Chapter 1175: Blood Tribute

“Greetings, young master.”

The boy mimicked the scholars of the mortal world and walked forward respectfully, cupping his fists at Su Zimo.

After the peach blossom tree gained sentience, the only person it came into contact with was Su Zimo.

His actions and words would also imitate Su Zimo subconsciously, making him look like an obedient and cute little scholar.

“You’ve already cultivated to that realm?”

Su Zimo was slightly surprised.

Qing Qing and the others exchanged glances and smiled as they recounted everything that happened after they met the boy.

Su Zimo was touched when he heard the boy share his peaches with the elders of Ping Yang Town to extend their lifespans.

“Why did you do that?”

Su Zimo already had a guess but he still looked at the boy and asked gently.

The boy said, “Your kin departed more than a hundred years ago. I saw that you were devastated and thought of helping the mortals in the town live longer once I was successful in my cultivation.”

That day, when Su Zimo was under the tree and watched Su Hong pa.s.s away, he was in great pain.

The peach blossom tree witnessed everything.

However, his cultivation was still shallow back then and he could not do anything. He could only shake his tree branches and grow some peach blossoms to comfort Su Zimo.

“Come over.”

Su Zimo beckoned to the boy with a gentle gaze.

Not only did the boy have Zhui Feng’s life imprint, there were also some traces of Die Yue.

He had witnessed the scene where Die Yue imparted her Dao.

Although it was Su Zimo’s first time seeing the boy, he had an indescribable feeling towards the latter and was fond of him.

“First, this child doesn’t have a name yet. Give him one.”

Qing Qing said.

Monkey grinned. “What name do you want? You should learn from me and just call yourself Peach!”

“That’s too perfunctory.”

The spirit tiger shook his head. “If you ask me, I think we should call him Tao Potian[1]. It’ll be as domineering as my Hu Batian!”

“That’s terrible!”

Qing Qing and the others frowned in disdain.

Even the boy pouted.

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said, “There are clouds in ancient poems and the peach blossoms s.h.i.+ne brilliantly. Peaches are abundant with fruits and flesh. Peaches grow luxuriously with lush leaves. Why don’t we call you Tao Yao[2]?”


The boy smiled.

Right then, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. As though he sensed something, he stood up slowly and looked into the distance. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the endless void and land on a person!

“He’s finally here!”

Su Zimo rose slowly and pa.s.sed through the dilapidated hall. Arriving in midair, he stood on the wind.

A cultivator was flying over from the eastern horizon.

That person wore a golden Daoist robe and had his hands behind his back. He had a grim expression and every single step he took in the void seemed to be calculated accurately without any mistakes!

Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

Even after more than a hundred years, Su Zimo recognized this person at a glance.

At that moment, the sun had just risen.

Behind Dao Lord Xuan Yu, the morning sun shone with a golden glow that illuminated the world and enveloped his figure.

It was as though Dao Lord Xuan Yu was treading on light with the morning sun on his back. Under the illumination of the light, his face shone with a gla.s.s-like l.u.s.ter that was impossible to look at!

A powerful aura surged over!

When they saw that, the cultivators around the old capital were shocked!

Even though they were watching from below, they could sense the unparalleled might of Dao Lord Xuan Yu as though he was one with the world!

By cultivating to the Dharma Characteristic realm, one would be able to condense a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic. By borrowing the power of the Heaven and Earth, one’s comprehension of the Heaven and Earth was almost at its peak!

It was even more so for Dao Lord Xuan Yu.

Even the surrounding cultivators felt a sense of pressure – it was hard to imagine how Su Zimo would feel facing him head-on!

“As expected of the second strongest Dharma Characteristic of Gla.s.s Palace. To think that he could gather such might!”

The sect master of Stellar Luna Sect lamented.

As sect masters, they were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords who had been famous for a long time.

It had only been a hundred years since Dao Lord Xuan Yu entered the Dharma Characteristic realm. However, he had already surpa.s.sed many of the sect masters!

As one of the immortal sects, Gla.s.s Palace naturally had its strengths!

Blaze Columbus Valley’s Valley Master said, “There shouldn’t be any suspense in this battle after seeing Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s capabilities.”

“Desolate Martial’s trump cards have been completely exposed at the North Region Dao Meet. Dao Lord Xuan Yu represents Gla.s.s Palace in this battle and he won’t tolerate failure. He must have made thorough preparations!”

The sect master of Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect said.

The moment Dao Lord Xuan Yu appeared, even some cultivators who were initially confident in Su Zimo were shaken!

His power was on a completely different level!

Even some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present could not resist Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s aura, let alone Void Reversions!

However, unexpectedly…

Even when Dao Lord Xuan Yu was a hundred feet away from Su Zimo, the latter was still indifferent and did not retreat at all!

It was as though Su Zimo could not feel any pressure under such circ.u.mstances!

How was that possible?

“Desolate Martial, we meet again.”

Dao Lord Xuan Yu smiled gently. “To be honest, I truly did not expect you to survive and grow to this point!”

Surprisingly, the meeting between the two of them was not as tense as everyone imagined it to be.

Dao Lord Xuan Yu looked at Su Zimo with a relaxed expression without any killing intent. He continued, “I’m here to give you another choice.”

“If you choose to join Gla.s.s Palace, the grudges between you and us can be written off! After joining Gla.s.s Palace, the other sects will no longer dare to cause trouble for you either!”

The moment he said that, the crowd stirred.

“Dao Lord Xuan Yu is here to express his goodwill on behalf of Gla.s.s Palace?”

“Gla.s.s Palace seems to be very sincere!”

“Entering Gla.s.s Palace is a win-win situation.”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

As one of the nine immortal sects, Gla.s.s Palace was a sacred cultivation ground that many cultivators yearned to join – who wouldn’t want to join?

Only the sect masters of some upper sects and aristocratic families sneered internally when they heard that and thought to themselves that it was vicious!

How many Gla.s.s Palace cultivators had been killed by Su Zimo in the past hundred years?

Even the t.i.tular disciple of Gla.s.s Palace was killed in the Dao Inheritance Ground – how could they let bygones be bygones?

The reason why Dao Lord Xuan Yu said that was not to gain Su Zimo’s trust.

However, as long as Su Zimo’s heart wavered, he would have lost this battle!

At the very least, many cultivators in the crowd were tempted.

These sect masters had lived for thousands of years and they were extremely experienced – what sort of tricks had they not seen before?

In fact, they were certain that as long as Su Zimo’s mind fluctuated slightly, Dao Lord Xuan Yu would definitely seize the opportunity to strike!

“Xuan Yu, you don’t have to put in so much effort.”

Su Zimo’s expression was mocking as he said coldly, “I challenged you here today to kill you! Even if you want to commit suicide, I won’t allow it!”

He was not even allowed to commit suicide!

Su Zimo wanted to kill him personally!

The smile on Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s face gradually disappeared. His expression was frighteningly dark and filled with killing intent, revealing a menacing expression!

Su Zimo walked towards Dao Lord Xuan Yu with a burning gaze and said slowly, “I’m going to use your blood as a tribute to this land! I’ll use it as a tribute to my older brother and the citizens of Yan Country! It will be used as a tribute to appease the innocent souls of the 13 cities of Yan Country a hundred years ago!”

Each time he mentioned the word ‘tribute’, Su Zimo’s aura would increase by a fraction!

When the final word was stated, Su Zimo’s aura was at his peak and he attacked brazenly!

[1] Peach breaking through the heavens

[2] Tao is peach in Chinese

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