Chapter 1191: Arrival of the Witch Race

Looking at the 32 inheritance stone statues in the cemetery, Su Zimo smiled gently and murmured, “I’m back again.”

As though they sensed something, the inheritance stone statues shone with beams of light that shot into the skies, illuminating one another in a spectacular manner!

Those who could leave their inheritance in this cemetery were all top-tier figures who dominated the ancient era!

For example, although Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky of the fiend sects died, he left behind the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra and nearly made use of Su Zimo’s Dao heart to reincarnate a second time!

What sort of capabilities were those?

Furthermore, there were inheritances from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects in this cemetery.

If he could comprehend all 30-odd inheritances, his comprehension of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos would reach an unimaginable level.

There was another important reason why Su Zimo was prepared to deduce the Martial Dao in this cemetery.

Before long, he stopped in front of an inheritance stone statue.

The cultivator who left behind the inheritance stone statue was also a Half-Martial Ancestor back then and his Dao t.i.tle was Instant.

Time sped up within five feet of the stone statue of Half-Martial Ancestor Instant – a day outside was a year here!

Back then, Su ZImo relied on the 15 years of cultivation here to break through to the Void Reversion realm and kill many t.i.tular disciples and Di Yin!

He was clear that it might take up to a thousand years just to inherit the 30-odd legacies here in the cemetery.

Furthermore, he had to exhaust his mental energy to deduce the Martial Dao.

That would take even longer!

Perhaps such a long time would not affect him much.

However, there could be a ma.s.sive change in Tianhuang Mainland!

How many major events had happened in the cultivation world in the past hundred years, let alone a thousand years?

The blood-colored ghost face appeared.

The G.o.d, Rakshasa and even Witch race had all appeared!

All signs indicated that a storm was about to descend upon Tianhuang Mainland, possibly restoring the chaotic situation of the ancient era where everyone was in danger!

At that time, most cultivators might not even be able to protect themselves, let alone weak mortals!

If he had truly spent thousands of years away, even if he managed to divine the Martial Dao and return, the world would have changed.

Therefore, Su Zimo intended to make use of the five feet area beneath his feet to divine!

Even if a thousand years pa.s.sed here…

It would only be three years on Tianhuang Mainland.

This was equivalent to stealing the heavenly secrets!

Of course, if Su Zimo was here, time would definitely leave a mark on him.

In other words, although only three years would have pa.s.sed on Tianhuang Mainland, Su Zimo would have spent a thousand years of his lifespan here!

One had to pay a price if they wanted to steal the heavenly secrets!

“Let’s begin.”

Su Zimo a.s.sumed a lotus position and exchanged glances with the stone statue of Half-Martial Ancestor Instant.

Two divine lights burst forth from the eyes of the stone statue and entered Su Zimo’s eyes as a long-lost cultivation technique gradually entered his mind.

Deep at night.

At the intersection of the North Region and the Middle Continent, in a vast forest, ferocious beasts roamed and birds covered the skies. Countless ferocious beasts fought and let out deafening roars!

Right then, 13 figures descended into the forest.

The cries in the forest gradually subsided.

Before long, silence ensued!

All the ferocious beasts on the ground seemed to be stunned by a sinister aura and did not dare to make a single sound!

Any demon beast with some cultivation would be extremely sharp towards danger.

They knew that an unimaginably terrifying existence had arrived in the forest!

This was a fear and suppression from the depths of their bloodlines!

The bright moonlight shone on the 13 figures and shone with a faint green light, resembling ghosts in the night!

The 13 figures wore green robes and large hoods that covered their faces. Even if someone was here, they would not be able to make out their appearances.

Their leader was leaning on a white, creepy walking stick. It was dark under the hood and there were two faint green lights s.h.i.+ning from it. It was breathtaking, like ghost fires burning in a cemetery!

“Elder Scorpion, we’ve already arrived in the North Region. Should we head straight to the Dragon Bone Valley?”

A figure asked softly.

“There’s no rush,”

The cultivator named Elder Scorpion said slowly with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “The young master died in the Dragon Bone Valley so we’ll definitely head there. The Dragon race has to be accountable for that.”

Pausing for a moment, Elder Scorpion said, “For now, let’s head elsewhere first.”


“Ten Thousand Gu Swamp.”

Elder Scorpion said, “The young master followed a remnant of the Witch race who was from Gu Sect. Now that the young master is dead, everyone from Gu Sect will have to die with him!”

Although Elder Scorpion’s tone was calm, his words were filled with killing intent!

Those 13 figures were from the Witch race of the Primordial Nine Races!

Just as those witches were about to leave, a faint sound of crickets echoed from the forest beneath their feet.

The face beneath Elder Scorpion’s hood frowned and he suddenly asked, “You guys haven’t left the Ghost Curse Tomb before. It must be difficult holding it in, right?”


The witches behind him replied.

Elder Scorpion said indifferently, “The crickets in the forest are disturbing me. Attack and kill all the living beings in the forest.”


The witches behind Elder Scorpion replied excitedly.

An hour later.

After the 13 witches left, the forest behind them was already strewn with corpses and rivers of blood with a torrential blood stench!

Half a month later, at the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp.

The 13 witches descended!


Everyone looked down at the charred ground beneath their feet and exclaimed softly.

This was the place of Gu Sect but now, it was reduced to a charred ruin, as though all living beings were burned to ashes by a fire!

“How could this be?”

“Someone destroyed Gu Sect before us?”

Elder Scorpion released his spirit consciousness and scanned for a long time.

There were no signs of life within a radius of hundreds of kilometers!

Elder Scorpion descended and pa.s.sed through the charred ground, arriving at a dried up pool underground. He sniffed and narrowed his eyes. “It’s the aura of a divine spring!”

“Unfortunately, someone else got their hands on it first.”

A witch said softly.

“What happened here?”

“What has the fire here got to do with the young master?”

A few witches frowned and asked.

“Let me take a look.”

Elder Scorpion extended a withered arm from his wide sleeves and conjured hand seals repeatedly. Finally, he tapped his glabella and spat out a strange word!

A sinister energy fluctuation spread out.

It was as though time was reversing in front of Elder Scorpion!

The ruins vanished and countless structures of Gu Sect were erected once more, revealing the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp!

Such methods were truly shocking!

He saw a huge fire. A green-robed cultivator conjured hand seals and released terrifying flames that burned hundreds of kilometers into the distance, burning the Gu worms in the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp to death!

He merely glanced at the cultivator briefly.

That was because he was completely drawn in by another scene!

He saw an extremely terrifying figure that could not have existed in this world!

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