Chapter 1173: Life Imprint

When Qing Qing found out that the boy was related to Su Zimo, she was even happier. The more she looked at the boy, the more she liked him.

“You deserve it!”

She saw the aggrieved look on the spirit tiger’s face and could not help but laugh. “Who asked you to bully a child?”

“Sister, have you ever seen such a ferocious child?”

The spirit tiger rolled its eyes with a dark expression.

Not only did the boy suppress the three of them, he was not disadvantaged even in a fight against Night Spirit!

The Golden Lion exclaimed, “First is truly amazing. When did he nurture such a monster incarnate?”

The boy was confused and could not help but ask, “You guys know my young master?”

“More than that,”

Monkey grinned. “We’re very close to your young master and are sworn siblings. Your young master is our big brother.”

“Is that so?”

The boy tilted his head and blinked his eyes. His pitch-black eyes darted around in a skeptical manner.

Qing Qing asked curiously, “First didn’t mention us to you?”

When he heard that, a look of disappointment crossed the boy’s face. Lowering his head slightly, he said in a soft voice, “No, the young master only spoke to me twice.”

“How is that possible?”

The spirit tiger shook his head. “If First didn’t talk much to you, how did you learn all these killing moves?”

As he said that, the spirit tiger gestured twice.

“Those moves?”

The boy shook his head. “Young master didn’t teach them to me.”

“He didn’t?”

Qing Qing, the spirit tiger and the others exchanged glances – they could tell that the other party was confused.

In their impression, Su Zimo was the only one who knew those killing moves.

If it was not taught by Su Zimo, where did the boy learn it from?

“First didn’t teach you how to cultivate?”

Qing Qing asked again.

The boy shook his head. “I’ve only seen the scene when young master broke through to the Golden Core realm. After I gained sentience, those moves and some Dharmic formulations for cultivation were already in my mind.”

“That’s strange. If not for First, who else would know those moves?”

The spirit tiger murmured.

Monkey’s heart skipped a beat as a figure in blood-colored robes appeared in his mind.


He murmured softly.

Only monkey knew that apart from Su Zimo, there was another person who knew those moves!

In a night more than a hundred years ago, this mysterious woman imparted to him a Dharmic formulation of the ape race before disappearing!

Night Spirit once said that the stronger the origin of the peach blossom tree’s sentience, the greater the potential of the boy.

If that was the case, the mysterious woman was probably the one who helped the peach blossom tree gain sentience!

No wonder this boy was frighteningly strong. So, he had inherited the legacy of that mysterious woman!

Qing Qing came to the boy’s side and squatted down, asking with a smile, “How long has it been since you’ve seen your young master?”

“More than a hundred years.”

The boy counted with his fingers.

“What did your young master tell you before he left?” Qing Qing asked again.

The boy replied in a serious manner, “He told me to protect the citizens of this place!”

“So, you’ve been guarding this place for more than a hundred years?”

A gentle look flashed through Qing Qing’s eyes.

The boy nodded vigorously. “I’ve never left all these years! The citizens of Ping Yang Town have been living well too!”

“Yes, we saw that.”

Qing Qing nodded.

For some reason, everyone felt a sense of softness in their hearts when they saw the boy like that.

Even the spirit tiger’s resentment towards the boy vanished instantly.

For the sake of a single sentence, this child shouldered the heavy responsibility of protecting his people and did not take a single step away. Just how many dangers and difficulties did he experience during this period of time?

Previously, the North Region experienced the calamity of the Witch Gu but there were no signs of it happening here. It must be because of the protection of this boy.

This child did not even know when the end would be.

In fact, he didn’t even know when he could see his young master again.

All he remembered was that sentence left to him before his young master left. With that, he remained here for more than a hundred years!

The boy seemed to have let down his guard against Qing Qing and the others as he continued, “Right, I’ll also bear many peaches every year to distribute to the grannies and grandpas of the town. After consuming the peaches, they get to live for a long time!”

Everyone was enlightened.

It was no wonder why they saw so many old people in Ping Yang Town. It was because of the protection of this child!

“Seems like the legend about the peach blossom tree is true,”

Night Spirit said, “Legend has it that some immortal peaches can extend one’s lifespan by hundreds or even thousands of years after eating them!”

Of course, the boy was far from that level. The fruits he bore could only help the mortals extend their lifespans by dozens of years.

“There have been many bad guys like us over the years, right?”

Qing Qing asked with a smile.

The boy nodded.

Immediately after, he shook his head and blinked his clear eyes. He met Qing Qing’s gaze and said, “You guys are not bad. Those bad guys are truly bad!”

“Those bad guys wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h things because they were strong. They killed and bullied people everywhere. However, they were all beaten away by me!”

“You beat them away?”

Everyone was surprised and the spirit tiger could not help but ask, “You didn’t kill them?”

In their minds, they believed that they had to be ruthless to their enemies and kill them all. There was no such thing as ‘beating their enemies away’.


The boy shook his head. “I don’t know how to kill and I don’t want to kill either. Every life is precious and I don’t want to hurt them.”

To monkey and the others, those words sounded extremely ridiculous.

If they had that belief, they would not be able to survive in the cruel demon and cultivation world!

However, monkey and the others did not mock, ridicule or scoff at him.

This child’s heart was pure and kind.

The world in his eyes was also beautiful and gentle.

In his heart, every life was precious and worthy of respect.

Monkey and the others did not want to and could not bear to break the beautiful world in the child’s heart.

This child was definitely an anomaly in Tianhuang Mainland.

He was so powerful but he had never killed anyone before.

Perhaps those with such beliefs would not be able to survive in this cruel world. However, they would protect this child.

Su Zimo would protect this child!

If possible, they did not want the child’s hands to be stained with blood!

Monkey and the others did not know that it was not a coincidence that the boy possessed such conviction.

The origin of this peach blossom tree’s sentience was Die Yue.

However, in reality, apart from himself, there was another life imprint in the peach blossom tree – Zhui Feng who died in Perfected Being Cang Lang’s hands.

That was Su Zimo’s favorite mount in the past!

Back then, Su Zimo buried Zhui Feng’s ashes under the peach blossom tree with immense sorrow.

Die Yue witnessed everything.

That was the reason why Zhui Feng’s remnant soul was fused into the peach blossom tree, granting it an immortal opportunity to gain sentience and impart Dao under the tree.

Although the current boy was transformed from a peach blossom tree, he actually had the imprint of Zhui Feng within his consciousness.

Against the power of a Golden Core, Zhui Feng was defenseless and deeply felt the helplessness and pain.

That was the reason why the boy did not wish to harm any life in his consciousness.

The imprint left behind by Zhui Feng was also the reason why this boy, the manifestation of the peach blossom tree’s sentience, relied and trusted Su Zimo so much.

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