Chapter 1169: Paradise

The most amusing thing was that the purple-winged eagle before them was merely a low-level fiend demon.

However, this low-level fiend demon did not show any fear when he saw the group of mid-level fiend demons and even dared to stand out and berate them!

Was this purple-winged eagle just naive or did it have something to rely on?

With a sweep of his spirit consciousness, monkey enveloped most of Cang Lang Mountain Range and could not help but exclaim softly.

He could sense the auras of five low-level fiend demons after a brief check!

When he left, there was not a single low-level fiend demon in the mountain range.

It had only been a hundred years and so many demons had grown into fiend demons?

“Alright, I’ll cut to the chase. Who is your Territorial Lord? Get him to meet me.”

Monkey waved his hand and could not be bothered with this low-level fiend demon.


The purple-winged eagle harrumphed coldly. “Our Territorial Lord is not someone you can meet just because you want to! You better leave quickly, or else…”

“Cut the c.r.a.p!”

Monkey looked impatient and rolled his eyes. He strode forward and reached out with his palm. Dharmic powers coiled around it as he grabbed towards the purple-winged eagle.

The purple-winged eagle’s expression changed.

There was no time to think. It channeled its blood qi and wanted to transform into its true form to escape from monkey’s attack range.

Unexpectedly, monkey released a ma.s.sive spirit consciousness that descended and suppressed it!

Under the envelopment of the spirit consciousness, the purple-winged eagle’s blood qi was almost stagnant and could not be activated – it could not even conjure its true form!

“How strong!”

The purple-winged eagle’s heart sank.

This was not only a suppression of cultivation realm, it was a suppression of bloodline!

The difference in their bloodlines caused his bloodline to be unable to put up any resistance, just like a mouse meeting a cat.

Monkey’s furry palm covered the skies.

A huge shadow loomed over.

In a flash, monkey grabbed the back of the purple-winged eagle’s neck and lifted it effortlessly.

Although the purple-winged eagle was a low-level fiend demon, it was like a weak and pitiful chick being carried by monkey.


The purple-winged eagle was completely stunned.

After it was grabbed by monkey, its body stiffened and its Dharmic powers were restricted – it could not exert any strength at all.

It was subdued with a single move!

“Demon monkey, let go of me!”

The purple-winged eagle hollered with a flushed face.

“Your ramblings are too noisy!”

Monkey shook the purple-winged eagle in his hands continuously.

The purple-winged eagle felt as though its bones were about to fall apart. However, it still said weakly, “If the Territorial Lord finds out that you guys barged into Cang Lang Mountain Range and even dared to attack me, y-you… hah!”

It was dizzy from the monkey’s shaking and could not catch its breath, hence it could not continue to speak.

“Since I have nothing to do, who is your Territorial Lord? I’ll go meet him!”

Monkey had already made up his mind to teach this Territorial Lord a lesson in front of the spirit tiger and the others to regain his dignity.

“Territorial Lord of Cang Lang Mountain Range, hurry and come out!”

The spirit tiger’s voice spread to every corner of the mountain range.

There was no reply from the mountain range.

“The Overlord of Howling Moon Mountain has arrived. Why isn’t a puny Territorial Lord coming forth to greet him?!”

The spirit tiger shouted again and even revealed his ident.i.ty, raising his status further.

There was still no one from Cang Lang Mountain Range.

“What Territorial Lord? He’s so scared that he doesn’t even dare to show his face.”

The Golden Lion grinned.


At this moment, the purple-winged eagle caught its breath and gritted its teeth. “Our Territorial Lord is not in Cang Lang Mountain Range at all!”

The spirit tiger asked, “Where did he run off to?”

“Just nearby!”

The purple-winged eagle said in a deep voice, “If you guys want to suffer, I’ll bring you guys over!”

“Wow, he’s sure a big deal, eh? I’ll see for myself what sort of an amazing figure your Territorial Lord is!” Monkey sneered and asked, “How do we go?”

The purple-winged eagle raised its arm and pointed in a direction. “There’s a town more than 50 kilometers away. The Territorial Lord cultivates there all year round!”


The spirit tiger pursed his lips. “What kind of weirdo is that? As a demon, he’s not staying in Cang Lang Mountain Range. Instead, he’s cultivating in a town.”

Without another word, monkey sped in that direction with the purple-winged eagle.

Before long, they were getting closer to the town mentioned by the purple-winged eagle.

On both sides of the road, apart from some common vegetation, there were also peach trees.

Right now, it was the beginning of spring and sprouts were appearing on the branches. They were dotted with green spots and were full of life.

In the distance, a town could be vaguely seen.


Monkey frowned slightly and asked softly, “The Territorial Lord of Cang Lang Mountain Range is in this town?”

“That’s right!”

The purple-winged eagle replied.

“This should be Ping Yang Town.”

Monkey grumbled.

“What about Ping Yang Town?”

Confused, the spirit tiger and the others asked instinctively.

Monkey explained, “First was originally from Ping Yang Town. Before he started cultivating, he was a scholar here.”

The spirit tiger and the others were enlightened.

Before long, everyone arrived at Ping Yang Town.

After a hundred years, Ping Yang Town was much larger than before.

Ping Yang Town did not seem to be affected at all in this chaotic period where wars were everywhere – it was like a paradise!

The town was bustling with people and carriages.

At a glance, it was even livelier than most cities.

“The mortals in this town seem to be doing well.”

Qing Qing blinked and said in surprise.

The purple-winged eagle said proudly, “That’s only natural. With our Territorial Lord protecting the citizens, no one can harm them!”

“Over the years, the Territorial Lord has stood out to chase away many intruders that wanted to offend Ping Yang Town, similar to you guys!”

Monkey and the others exchanged glances and marveled.

As a demon and the Territorial Lord of Cang Lang Mountain Range, it was indeed strange that he would come here to protect the mortals of Ping Yang Town.

Because of that, monkey and the others were less hostile towards this Territorial Lord.

Shaking its head, the spirit tiger was surprised as well. “Indeed, it’s strange. Even mortals with strong bodies can only live for less than a hundred years.”

“Look, there are so many old men in this town who are more than a hundred years old? There’s no sign of them ever cultivating. All of them are mortals.”


Everyone swept their spirit consciousnesses and saw many old men with long lifespans.

Longevity Town?

It was already good enough to survive in this chaotic period of time, let alone enjoy longevity.

However, the mortals in Ping Yang Town lived a blissful life with rosy cheeks and healthy bodies.

When the purple-winged eagle saw the shock on monkey and the others’ faces, its expression turned even more disdainful as it said proudly, “How can you rude fiend demons understand the methods of the Territorial Lord!”

“What do you mean?”

The Golden Lion asked, “Are the lives of these mortals related to your Territorial Lord?”

“Of course!”

The purple-winged eagle said with certainty, “The Territorial Lord’s powers are boundless. It’s not something you fiend demons can understand!”

Upon hearing what the purple-winged eagle said, everyone was even more curious about this Territorial Lord.

“Is he in the town now? Why don’t I see him?”

Monkey frowned.

He released his spirit consciousness and searched for a long time but could not find any demonic qi in Ping Yang Town.

“Haha, the Territorial Lord is right here. However, it’s impossible for you guys to discover his tracks!”

When the purple-winged eagle saw monkey at a loss, it mocked loudly.

The spirit tiger, Qing Qing and the others shook their heads as well, finding nothing.

“This Territorial Lord can hide from our spirit consciousness detection?”

Monkey murmured, “Indeed, he has some tricks up his sleeves.”

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