Chapter 1188: Prediction

A huge battle broke out between the two parties and in a flash, only two of the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were left.

Furthermore, the remaining Elder Bone Spirit and Elder Cruel Sun were both old men in their twilight years.

How could this be?

How could there be a Half-Martial Ancestor expert in this desolate and dilapidated old capital?!

Ancestor realm!

Even Half-Martial Ancestors were a barrier that many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could not reach!

Throughout history, countless paragons and cultivators had entered the Conjoint Body realm and become Mighty Figures!

All of those Mighty Figures had immense luck and countless fortuitous encounters!

All of them were famous existences!

However, with the sands of time, how many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could take that step forward and advance to the Mahayana realm?

Not to mention a full step, even half a step was enough to stump countless Mighty Figures!

All of those Mighty Figures were extremely powerful and intimidating. They roamed the world unhindered and rarely met their match. They had a lifespan of 20,000 years but…

Most of them stopped before the Ancestor realm and died after expending their lifespans.

At the Ancestor realm, one could extend their lifespan to 100,000 years after comprehending divine powers!

From 20,000 to 100,000 years of lifespan – it was clear how huge the gap between the two major cultivation realms was!

Elder Bone Spirit stood on the spot motionlessly with a conflicted expression.

There was panic, indignance, fear and regret…

Elder Cruel Sun’s reaction was extremely fast and he did not have that many thoughts in his mind. He made a prompt decision and turned to flee without hesitation!

“Why waste your energy? You won’t be able to escape.”

G.o.ddess True Jade smiled indifferently and strode forward. As though she had crossed the limits of s.p.a.ce, she caught up to Elder Cruel Sun in the blink of an eye!

“I’ll fight it out with you!”

Seeing that he could not escape, Elder Cruel Sun turned around with bloodshot eyes. He conjured hand seals repeatedly and growled, “Eighth kill, Killing Body!”

Seven Kills Sect originally had seven killing techniques.

However, in reality, only a small number of people in the sect knew that above the Seven Kills, there was an eighth killing technique, the Killing Body Technique!

The so-called Killing Body technique was to abandon one’s life to release a most terrifying attack!

Once that secret skill was released, he would be the first to die!

Elder Cruel Sun’s body expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye. Every single drop of his flesh was filled with immense Dharmic powers and was about to explode!


G.o.ddess True Jade waved her sleeves gently and a streak of frost engulfed Elder Cruel Sun.

The Dharmic powers that were already boiling in Elder Cruel Sun’s body calmed down instantly and layers of ice condensed around him, chilling him to the bones!

“It’s fine if you want to die. Just stay away and don’t spill any blood on me.”

G.o.ddess True Jade frowned.

She was always picky about cleanliness. Even after a huge battle, her body would be spotless – she hated filthy things like blood the most.

The layers of ice froze Elder Cruel Sun’s bloodline and Dharmic powers. Even his consciousness was invaded by the frost qi and gradually turned into ice!

Elder Cruel Sun could only stare with widened eyes.

The coldness seeped in and he could not even move his eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Gradually, frost filled his entire consciousness and his Essence Spirit was filled with ice crystals – his life was gone!

Elder Cruel Sun was frozen into a human-shaped ice block!

G.o.ddess True Jade gave a casual slap on the surface.

Elder Cruel Sun shattered into many pieces of ice without any blood splattering on the ground.

This was a Mighty Figure. 10,000 years ago, he was a renowned expert of the North Region and was invincible. To think that right now, he would end up in a state where his Essence Spirit was destroyed and he did not even have a corpse remaining!

Of the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, there was only one left.

Elder Bone Spirit did not escape.

He knew very well that he could not escape from a Half-Martial Ancestor given his capabilities!

He felt a strong sense of indignance when he looked at the white-robed woman who was walking over slowly.

Finally, he could not help but ask, “May I know what sect or faction you are from, fellow Daoist?”

“Why are you asking this?” G.o.ddess True Jade asked instead of answering.

“I just want to die knowing why!”

Elder Bone Spirit clenched his fists and said slowly, “As a Half-Martial Ancestor, you’re definitely not a n.o.body! I’ve cultivated in the cultivation world for more than 20,000 years but I’ve never seen you before!”

G.o.ddess True Jade replied indifferently, “10,000 years ago, I spent most of my time in the palace and almost never roamed the cultivation world. It’s only natural that you’ve never seen me before.”

“10,000 years ago? Palace?”

Elder Bone Spirit was stunned.

Before long, he realized something and exclaimed, “Y-You’re from the Great Qian Empire!”

After a brief pause, a legendary character crossed his mind as he yelped, “You’re Consort Yu of the Great Qian Empire!”

“That’s me,”

G.o.ddess True Jade nodded. “You can pa.s.s away in peace now.”

Elder Bone Spirit’s lips curled into a bitter smile as he looked at G.o.ddess True Jade’s smooth finger that was extending towards him. He sighed. “After all the scheming, we can’t win against fate!”


G.o.ddess True Jade tapped Elder Bone Spirit on the glabella.

Elder Bone Spirit shuddered and his Essence Spirit was destroyed as he fell from midair, dead!

When they saw that, Su Zimo and the others felt emotional.

That was the cruelty of the cultivation world.

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were almost at the peak of the cultivation world.

However, if these people took a wrong step, they would still end up dead with a tragic ending.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures coming out of seclusion and joining forces to kill Su Zimo was a sure victory without any accidents!

They had predicted almost all possible variables.

Unfortunately, man proposes but G.o.d disposes.

They had not expected that the woman who had been asleep for 10,000 years in the Great Qian Empire would awaken and become the only variable in this sure-kill situation!

This one single variable cost them their lives!

“Thank you for saving me, Senior True Jade. I’m extremely grateful.”

Su Zimo bowed towards G.o.ddess True Jade.

If G.o.ddess True Jade had not intervened this time round, all of them would have been doomed!

She rolled her eyes at Su Zimo and said indifferently, “I’m not trying to save you. I just don’t want Little Fox to get hurt.”

Monkey and the others were carefree and did not think much about it, merely thinking that they were lucky.

However, the women present were extremely sensitive.

Ji Yaoxue, Xiaoning and the others s.h.i.+fted their gazes between G.o.ddess True Jade and Su Zimo, muttering internally.

If she was worried about Little Fox getting hurt, she could have just taken the latter away – why did she have to fight?

They had a feeling that there was something that no one else knew about between Su Zimo and G.o.ddess True Jade!

G.o.ddess True Jade’s gaze landed on Su Zimo’s embrace as she asked, “Little Fox, are you going to follow me or are you staying?”

“Your highness, can’t you stay as well?”

Little Fox blinked her large eyes and asked timidly.

G.o.ddess True Jade shook her head. “I’m leaving,”

After a brief pause, she continued, “If you want to leave with me, I’ll bring you along. Naturally, I won’t let you suffer. However, if you want to stay, I won’t force you either.”

“Your highness, I can’t bear to part with you as well. B-But…”

Little Fox was conflicted and could not continue.

In her heart, she wanted to stay by Su Zimo’s side and be with monkey and the others.

She led a carefree life in Thousand Demon Valley and was very happy.

However, G.o.ddess True Jade had been in a deep slumber for 10,000 years. Now that she had woken up, she was desolate and pitiful without any old friends by her side.

G.o.ddess True Jade smiled. “I understand.”

With that said, she turned to leave and a voice sounded, “Su Zimo, take good care of her. Otherwise, I’ll come looking for you again!”

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