Chapter 1184: Six Mighty Figures!

“Something’s not right!”

Su Zimo shook his head with a grim expression.

“What’s wrong with that?”

When everyone saw Su Zimo’s terrible expression, they stopped talking and asked.

“If I’m not wrong, the Grand Elders of Dragon Tiger Sect and Blood Mist Sect are all Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!”

Su Zimo said slowly, “It’s way too strange for these Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to announce that they’re leaving the sect at such a time. They must have other motives!”

“Young Master, you mean that they will attack you?”

Nian Qi’s heart sank as she realized that something was amiss as well.

Ji Yaoxue frowned. “Ten years ago, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the various super sects attacked Dragon Burial Valley but returned in defeat.”

“Zimo, the Mahayana Patriarch backing you has already warned the cultivation world. Won’t the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect be afraid of angering the Patriarch and implicating his sect if he attacks you?”

At that point, Ji Yaoxue’s expression changed as though she had realized something. “The reason why those Conjoint Body Mighty Figures left their sects at this time was because they were worried about implicating their sects?!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

The sense of danger was getting closer and he even felt suffocated!

“They’re here,”

Suddenly, Su Zimo said.

The moment he said that, six figures suddenly appeared in midair, each of them emitting a shuddering aura!

That aura had already far surpa.s.sed the Dharma Characteristic realm.

There were five old men and a middle-aged man.

Six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

“Spirit consciousness barrier, dimensional lock!”

The six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures shouted at the same time and waved their hands, causing visible ripples in the void.

Immediately after, a strange feeling surfaced in the hearts of Su Zimo and the others.

It was as though the s.p.a.ce they were in was completely isolated from the outside world!

It was as though the entire old capital of Yan Country was completely sealed. In fact, they could not even sense the Heaven and Earth powers!

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold.

The old immortal crane and the others had ugly expressions and were burning with anxiety.

Among everyone, the only one who was calm and composed without any change in expression the entire time was G.o.ddess True Jade.

In midair, the gazes of the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures landed on Su Zimo after they laid the formations.

“Desolate Martial, you’re smart. You’ve already guessed our intention of leaving our sects.”

Among them, an old man stood out and shook his head with a smile. “Unfortunately, you realized it too late!”

“Who are you?”

Su Zimo asked coldly.

“Heh, there’s no harm in telling you. You’re someone about to die anyway.”

The old man smiled indifferently. “I’m the Grand Elder of the Dragon Tiger Sect. My Dao t.i.tle is Bone Spirit.”

“Dragon Tiger Sect, very good.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Another old man’s face was withered and yellow like a sickly child. He exuded a sinister aura and said, “I’m Elder Hei Xie of Yin Ghost Sect!”

The third old man was filled with killing intent and said simply, “Seven Kills Sect, Cruel Sun.”

“I’m l.u.s.t Fiend of Blood Mist Sect, heh heh! Desolate Martial, I heard that your combat strength has not diminished even after you reconstructed your body! I want to taste your blood!”

The fourth old man stuck out his scarlet tongue and licked his lips.

“I’m Yuwen Xiong!”

The background of the fifth old man was known without need for elaboration.

After a brief pause, Yuwen Xiong looked at Su Zimo and said indifferently, “Yuwen Wushuang is my grandson.”

Yuwen Xiong looked very calm when he said that.

However, everyone could sense the surging killing intent behind that calmness!

The sixth Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was a middle-aged man.

That person gave a sinister smile, looking unrestrained and cynical. “Mystic Firmament Divine Cult, Lang Yue. You can also call me Exalted Master Lang Yue.”

Five of the ten upper sects of the North Region were here!

There was one of the four gentry clans.

Even in the ancient era, there had never been the need for such a grand lineup just to kill a single Void Reversion!

“Six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures. I’m truly flattered,”

Su Zimo laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Are you stalling for time?”

Elder Bone Spirit of Dragon Tiger Sect suddenly asked before shaking his head. “Desolate Martial, give up. Since we’ve already decided to join forces to kill you, we won’t allow any accidents to happen!”


Su Zimo raised his brow.

Elder Bone Spirit said proudly, “With the spirit consciousness barrier, even your messenger talismans can’t be sent out.”

“The s.p.a.ce here has already been sealed by us. Even if you have a treasure like a transference talisman, you won’t be able to escape!”

This time round, they were fully prepared!

Apart from the Creation Green Lotus and other treasures, the main reason why Su Zimo was able to survive in the Dao Inheritance Ground was because of the Major Transference Talisman.

Therefore, the first thing the six of them did after appearing was to seal the s.p.a.ce here!

Even a Major Transference Talisman could not be released here!


Nian Qi said coldly.

“As Conjoint Body experts, you guys actually joined forces to kill a Void Reversion. Do you guys have any shame?”

Little Fox could not help but grumble.

“Fufu, you’re way too childish.”

Elder Bone Spirit sneered.

Yuwen Xiong said, “You crippled my grandson. It’s only right and proper for me to take revenge. Desolate Martial, your mistake is that you shouldn’t have provoked my Yuwen Clan!”

Elder l.u.s.t Fiend of Blood Mist Sect grinned. “Our upper sects and gentry clans have been around for more than 10,000 years, what sort of foundation do you think we have? Do you think you can challenge us?”

“Since you want to challenge, prepare to be destroyed at any moment!”

Ji Yaoxue took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Seniors, Zimo has the backing of a Mahayana Patriarch. Are you guys really not afraid of the Patriarch’s wrath for injuring his life?”

“The few of us don’t have much lifespan left.”

Elder Bone Spirit said, “Even if that’s not the case, we’ll only live on for a few hundred years more at most.”

“Tsk tsk, our lives are worth it in exchange for the life of the number one monster incarnate in history,” Elder Hei Xie of Yin Ghost Sect laughed sinisterly.

Of course, among the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, apart from the five old men, Exalted Master Lang Yue of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult was at his peak.

Exalted Master Lang Yue did not mind at all. He smiled and said, “I’ll leave after killing Desolate Martial. Maybe to the Middle Continent, maybe to the West Region?”

“Hehe, even if the Mahayana Patriarch is extremely powerful, he might not be able to find me as long as I hide carefully!”

“I heard that the Patriarch at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley doesn’t have many years left to live. At most, I’ll wait till he’s dead before coming out of seclusion!”

Exalted Master Lang Yue was excited. “Who knows, I might even be able to break through to the Mahayana realm under the pressure of the pursuit of a Mahayana Patriarch!”

The five old men had already seen through life and death.

As for Exalted Master Lang Yue, it was clear that he was a fearless maniac with no regard for consequences.

These six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures truly had no reservations for grouping up together!

“What should we do?”

“Shall we kill our way out?”

“How do we kill them? Even one Conjoint Body Mighty Figure is enough to kill us, let alone six of them!”

“But we can’t wait for death here!”

Monkey and the others frowned and communicated with their spirit consciousnesses.

Su Zimo was not involved.

Without batting an eyelid, he glanced at G.o.ddess True Jade who was not far away.

At that moment, G.o.ddess True Jade had an indifferent expression. She was neither frustrated nor impatient.

Su Zimo felt relieved when he saw her expression.

The killing plan of Elder Bone Spirit and the others this time round was truly flawless!

If there was truly a variable, it could only be G.o.ddess True Jade!

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