Chapter 1187: Half-Martial Ancestor!

In the face of the incoming heavy, iron spear, G.o.ddess True Jade’s expression did not change as she reached out with her slender hand and grabbed the spear’s head!


Yuwen Xiong’s expression changed and he wanted to burst forth with his blood qi to blast G.o.ddess True Jade away.

However, no matter how hard he tried and even as his face flushed red, she would not budge at all!

Even G.o.ddess True Jade’s wrist did not show any signs of trembling!

It was only at that moment that Yuwen Xiong realized the difference between him and G.o.ddess True Jade.

Unfortunately, he realized it too late.

“Even despite your age…”

Suddenly, G.o.ddess True Jade spoke. Gripping the iron spear in her right hand, she strode forward and extended her left hand, slapping towards Yuwen Xiong’s chest in a seemingly light manner.

“You have no morals!”

With that remark, G.o.ddess True Jade’s palm pushed against Yuwen Xiong’s chest!


Yuwen Xiong’s chest caved in rapidly, almost sticking to his spine. From the looks of it, it was as though he was smashed into pieces by a single palm strike from G.o.ddess True Jade!

The physical body of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was fused with their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic alongside Dharmic powers. They were invulnerable to weapons, fire, water and would never decay.

To think that his life would have been severed by G.o.ddess True Jade’s seemingly frail palm!

Yuwen Xiong’s Essence Spirit flew out from the top of his head and fled into the distance with a fl.u.s.tered expression.

Even if he did not have much lifespan left, he did not want to be randomly beaten to death by a woman who appeared out of nowhere!

Without even looking at him, G.o.ddess True Jade turned around and walked towards Exalted Master Lang Yue, graceful as a fairy.

The meaning of ethereal was embodied completely through her elegant strides.

Yuwen Xiong was delighted.

Escaping from this calamity was better than dying here with his Dao destroyed.

However, before the joy in his eyes dissipated, he sensed a strong sense of danger and caught sight of a jade green glow from the corner of his eye!

“It’s that jade hairpin…”

A final thought flashed through Yuwen Xiong’s mind.


The jade hairpin pa.s.sed through his Essence Spirit without stopping.

Yuwen Xiong was dead!

G.o.ddess True Jade’s methods were so powerful and terrifying that half of the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were dead in the blink of an eye!

Su Zimo and the others were invigorated.

Of course, the remaining three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were even more difficult to deal with.

Among them, Exalted Master Lang Yue of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult was at his peak age and his blood qi was domineering, far surpa.s.sing the other five Conjoint Body elders.

True enough.

Exalted Master Lang Yue had a grim expression as he conjured hand seals repeatedly, sending Dharmic powers into the ancient mirror before him.

Although he spoke with zero restraint, his combat strength was indeed much stronger than Elder Hei Xie and the others!

“Mystic Firmament Treasure Mirror—Hidden Dragon Goes to Sea!”

With a loud shout from Exalted Master Lang Yue, the initially turbulent Sea of Misery suddenly caved in, forming a gigantic vortex.

A divine dragon with a terrifying aura crawled out of the sea. Its horns were towering and its gaze was sharp. Opening its mouth, it let out an earthshaking dragon roar towards G.o.ddess True Jade!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Although the divine dragon was only condensed from the Dharmic powers of Exalted Master Lang Yue, it was already lifelike and filled with a dragon might that shook the skies!

Under the gaze of the divine dragon, G.o.ddess True Jade looked incomparably tiny as she stood on the water surface, as though she could be devoured at any moment.

“It’s just a small trick, it’s nothing much!”

She harrumphed coldly and stomped her feet gently.

The howling Sea of Misery seemed to have been severely injured by the stomp and calmed down instantly!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Immediately after, frost filled the air above the Sea of Misery and with G.o.ddess True Jade as the center, it spread out rapidly and froze the surroundings!

The divine dragon that had just leaped out of the sea merely roared. Before it could do anything, it was enveloped by the cold aura and froze into ice!


Exalted Master Lang Yue was starting to panic.

That Dharmic art could be considered as his strongest trump card.

However, he had not expected it to be completely vulnerable before G.o.ddess True Jade!

At that moment, G.o.ddess True Jade had already arrived before him with a cold expression. “They’re old fogies, it’s fine if they die. However, you’re different.”

“Initially, I wanted to spare your life on account of how difficult it was for you to cultivate. However, it’s a pity that you’re so brazen with that dirty mouth to harbor designs on me. I’m left with no choice but to send you on your way!”

Before she finished her sentence, G.o.ddess True Jade had already extended her palm and slapped the top of Exalted Master Lang Yue’s head.

Exalted Master Lang Yue did not dare to be careless. He hurriedly placed the ancient mirror above his head and released a blazing beam of light!

The beam of light was so strong that it could even penetrate a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure’s body!

However, there were no ripples when the beam of light landed on G.o.ddess True Jade’s delicate palm.

All of a sudden!

A ball of scorching flames appeared in G.o.ddess True Jade’s palm and engulfed the ancient mirror, burning furiously!


Exalted Master Lang Yue gasped.

The ancient mirror was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon that was inherited from Mystic Firmament Divine Cult. Coupled with his sect’s cultivation technique, the Mystic Firmament Treasure Mirror, it was extremely powerful!

However, against the raging flames in G.o.ddess True Jade’s palm, the ancient mirror creaked and was burned red, almost transparent!

“I’ve got to give it my all!”

Exalted Master Lang Yue’s eyes were bloodshot as he bit his tongue gently and spat out a mouthful of essence blood onto the ancient mirror.

That was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon and he could not abandon it!

With the augmentation of the essence blood, the ancient mirror shone brightly and was still resisting with all its might.

A look of mockery flashed through G.o.ddess True Jade’s eyes as she retracted the flames in her palm. In its place was a bone-chilling coldness that enveloped the ancient mirror instantly!


The different powers of ice and fire were activated on the ancient mirror, emanating an extremely terrifying aura!

Exalted Master Lang Yue was not the only one affected by the aura. Even Elder Bone Spirit and Elder Cruel Sun who were charging forward were shocked and exclaimed.

“Divine powers!”

The power of extreme heat and coldness struck the ancient mirror and released a terrifying power that surpa.s.sed Dharmic powers.

Divine powers!

Divine powers were divided into different grades – lesser, greater or peerless divine powers.

But no matter what, divine powers were something that only Ancestor realm experts could control!

This power was already above the Conjoint Body realm!

It was only at that moment that Elder Bone Spirit and the other two realized that the woman before them was not at the Conjoint Body realm at all – she was a half-step Mahayana!

In other words, she was a legendary Half-Martial Ancestor expert!

This turn of events truly scared the three of them out of their wits.


Under the effect of the divine power, the ancient mirror exploded!

Many shards flew towards G.o.ddess True Jade and fell before they could get close.

However, Exalted Master Lang Yue was not that lucky.

His Destiny Dharmic Weapon was destroyed and his Essence Spirit was implicated. As though he was struck by lightning, his body shuddered and his mind was in chaos.

At that moment, there was no way he could dodge the incoming shards of the Dharmic weapon!

The Dharmic weapon shards contained remnants of the divine power and were extremely powerful!

Numerous Dharmic weapon shards entered his body instantly and penetrated it, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

His consciousness was pierced by at least three shards and his Essence Spirit was smashed into pieces – it had long dissipated!

Exalted Master Lang Yue’s corpse fell onto the ruins and died!

G.o.ddess True Jade seemed extremely disdainful towards Exalted Master Lang Yue and did not even touch the latter even by the clothes the entire time.

However, Exalted Master Lang Yue was already a dead man!

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