Chapter 1186: Jade Hairpin

“You… ”

Elder Bone Spirit and the others were shocked!

This change had completely exceeded their expectations.

Even though they had already sensed that something was amiss, they did not expect that this seemingly weak woman with a beauty that could topple countries would be so terrifying the moment she attacked!

Even Elder Hei Xie could not last two blows from this woman!

Su Zimo and the others were shocked as well.

There was no need to elaborate on the others. Apart from Little Fox, none of them knew who G.o.ddess True Jade was.

On the other hand, Su Zimo was clear about the background of G.o.ddess True Jade. He had also heard Monk Yuan Bei mention that she had reached the Conjoint Body realm after cultivating for 2,000 years. Her potential was heaven-defying and could be considered terrifying.

However, the Great Qian Empire was destroyed by the catastrophe later on and Consort Yu vanished as well.

According to his deduction, she should have fallen asleep in the volcano beneath the ruins and only awakened in this lifetime.

In other words, she was at least at the Conjoint Body realm!

Su Zimo had another thought.

It was only logical that G.o.ddess True Jade could kill Elder Hei Xie so easily.

According to his calculations, she should be around 12,000 years old. For a Conjoint Body realm cultivator with 20,000 years of lifespan, she was at the peak and had a strong blood qi.

However, Elder Hei Xie was already in his twilight years and only had a few hundred years to live. His blood qi was deteriorating and his combat strength was decreasing – he was naturally no match for G.o.ddess True Jade.

Furthermore, Elder Hei Xie had underestimated his opponent.

There was no way he would have expected such a terrifying variable to exist in this ruin!

“Be careful, everyone!”

Elder Bone Spirit reminded hurriedly.

The remaining five Conjoint Body Mighty Figures reacted extremely quickly and made a prompt decision to attack G.o.ddess True Jade at almost the same time!

Suddenly, a gigantic bone saber appeared in Elder Bone Spirit’s hands. It burned with white flames and emitted a terrifying aura.


Elder Bone Spirit wielded his saber with both hands and charged towards G.o.ddess True Jade.

Dragon Tiger Sect specialized in body tempering. Even though he was already in his twilight years, his specialty was still melee combat!

Yuwen Xiong took out a gigantic, heavy iron spear from his storage bag and dragged it through the void, leaving a trail behind. He strode forward and closed in on G.o.ddess True Jade as well!

Elder Cruel Sun of Seven Kills Sect, Elder l.u.s.t Fiend of Blood Mist Sect and Exalted Master Lang Yue of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult released powerful Dharmic arts from the periphery!

“Blood Mist Devour!”

Elder l.u.s.t Fiend conjured hand seals and pointed forward.

A blood mist spread out around his body and rapidly formed a blood-colored head that was malevolent and terrifying as it devoured towards G.o.ddess True Jade.

“Seven Kills Sword!”

With a cold expression, Elder Cruel Sun hollered and slashed forward with his sword fingers.

Suddenly, seven long swords with a chilling killing intent appeared above G.o.ddess True Jade’s head and slashed down viciously!

Exalted Master Lang Yue’s glabella shone and an ancient mirror surfaced.

“Mystic Firmament Treasure Mirror—Sea of Misery!”

Wielding a Mighty Figure Dharmic Weapon, he conjured a Dharmic art and shot a stream of Dharmic powers into the ancient mirror.

Suddenly, the ancient mirror shone with a beam of light that scattered into the void where G.o.ddess True Jade landed.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

A shocking scene descended!

Su Zimo and the others looked up and saw a vast ocean appear out of thin air. It blotted out the skies and surged with waves, as though it could devour all living beings!

They could clearly sense that every single drop of seawater in the Sea of Misery was formed from extremely pure Dharmic powers.

A single drop of seawater could cause mountains to collapse and kill Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords with ease!

Everyone was shocked.

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures truly had the power to shake the heavens, quake the earth, move mountains and fill oceans!

Range and melee combat.

Even though this was the first time the five Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were joining forces, they were experienced and cooperated extremely well.

The attacks of the five of them were terrifying and almost drowned G.o.ddess True Jade!

Although they had witnessed the capabilities of G.o.ddess True Jade, Su Zimo and the others were still worried.

Sharp swords hovered, the Sea of Misery beneath, an incoming blood mist alongside attacks from the bone saber and iron spear!

Even in the face of such intense attacks, G.o.ddess True Jade’s expression was indifferent.

With light steps, she charged towards Yuwen Xiong at the side, leaving behind a series of graceful figures. She was truly elegant and as a dragon!

Even during the battle, G.o.ddess True Jade’s figure was extremely beautiful without any signs of wretchedness.

What was even rarer was that she managed to dodge most of the attacks with that beautiful dance!

The Seven Kills Sword missed completely.

Reaching out with her jade-like hand, she pulled out a jade green hairpin that was only the length of a finger from the black hair on her head.

Her black hair fell along with the wind, making her look even more elegant.

G.o.ddess True Jade raised her palm.


A jade green light flashed and pierced through the incoming blood-colored head!

The blood-colored head paused in midair for a moment before exploding!

With a flash of light, the jade hairpin pierced towards Elder l.u.s.t Fiend’s glabella.


Elder l.u.s.t Fiend was shocked.

He had not expected that G.o.ddess True Jade would have the strength to retaliate despite being surrounded.

Furthermore, he had been attacking from afar and had not expected that she would choose to attack him first!

The jade hairpin arrived instantly.

In a flash, Elder l.u.s.t Fiend took out a gigantic turtle sh.e.l.l from his storage bag and blocked the jade hairpin.

The turtle sh.e.l.l had a powerful origin.

It was obtained by killing a pure-blooded Grand Demon Black Turtle in the East Sea!

The most indestructible part of the Black Turtle’s body was the sh.e.l.l on its back. It might even be tougher than perfect Mighty Figure Dharmic weapons!


The jade hairpin made a crisp sound when it collided against the mysterious turtle sh.e.l.l.

Immediately after, Elder l.u.s.t Fiend heard a jarring sound!

It was as though something was shattering in front of him!

“Could it be…”

A thought flashed through Elder l.u.s.t Fiend’s mind.

That was impossible!

That tiny jade hairpin was incomparably fragile. How could it pierce through the sh.e.l.l of a Grand Demon Black Turtle?!

“U-Unless that jade hairpin is a Dharmic treasure?!”

Dharmic treasures were weapons that were infused with divine powers and could only be wielded by Ancestor realm experts!

Elder l.u.s.t Fiend stared at the turtle sh.e.l.l in his palm and his pupils constricted!


Suddenly, the center of the turtle sh.e.l.l shattered and a green beam of light pierced through his palm without any resistance!


Elder l.u.s.t Fiend shrieked from the pain.

However, right after, the shriek came to an abrupt stop!

A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on Elder l.u.s.t Fiend’s glabella.

Behind his head, a jade green jade hairpin pierced through his skull slowly and stuck out – there was no trace of blood on it!

Elder l.u.s.t Fiend died on the spot!

Against the encirclement of five Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, G.o.ddess True Jade retaliated domineeringly and killed one of them right away!

However, she did not stop.

Stepping on the Sea of Misery’s jade waves, she distanced herself from Elder Bone Spirit and avoided the Seven Kills Sword, arriving before Yuwen Xiong!


Yuwen Xiong was strong and muscular. With a furious roar, he raised his iron spear with both hands and thrust it towards G.o.ddess True Jade!

The power of the spear was immense and it was extremely fast. Ripples even appeared around the spear.

It tore through the air and headed straight for G.o.ddess True Jade’s face!

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