Chapter 1054: Seven Sword Moves

Xiao Tianyu’s face became twisted. He unsheathed his sword, and his sword’s cries reverberated near everyone’s ears.

“Don’t look down on people too much!” Xiao Tianyu was really infuriated. He was among the top 20 on the Human List, yet he was still repeatedly belittled by Jiang Chen. Xiao Tianyu was really outstanding, his Sword Doctrine power reached transcendence level, and he was a six-star Venerable.

But, when Xiao Tianyu pulled out his sword, Jiang Chen just shook his head.

“What do you mean by this?”

“When transcendence-level Sword Doctrine’s power becomes this cheap and weak… Or is it your own Sword Doctrine?” The power of every Sword Doctrine’s inheritor Jiang Chen had ever seen reached transcendence level, and Jiang Chen was puzzled by this. The only explanation was that their Sword Doctrine’s grade was too low.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” It seemed as if Xiao Tianyu unexpectedly didn’t understand Jiang Chen’s mockery, and he laughed heartily. “It turns out that your Sword Doctrine power hasn’t reached transcendence level. I really can’t understand why are you still confident in yourself even though you lost your external power’s help here.” Xiao Tianyu’s words were like a reminder to the other people in the martial arts club, and they all started discussing such a matter.

“Will I need to use transcendence level power to deal with you? Are you cracking a joke?”

“Stop talking rubbish, and come to the stage,” Xiao Tianyu spoke.

Regardless of how sharp Jiang Chen’s tongue was, in the end, they would still need to depend upon their power to compete here.

Jiang Chen jumped onto the stage, and Xiao Tianyu’s smile became brighter as if his plot had prevailed.

As long as Xiao Tianyu could defeat Jiang Chen, then the latter’s insults would be just a joke. He would then become the man who defeated Jiang Chen, and he already could feel like he was witnessing himself enjoying great fame.

“Is he the guy who has two Doctrine Artifacts?”

“He seems too ordinary. I wonder why his fame is so resounding?”

“It isn’t really a question of fame, and it’s just that people wanted to observe such a joke.”

“That is right, many people are looking forward to witnessing him collapse here.”

The spectators on the viewing platform were talking about Jiang Chen, and Lin Shuangyue, who was at the highest location of the platform, just kept her silence, while her expression became grave. After Lin Shuangyue left Qingtian City, she went back home to meet her great-aunt, and she ended up inadvertently learning from her great-aunt that the name of the person who made the Heavenly Fault Sword was also Jiang Chen.

At the time, she cried out in alarm. But then she still quickly denied such an absurd idea. Her great-aunt questioned her then curiously, but Lin Shuangyue didn’t divulge any news about the Heavenly Fault Sword, and she didn’t even mention her meeting with Jiang Chen. As she linked the Heavenly Fault Sword with Jiang Chen, she couldn’t help but let her imagination run wild, let alone her great-aunt’s. Lin Shuangyue’s great-aunt was always busy, and she rarely came home, and this why she didn’t want to disturb her with a matter as strange as a fantasy matter.

But Lin Shuangyue still paid attention to this matter and inquired from her great-aunt about the appearance and character of the Sacred Zone’s first young master.

“When I met brother Chen for the first time, he still wasn’t the first young master. But, the talent displayed by him had already stunned everyone in the Sacred Zone. He seemed like a calm and composed man from his outward appearance, while he was arrogant and lofty. However, he won’t easily reveal his true nature.”

Upon recalling what her great-aunt had said, Lin Shuangyue observed the guy in the arena and tried to see through him. She then quickly discovered that Jiang Chen conformed to her great-aunt’s description, and, even though there was a little disparity, there were still the same overall.

“Is it because of the Great Sovereign’s soul?” Lin Shuangyue couldn’t help but have such a thought, and she suspected that maybe Jiang Chen was a reincarnator. But she quickly recalled that all chosen reincarnators had a great natural aptitude, and the Sacred Zone’s first young master couldn’t cultivate.

“Senior sister Lin, what are you thinking about?” Someone next to Lin Shuangyue noticed her odd expression and asked curiously.

“I heard Xiao Hui say that in Qingtian City, the reckless Jiang Chen almost competed with senior sister Lin in sword arts.”

“Is it true? Was he just courting death?”

Lin Shuangyue didn’t reply, and the Sword Department’s disciples next to her all started discussing this matter. But, since Lin Shuangyue only kept her silence, the people next to her quickly stopped discussing it.

At this moment, the fight had already started in the arena. The stones forming the arena started falling down, and gaps where one could see cloud were revealed.

After a short while, both Jiang Chen and Xiao Tianyu landed on the sky of that dimension. It was only inside the dimension would the fight be truly carried out. The arena’s surface was like a mirror, whose scene was locked into the participants, and it would reveal the fight’s scene to the spectators.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t use external power here. So, let’s see how can you still act arrogantly.” Xiao Tianyu became complacent and arrogant as if he was in his home field.

Jiang Chen didn’t feel like wasting his breath. This guy believed all along that he could defeat him as long as he didn’t have external power.

Jiang Chen extended his right arm and raised his middle and index fingers.

The crowd didn’t understand such a gesture, but Xiao Tianyu recalled then that Jiang Chen stated on the previous day that he could defeat him with just several fingers.

The face of the complacent Xiao Tianyu became filled with anger.

“You will shortly realize what is the outcome of anyone who belittles me,” Xiao Tianyu spoke and shook his sharp sword. Its sharp sword energy engulfed the white clouds and formed a shocking sight.

“As expected of Sword Doctrine’s power.” Many people on the viewing platform became excited.

Even though Jiang Chen wasn’t interested in it, to most people, transcendence level Sword Doctrine power was the pinnacle which they all pursued.

Xiao Tianyu attacked with his sword, while the starry sea in his body started churning, and his Constellation Palaces released torrential power. An unusual phenomenon appeared around him, and many sharp swords started revolving around him.

There were two ways for one to get a Sword Doctrine, the first one was creating one by oneself, while the other was getting an inheritance.

The reason why people possessing Sword Doctrines became so common was the developments of sects. A single Sword Doctrine could be taught to 1,000 disciples.

Xiao Tianyu’s special trait was that he had mastered two Sword Doctrines, one came from his sect, and it was the first one he cultivated. But later, he became an Abundance Land Academy’s disciple, and he started practicing sword arts anew, and cultivated one of the academy’s famous Sword Doctrines, the Heavenly Sword Doctrine.

Xiao Tianyu managed to cultivate that Sword Doctrine until transcendence level, and this matter showed how good his talent was. He wasn’t probably among the best in the academy, but he was still outstanding.

All of a sudden, the sword light released by Xiao Tianyu took on seven dazzling varied colors.

“He mastered the complete Seven Sword Moves.”

“It turned out that it’s like this, he wants to use Jiang Chen to practice with his sword.”

“He wants to use him to become a high-grade Sword Department disciple.”

A commotion arose on the viewing platform, and an odd look appeared on the faces of Lin Shuangyue and the Sword Department’s disciples.

“Xiao Tianyu is pretty good,” Lin Shuangyue said.

Upon hearing this, everyone realized that this fight wouldn’t have any suspense.

Xiao Tianyu thrust his sword forward, and it streaked across the air, while its seven-colored sword light shone brightly. When it approached Jiang Chen, the seven-colored sword light divided into seven parts, and attacked Jiang Chen from different angles.

It seemed to the spectators that it would be difficult for one to guard against such a sword move.

“The academy’s disciples are really outstanding,’ many people thought,.

Jiang Chen just stood there without moving, and when the sword light fell upon him, he even closed his eyes. Many people were stunned by his actions!

But, before they could consider this matter, the seven sword lights fell on Jiang Chen. It was then that Jiang Chen moved and made seven movements in less than a single second.

Jiang Chen’s seven movements left behind afterimages, which overlapped, and it was impossible to discern which one of them was his true body, while at the same time, seven crisp sounds echoed in succession.

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