland.

He was born here.

That night, the Su family met with a calamity. Su Hong’s face was slashed and his head was almost split into two!

Su Hong brought him and Xiaoning out of the capital. They were forced to leave their hometown and had to hide their ident.i.ties!

Many years later, he killed his way back singlehandedly and beheaded the King of Yan in this capital!

Later on…

The capital was destroyed and countless living beings were buried here.

His old friends, Liu Yu, Yuchi Huo, Song Qi… the black armored cavalry were all buried under this ruin!

The first time he had the intention to establish his Dao Heart was here!

In a daze, Su Zimo seemed to see an old man in his twilight years standing on the ruins with tears streaming down his face!


Su Zimo called softly.

The old man vanished silently.

Su Zimo quickly realized that it was merely a figure in the depths of his memories.

Everything was no longer there.

Nian Qi and the others did not understand why Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with tears. They could not understand his feelings and longing for this land either.

“I am fine,”

After a long time, Su Zimo said, “I’ll stay here for the next few days and prepare to fight Xuan Yu. Don’t worry.”

He had already cultivated to the peak of the late-stage Void Reversion realm before the North Region Dao Meet.

After a huge battle and returning to his homeland, he could already sense the opportunity to break through!

The next realm was the perfected Void Reversion realm!

“Let’s go. Don’t disturb him.”

Monkey waved his hand and pointed into the distance. “I’ll let you guys take a look at the place where I first met First! Hehe, I was once the king of that forest!”


Qing Qing clapped her hands in agreement. “Just nice, Brother Monkey can tell us about your glorious past.”

“No problem!”

Monkey seemed to have recalled something as he grinned. “By the way, Night Spirit was also brought out from that forest when he was still an egg!”

After monkey’s antics, everyone felt much more relaxed.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll stay here to accompany the young master.”

Nian Qi said, “If you want to break through, you’ll have to have someone guarding you.”

Although she wanted to take a look and listen to monkey talk about the young master’s past, nothing was more important to her than Su Zimo’s safety.

“Let’s go then.”

The spirit tiger beckoned. “Sister Nian Qi, let us know if anything happens.”

“Don’t worry, First is about to fight Dao Lord Xuan Yu. Before that, no one should come looking for trouble with First.”

Qing Qing a.n.a.lyzed.

After bidding farewell, monkey led everyone towards Cang Lang Mountain Range.

Su Zimo descended slowly and arrived at the only intact hall in the palace. He murmured, “Let’s do it here.”

“Alright, young master, go cultivate. I’ll guard outside.”

Nian Qi stood outside the door with a focused expression like a little door guardian.

Monkey led everyone towards Cang Lang Mountain Range.

If it was any ordinary person, they would take at least a month or two to reach Cang Lang Mountain Range from the old capital of Yan Country.

However, monkey and the others were all at the Void Reversion realm. As they sped along, they arrived above Cang Lang Mountain Range in less than two hours!

“Is this the place?”

Looking at the extended mountain range beneath their feet, the spirit tiger and the others looked around curiously.

Initially, this mountain range was boundlessly vast.

However, it was far inferior compared to the Thousand Demon Valley of the Middle Continent!

Cang Lang Mountain Range could not even compare to a corner of Howling Moon Mountain, let alone Thousand Demon Valley!

Monkey and the others looked extremely relaxed as they gazed at the mountain range beneath their feet.

Thousand Demon Valley was like a vast ocean.

However, Cang Lang Mountain Range was merely a shallow beach.

Monkey and the others were fiend demons that had fought their way out of the ocean. Now that they looked back at the shallow beach, they naturally did not take it seriously.

Given their cultivation, they could cover more than half of Cang Lang Mountain Range with their spirit consciousnesses!

“Right there!”

Monkey led everyone through the air above the mountain range and pointed to a valley not far away, grinning. “This is where I first met First.”

“At that time, First was in a terrible state and was almost devoured by a pack of wolves. Thankfully, I appeared in time, hehe!”

At the mention of that, monkey was still proud.

The spirit tiger pouted in disapproval.

However, he did not dare to refute or mock monkey, afraid that he would anger the latter into beating him up.


Right then, a figure soared into the air and stopped monkey and the others in their tracks.

The person was clad in purple armor and exuded a demonic aura. His gaze was sharp as he glared at monkey and the others with an unfriendly expression.

Monkey and the others could clearly see that the intruder was also a demon and his true form was a purple-winged eagle.

The purple-winged eagle asked in a deep voice, “Which mountain are you from? Why did you barge into Cang Lang Mountain Range without permission?”


The spirit tiger whistled and teased, “Brother Monkey, these cubs of Cang Lang Mountain Range sure are impressive!”

Monkey grinned as well. He looked at the purple-winged eagle not far away and nodded. “Not bad, not bad. When I left, there were no fiend demons in Cang Lang Mountain Range. To think that there would be a fiend demon now, even though it’s a low-level one.”

Low-level fiend demons were equivalent to Nascent Souls.

Of course, low-level fiend demons were nothing in the eyes of monkey and the others.

The spirit tiger was one of the Territorial Lords of Howling Moon Mountain and had countless fiend demons under his command. He was used to calling them cubs and children.

When he saw a low-level fiend demon, he naturally blurted out the word ‘cub’.

Unexpectedly, the purple-winged eagle’s expression darkened as it glared at the spirit tiger and the others with hostility. “Does that mean that you guys want to offend my Cang Lang Mountain Range?”

Monkey waved it off and said proudly, “Offended my a.s.s! I’m the king of the mountains here!”

“Audacious demon monkey!”

The purple-winged eagle’s expression changed as it hollered, “There’s a Territorial Lord in Cang Lang Mountain Range. How dare you spout nonsense here!”

After holding it in for a long time, Qing Qing could not help but burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha! I’m dying of laughter!”

The spirit tiger could not stop laughing as well.

The Golden Lion and the others snickered at the side, watching monkey make a fool of himself.

Along the way, monkey boasted about how impressive he was back in Cang Lang Mountain Range.

To think that he would be berated by a low-level fiend demon the moment he arrived!

Furthermore, he was scolded as a demon monkey!

Monkey was equally depressed.

Even at Howling Moon Mountain, no one dared to scold him as a demon monkey. To think that he would be snubbed the moment he arrived at Cang Lang Mountain Range.

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