Chapter 1185: Dead Mighty Figure!

A few hundred kilometers away from the old capital of Yan Country.

The Sect Masters of Dragon Tiger Sect, Blood Mist Sect, Seven Kills Sect and the other upper sects exchanged glances and nodded. All of them paused and looked in the direction of the old capital of Yan Country.

“Why aren’t you guys leaving?”

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect asked with a frown.

“Nothing much. We’re just waiting for an outcome,”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect replied indifferently.

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect was shocked and asked hurriedly, “You guys really attacked Desolate Martial?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect sneered, “If Stellar Luna Sect doesn’t make a move, there will naturally be other sects. This lad won’t survive beyond today!”

Elder Bone Spirit of Dragon Tiger Sect had not only invited the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Blood Mist Sect, Yin Ghost Sect and other sects for help, he tried persuading the other sects as well.

However, sects like Stellar Luna Sect did not agree to it.

The matriarch of Murong Clan mulled in silence before shaking her head. “Desolate Martial wishes to impart martial arts to all living beings. If he succeeds, it will be the fortune of the world. You guys should not kill him.”


The patriarch of Yuwen Clan’s tone was unfriendly as he said coldly, “Desolate Martial doesn’t differentiate between good and evil. He is sworn siblings with fiend demons and does everything based on impulse without any restraint at all.”

“It would definitely be a disaster for the North Region to let such a person live and grow!”

The Sect Master of Seven Kills Sect nodded in agreement. “That’s right. This lad is way too sharp. We have to kill him!”

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect and the others did not agree with that statement.

However, they were naturally unwilling to get into a fight with the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect and the others over that.

The Valley Master of Blaze Columbus Valley asked, “Who’s there?”

“Including Elder Bone Spirit of our sect, there are a total of six Grand Elders!”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect declared proudly.

The hearts of the Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect and the others skipped a beat as they exchanged glances. Sighing internally, they shook their heads.

There was no hope.

Initially, they were still thinking that Desolate Martial’s luck was strong and he had many trump cards – he might be able to find a chance to survive.

Now that they knew it was a combined attack from six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, Desolate Martial was definitely doomed!

“Elder Bone Spirit and the others have already sealed the s.p.a.ce over there. It should be over soon.”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect murmured softly.

Although he knew that there wouldn’t be any accidents, he still wanted to wait and see the outcome.

A cold wind blew.

Suddenly, he felt a chill and could not help but frown as he muttered to himself, “There shouldn’t be any variables, right?”

After pondering for a long time, he shook his head. “I don’t think so. Yes… definitely not!”

The old capital of Yan Country.

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you.”

Suddenly, Elder Bone Spirit laughed. “We decided to take action after confirming that there’s no activity in the Dragon Burial Valley. Therefore, you don’t have to hope for that Patriarch to appear and save you.”

“We’ve already preempted all the variables that you can think of.”

He sighed. “Desolate Martial, it’s time to send you on your way!”

“Preempted all the variables? Not necessarily,”

Su Zimo said indifferently before looking at G.o.ddess True Jade who was not far away. He cupped his fists. “Senior, do help us with this calamity.”

She was not standing together with Su Zimo and the others. It was only now that Elder Bone Spirit and the others noticed her.

“What a stunner!”

Exalted Master Lang Yue could not help but exclaim.

Elder Bone Spirit and the others glanced at G.o.ddess True Jade and frowned.

Although this woman was indeed extremely beautiful, she did not pose much attraction to the few old men.

Furthermore, apart from her beauty, there was nothing special about her. She did not exude any powerful aura and looked like a mortal.

She looked at Su Zimo with a fake smile and asked instead, “Why should I help you?”

Su Zimo smiled bitterly. “It’s clear that the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures don’t intend to kill me alone. I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay out of it, senior.”

“That’s fine.”

G.o.ddess True Jade replied indifferently, “When the time comes, I’ll take Little Fox away. n.o.body can stop me. What has your life and death got to do with me?”

“All of you have to die! None of you can escape!”

Elder l.u.s.t Fiend of Blood Mist Sect smacked his lips and said murderously.

G.o.ddess True Jade frowned in displeasure.

However, Elder Bone Spirit and the others did not notice it at all.

Even if they noticed the change in G.o.ddess True Jade’s expression, they wouldn’t take it to heart.


Exalted Master Lang Yue hurriedly said, “Fellow Daoists, please do me a favor. Leave this beauty and that fox to me!”

“Why? Are you tempted, Exalted Master?”

Elder Hei Xie of Yin Ghost Sect asked.

Exalted Master Lang Yue smiled knowingly and nodded. “That woman is of the highest quality. Such beauty is rare in this world. Since I’ve b.u.mped into her, there’s no way I’ll let her off!”

Elder Hei Xie leered. “I do know of a secret skill that allows this beauty to serve you obediently as her master. She will be utterly loyal and will abide by all your commands…”

Exalted Master Lang Yue’s eyes lit up.

The two of them discussed as though there was no one else around and did not notice that G.o.ddess True Jade’s expression had already turned completely frosty.

“You guys truly have a death wish,”

She murmured softly.

“Oh? The lady is angry?”

Exalted Master Lang Yue smirked evilly. “Even when you’re angry, you are so captivating.”

“Lang Yue!”

Right then, Elder Bone Spirit hollered.

He had already vaguely realized that something was amiss!

He could not see through this woman’s cultivation realm.

Initially, he thought that this was a mortal.

However, why would a mortal be here?

Furthermore, how could she remain calm in the face of their auras?

Could this woman be a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure as well?

However, Elder Bone Spirit was puzzled.

Every single Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was renowned throughout the world and it was impossible for him not to know them!

However, he had never seen this woman before.

“G.o.ddess True Jade, kill them!”

Right then, Little Fox gripped her paws and shouted.


G.o.ddess True Jade nodded.

She did not make any large movements. With just a single stride, she ignored the distance between them and arrived before Elder Hei Xie instantly!


What speed!

Elder Hei Xie was alarmed.

He did not have time to think and instinctively punched back at G.o.ddess True Jade.

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could shake the world with every move!

What seemed like a simple punch released an extremely terrifying power. Countless ghostly shadows burst forth at the same time and lunged at G.o.ddess True Jade!

Her expression did not change and she merely opened her mouth slightly before exhaling gently.

Instantly, the temperature in the void plummeted!

Even Su Zimo and the others on the ground felt a chilling sensation!

The world seemed to have frozen!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Countless ghosts were frozen by the cold air!

A layer of frost covered Elder Hei Xie’s fist and arm as well!

The speed of his punch decreased significantly!

Right then, G.o.ddess True Jade extended a jade-white finger that was crystal clear and tender. Instantly, it tapped on Elder Hei Xie’s glabella!

It was too fast!

Although the fight sounded slow upon narration, it happened in a flas.h.!.+

Elder Hei Xie’s expression froze as disbelief streaked through his eyes.

Thereafter, his gaze dimmed and he fell from midair. Before he even landed on the ground, there was already no life left in his body!

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was dead!

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