Chapter 1171: Powerful Peach Blossom Tree


“Brother Tiger, you were careless, right?”

“It should be. Otherwise, why would he be hit by a child?”

Shaking his head, the spirit tiger stood up and panted heavily, gradually regaining his senses.

“Little child, you’ve angered me!”

He glared at the boy not far away and said fiercely.

The physical blow was secondary.

The main thing was that he was punched right in the face by the child in front of monkey and the others – that was way too embarra.s.sing!


The spirit tiger’s figure flashed and his blood qi burst forth. Thunderbolts coiled around his body and he exuded a domineering aura unique to the tiger race!


The spirit tiger roared at the boy.

A strong wind howled!

“You’re so noisy!”

The boy frowned, somewhat angry.

Initially, he wanted to teach the spirit tiger a lesson. However, he did not expect the latter to get up and even shout at him – that made him extremely displeased.


The spirit tiger felt his vision blur and the boy had already vanished on the spot!

“So fast!”

The spirit tiger’s heart sank and he did not have time to think. Waving his hand, he released thunderous might and struck forward.


Before the spirit tiger’s fist touched the boy’s clothes, his face was severely injured once more!

After a moment of dizziness, the spirit tiger realized that he was sent flying by another punch from the boy!

When he got up from the ground, both his cheeks were swollen and his head was truly as swollen as a tiger’s.

This time round, monkey and the others did not laugh.

They had fought countless battles and had sharp eyes. Naturally, they could tell that although the boy looked innocent and cute, his combat strength was extremely terrifying!

Within the same realm, there were not many demons that could defeat the spirit tiger.

Even though the spirit tiger did not take on his true form and was not at his peak condition, the boy was still in human form as well.


Monkey smacked his lips with a hint of fighting spirit in his eyes.

He loved fighting the most in his life!

Back then, when he first met Su Zimo, they stayed in that cave for half a year and fought almost everyday.

Now that he saw how strong the boy was, monkey’s hands were itching as well.

“Little child, I’ll play with you!”

Monkey grinned and stamped his foot on the ground, scurrying over. A malevolent aura surged as he reached out with his furry palm and grabbed at the boy.

As though he could tell that monkey was not weak, the boy straightened his face and focused.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The boy clashed against monkey three times consecutively without being disadvantaged!


Monkey was initially holding back, worried that he would injure the boy.

However, the two of them clashed repeatedly and monkey’s strength continued to increase. In the end, even after pus.h.i.+ng it to his limits, he could not force the boy back!

Furthermore, monkey could vaguely sense that the child still had strength left!

Monkey was fearless and delighted at the sight of his prey. He no longer held back and released all his strength to fight the boy!

“Whose child is this? He’s already so amazing at such a young age?”

Qing Qing was puzzled.

Among the seven of them, monkey was ranked third in terms of combat strength and could even fight against Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords. How was this child so powerful?

“Fifth, what are you able to tell?”

Qing Qing glanced sideways and asked.

Night Spirit pondered for a moment before saying, “Peach blossom wood is extremely powerful to begin with. In the primordial era, it was known as the Dragon Subduing Wood and the Ghost Terror Wood. Many races refer to it as the Immortal Wood.”

One could imagine how strong it was to be able to subdue dragons, ward off evil and exorcise ghosts!

“So amazing?”

Qing Qing was secretly speechless.

Ke Ke was puzzled and could not help but say, “However, there are very few peach blossom trees that are sentient in the demon realm. Even if they are sentient, they are rarely able to cultivate to this realm, let alone possess such strong combat strength.”

“That will depend on how the peach blossom tree became sentient,” Night Spirit said.

“What do you mean by that?”

Qing Qing and the others did not understand.

Night Spirit explained, “To put it simply, if the peach blossom tree is sentient after a long period of evolution and nurtured by the Heaven and Earth spirit qi, the power it can control will be limited.”

“Or perhaps it was a coincidence that it gained sentience and entered the path of cultivation. That’s normal as well.”

After pausing for a moment, Night Spirit continued, “However, it’s a different story if it gained sentience because its intellect was unlocked upon guidance by an expert.”


Qing Qing and the others asked instinctively.

Night Spirit said, “For example, if an immortal were to guide this peach blossom tree and allow it to gain sentience, that would mean that the Dao legacy of this peach blossom tree comes from this immortal!”

“Once it enters cultivation, its potential will be unimaginable!”

Qing Qing and the others understood.

There were many similar legends in Tianhuang Mainland.

It was said that immortals of the upper realm often cultivated on a green stone. Over time, the green stone gained sentience and intellect!

Even the green stone became extremely powerful and invincible once it started cultivating!

“In that case, the person who guided this peach blossom tree to gain sentience has an extraordinary background?”

Qing Qing speculated, “Could it be a Grand or Old Demon?”

A Grand Demon was equivalent to a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure.

Old Demons were equivalent to Mahayana Patriarchs!

Just as everyone was discussing, a figure fell with a bang.

In midair, the figure released his blood qi once more and barely controlled his body before landing on the ground and staggering three steps back!

The one who was beaten back was monkey!

This time round, Qing Qing and the others were truly shocked.

Even monkey could not defeat this little boy?

Night Spirit frowned slightly and murmured with a deep gaze, “The person who guided this peach blossom tree is probably much more terrifying than a Mahayana Patriarch!”

“Brother Monkey, don’t worry. I’ll help you!”

At the side, the spirit tiger rubbed his swollen face and was about to pounce forward furiously.

“Get back here!”

Qing Qing chided, “You two men, aren’t you ashamed to join forces against a child?”

The spirit tiger blushed.

He did not want to either, but he felt aggrieved!

If news of him being beaten up by a child spread, he would not be able to survive in Howling Moon Mountain anymore!

“Hmph, you bunch of bad guys, come at me together. I’m not afraid!”

Right then, the boy’s childish voice sounded.

“b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!”

At that moment, the spirit tiger could not take it anymore. Ignoring Qing Qing’s obstruction, he charged forward and scolded, “You little brat, let’s see how your Grandpa Tiger will deal with you!”

“Count me in!”

The Golden Lion could not help but join in the fun.

Monkey, the spirit tiger and Golden Lion lunged forward.


The boy conjured hand seals with both hands and shouted softly.

Suddenly, branches grew out of nowhere beneath the feet of monkey and the other two and weaved into a cage, trapping them within!

The three of them released their attacks one after another but they could not charge out at all!

Although the peach blossom tree branch looked as thick as an infant’s arm, it was unusually tough and invulnerable!


The spirit tiger and the Golden Lion reverted to their true forms.

However, the Golden Lion was still unable to cut through the peach blossom tree branch with his claws.

Relying on the four incomparably sharp tiger claws that he had fused with in the past, the spirit tiger managed to sever a few peach blossom tree branches. However, the tree branches were endless and filled the gaps rapidly.

Monkey’s condition was not much better.

He summoned Imminent and broke a few branches.

However, Imminent was entangled by the newly grown branches layer by layer and was completely entangled within!


It was only then that the boy revealed a smug expression and waved his fist. “Bad guys, do you know how strong I am now?”

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