Chapter 1172: Walloped for Nothing

Qing Qing and Ke Ke exchanged glances, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Apart from his frightening combat strength, the boy looked like a naive and adorable child.

In the cage made of peach blossom wood, the Golden Lion had already given up and laid down obediently.

He finally understood that his strength was unnecessary.

After the spirit tiger reverted to its true form, it roared in the cage and charged left and right, unable to get out despite being exhausted.

The spirit tiger gave up as well.

“Little child, you win.”

The spirit tiger said weakly.

Monkey was motionless.

He would never admit defeat!

There was no such thing as admitting defeat in his bloodline!

However, monkey felt conflicted.

Was he going to trigger the berserk power in his bloodline just because of this child?

Once he went berserk, he would become extremely dangerous!

Apart from his closest kin such as the spirit tiger and the others, he would recognize no one else. Irrational, the only thing on his mind would be to kill without any sense of propriety!

Monkey was worried that he would injure the child in his berserk state.

He could also tell that this child was kind-hearted and did not have the savage and vicious aura of other fiend demons. Instead, he had a scholarly aura.

It was a familiar feeling.

However, monkey could not recall it at that moment.

Yet, if he did not use the berserk power of his bloodline, he would truly be subdued by this child!

After he obtained Imminent, even if he was severely injured, he had never lost his weapon.

But now, even Imminent was entangled by the intertwining branches and was completely out of his control – this was unprecedented!

He could not admit defeat!

Monkey’s eyes gradually turned bloodshot.

When she saw that, Qing Qing frowned slightly with a worried expression.

She was well aware of Monkey’s bloodshot eyes and his berserk state – he was a terrifying existence that could not be controlled!

Not withstanding the increase in his speed and strength, monkey would not even feel pain and his combat strength would increase exponentially!


Just as Qing Qing was worried, the boy tilted his head and exclaimed softly, as though he had sensed something as well.

“That’s a little dangerous eh.”

The boy blinked and murmured.

Although he had never fought monkey in his berserk state before, he was extremely sharp and could already sense the danger!

The boy pondered for a moment before changing his hand seal and channeling Dharmic powers into the cage.

Suddenly, pink flower buds grew from the tree branches of the cage.

Before long, all the flower buds bloomed under the watchful gazes of Qing Qing and the others. The peach blossoms were tender and beautiful, emitting a faint fragrance that refreshed the heart!

Monkey felt his consciousness blur from the fragrance as his eyelids grew heavy and he felt drowsy.

The blood light in his eyes gradually faded as well.

After persisting for a moment, monkey could not hold on and fell with a thud in the cage, snoring loudly.

Qing Qing was dumbfounded.

That was possible?

The boy was so smart that he did not fight monkey head-on. Instead, he changed his tactics and prevented monkey from releasing the berserk power!

Of course, the fragrance of the peach blossom was also extraordinary since it could knock out monkey.

In that short period of time, monkey, the spirit tiger and the Golden Lion were suppressed by a mere child!

Qing Qing pondered. Even if she and Ke Ke went up, nothing would change.

They reigned supreme in Howling Moon Mountain and were invincible. Furthermore, they caused a huge ruckus at the North Region Dao Meet. To think that they would lose to a child in front of this insignificant Ping Yang Town.

If this child was already so strong, who knew what sort of a character the young master he mentioned was?

Of course, they were not completely defeated either.

At the very least, Night Spirit had not attacked yet!

The moment that thought flashed through her mind, Qing Qing suddenly realized that Night Spirit had disappeared unknowingly!

She seemed to have thought of something as she raised her head and looked towards the boy.

A figure appeared behind the boy silently like a ghost, staring at him expressionlessly.

All of a sudden!

Night Spirit attacked!

The boy seemed to have sensed something and darted forward.


The clothes on the boy’s arm were still torn by Night Spirit’s fingertip, revealing an arm that resembled a lotus root. His skin was tender and fair with a faint trace of blood on it.

Night Spirit exclaimed softly with a bright gaze.

Even most Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not dodge his attack.

To think that the boy’s senses would be so sharp!

Of course, he still managed to injure the boy, although the wound was extremely shallow.

The boy looked at the wound on his arm and felt aggrieved. His eyes were moist.

He turned around and glared at Night Spirit angrily, raising a pair of small fists. “Bad guy, you’ve hurt me!”

The child was innocent and did not even know how to curse.

Even though he was hurt by Night Spirit and was extremely aggrieved and furious, he could only address the latter as ‘bad guy’.

In his heart, there were only three types of people in the world.

Good people, bad people and his young master.

Night Spirit smiled at the boy’s rebuke and was not bothered.

All of a sudden!

He retracted its smile.

His gaze landed on the boy’s injured arm.

In that short period of time, the wound on the boy’s arm had disappeared without a single scar left behind!

What strong regeneration capabilities!

Night Spirit’s heart skipped a beat.

That regeneration capability was even comparable to his!

Just as Night Spirit’s mind was in a state of chaos, the boy charged forward and took a step forward. Leaning forward, he extended his arms from his abdomen and clenched his fists. His index finger protruded slightly as he thrust forward in a gentle motion!


At the same time, a stream of air spewed out from the boy’s mouth and nose, forming a strange dull sound!

Instantly, the boy’s figure seemed to vanish and was replaced by a terrifying bull demon with horns that pierced the skies!

Night Spirit saw that this move seemed familiar and was filled with killing intent. He recognized its potency and did not take it head-on as he vanished in a flash.

Without hesitation, the boy changed his stance and spun around. Protecting his chest with his left hand, he clenched his right fist and his flesh expanded, forming a gigantic seal that smashed towards his back!


The two fists collided.

Night Spirit’s figure appeared.

The boy’s eyes lit up and he changed his stance once more. Opening his fist, it suddenly turned soft and landed on Night Spirit’s palm with a coil and a tremble!


The boy’s palm landed in the void with a crisp sound.

He missed!

“Stop fighting!”

Right then, monkey’s voice sounded.

The boy could not divert his attention to control the cage while battling Night Spirit.

The spirit tiger and the Golden Lion woke up quickly.

Monkey woke up as well.

The moment he woke up, he saw the boy turn around and execute a move that he was most familiar with – Sanguine Ape Fist Seal!

A thought flashed through monkey’s mind as he shouted hurriedly.

The boy refused to stop and glared at Night Spirit angrily, shouting in a huff, “Bad guy, don’t run!”

However, Night Spirit did not move.

He recognized the origin of the moves that the child had used earlier on as well.

Monkey looked at the child and asked in a deep voice, “Little child, is your young master’s surname Su?”

“Eh, how did you know?”

The boy was stunned and asked curiously with widened eyes.

Qing Qing and the others gradually understood as well.

The spirit tiger had a glum expression as he rubbed his swollen cheek and grumbled, “b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, we’ve been fighting among ourselves the entire time. I got walloped for nothing!”

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