Chapter 1176: Battle of Dharmic Arts!

Su Zimo chanted Sanskrit and the Daming Mantra exploded!

At the same time, Su Zimo changed his hand seals repeatedly and almost instantly, he conjured three offensive Daming Dharmic Seals!

The Fiend Suppression Seal, Demon Subduing Seal and Immortal Trap Seal descended at the same time.

Instantly, the world changed and shook!

At the end of the firmaments, Buddhist light shone through the clouds and illuminated the world.

Three gigantic golden palms that seemed corporeal crushed down towards Dao Lord Xuan Yu with the boundless might of Heaven and Earth!

Without any probing, Su Zimo attacked with all his might!

He had waited too long for this battle!

More than a hundred years ago, he was almost helpless against Dao Lord Xuan Yu.

But now, he was already standing opposite Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

“Is that the legendary lost secret skill of Daming Monastery?”

“The combined power of the three Dharmic seals has already exceeded the limits of some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!”

“Desolate Martial is only at the Void Reversion realm. To think that his Dharmic powers would be so terrifying that they can summon the might of Heaven and Earth to create such a ma.s.sive commotion!”

The three Dharmic seals descended and shone with a blinding golden light, causing the air to turn dry.

Dao Lord Xuan Yu did not move at all as he looked at the golden palms that were crus.h.i.+ng down. A look of disdain flashed through his eyes as he hollered softly, “Scarlet Rainbow Sacred Slas.h.!.+”

A Dharmic art formed in Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s palm.

Following that, a scarlet light burst forth from his palm and shot out in all directions!

It was as though a blazing sun was crushed by Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The scarlet beams collided with the golden palms and after a brief stalemate, the golden palms were corroded and penetrated!

In the blink of an eye, the three gigantic, sacred golden palms were riddled with holes and dimmed.

“How dare you use such petty tricks to embarra.s.s yourself!”

Dao Lord Xuan Yu sneered.

In reality, all the cultivators present knew that there was a major cultivation realm difference between them. The fact that Desolate Martial could fight Dao Lord Xuan Yu head-on without being disadvantaged proved the power of that Dharmic art!

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect said indifferently, “It’s a pity that he has yet to master the Daming Dharmic Seal.”

“I heard that the final two Dharmic seals of the Daming Dharmic Seal are the most powerful. However, they were lost tens of thousands of years ago. It’s only normal that this lad doesn’t know.”

The Valley Master of Blaze Columbus Valley said.

The two Dharmic arts had yet to dissipate and the Dharmic powers in the void still possessed immense destructive power.

However, Dao Lord Xuan Yu had a fearless expression. Relying on his powerful body, his figure flashed and he turned into a streak of light, speeding towards Su Zimo through the layers of Dharmic powers!

“Here he comes!”

“He’s trying to kill Dao Being Desolate Martial in melee combat!”

The cultivators were shocked.

Gla.s.s Palace was one of the strongest body tempering super sects among the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects.

Legend has it that when the sect’s secret skill, Gla.s.s Heart Sutra, was cultivated to its limits, one’s body was comparable to Dharmic treasures and was indestructible, able to fight against pure-blooded ferocious beasts!

Gla.s.s Palace was the strongest in physique and bloodline!

Everyone knew that Desolate Martial’s body was crippled by a Half-Martial Ancestor 10 years ago.

Although his reconstructed body displayed immense strength at the North Region Dao Meet, he was most likely still slightly weaker than Dao Lord Xuan Yu.

Su Zimo was also aware of this.

Back then, he was best at melee combat!

Therefore, he knew one thing best – if Dao Lord Xuan Yu closed in, his situation would become extremely dangerous and pa.s.sive!


Su Zimo’s body flashed with lightning as a pair of gigantic wings grew on his back. He burst forth with speed and retreated rapidly, trying his best to distance himself.

At the same time, he conjured another Dharmic art.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

As his Dharmic art was formed, the skies were filled with dark clouds in the blink of an eye. It was frighteningly dark with flashes of lightning.

“Purple Thunderstorm!”

He pointed forward.

One after another, purple lightning descended onto the ground, tearing the void apart!

Purple lightning coiled and formed a storm that connected the heavens and the earth that swept towards Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

That was the power of a top-tier Dharmic art!

It could cause the world to tremble and summon the wind and rain!

Su Zimo’s attacks had yet to stop.

The seal in his hands changed once more and a gigantic thunderbolt formed in the middle of the dark clouds!

A bedazzling sea of lightning appeared above Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s head and the endless power of thunder condensed into a single point that descended!

The Fury of Thunder!

Purple Thunderstorm, Fury of Thunder.

All the top Dharmic arts of the Great Void Spirit Refinement section descended and almost drowned Dao Lord Xuan Yu!

The crowd was shocked!

If they had not witnessed it personally, they would not have imagined that such a Dharmic art was released by a Void Reversion!

Dao Lord Xuan Yu chanted with a grim expression.

“Let the body be like gla.s.s, transparent inside out and cleansed of impurities, turning indestructible!”

Suddenly, his body was shrouded by a mysterious glow. From head to toe, he was flawless and indestructible like gla.s.s!

Even in the sea of thunder, it was not shaken!

Streaks of blazing lightning struck his Gla.s.s True Body and dissipated instantly.

Su Zimo’s expression was cold and he was not surprised at all.

He had never intended to severely injure Dao Lord Xuan Yu with the Purple Thunderstorm and Fury of Thunder.

His true killing move was hidden within the ma.s.sive thunderbolt!

n.o.body noticed that there were dozens of inconspicuous green lotus seeds that resembled eternal sand floating in the resplendent sea of lightning.

The lotus seeds shone brightly.

However, it was covered by the blinding lightning!

The Creation Green Lotus Seeds!

Right after the arrival of the Purple Thunderstorm and Fury of Thunder, Su Zimo’s eyes shone with a cold glint as he channeled his spirit consciousness and said softly, “Slas.h.!.+”

The 54 green lotus seeds gathered rapidly and formed an exquisite and tiny Green Lotus Sword in the sea of lightning.

The Green Lotus Sword emitted a terrifying aura that far surpa.s.sed the two thunder Dharmic arts!

It was a killing sword that targeted the Essence Spirit.

A single slash could sever the Essence Spirit!

Even Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s Gla.s.s True Body could not defend against it!

The Green Lotus Sword descended almost at the same time as the Fury of Thunder and slashed towards Dao Lord Xuan Yu’s head!

Dao Lord Xuan Yu, who was in the midst of the lightning, conjured his Gla.s.s True Body to defend against the lightning.

All of a sudden!

He felt a strong sense of danger.

It was as though he was about to face a calamity the next moment!

How could that be?

Dao Lord Xuan Yu was puzzled.

Although the power of those two thunder Dharmic arts was strong, he could definitely defend against them with his Gla.s.s True Body. Why did he feel such trepidation?

At his cultivation realm, he had an extremely keen sense of danger. It felt like a whim and he was definitely not imagining things!

Without any time to think, Dao Lord Xuan Yu made a prompt decision. With a thought, a black Dharmic weapon suddenly flew out from his consciousness and hovered above his head.


At the same time, the sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng could be heard!

The Green Lotus Sword struck the black Dharmic weapon heavily and released a terrifying spirit consciousness that suppressed the surrounding thunderbolts instantly!

“Fire Blocking Basket!”

In the crowd, in the embrace of a white-robed woman, the Little Fox exclaimed with widened eyes.

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